Revlon’s Runway Collection :: Funky & Glamorous Artificial Nail Designs

I am back on the “artificial nail” wagon with Revlon’s Runway Collection ($8)! I will say it again that I have never been a big fan of fake nails, but the fact that I can try them out at home without going out to a salon and paying big bucks for them makes it a bit more enticing. My 3 year old son took this picture of me below showing off the “Starlet” nails. He was super intrigued by these shiny nails!

The difference with this collection of nails as opposed to the “safe” french manicured and mauve colored styles I’ve tried from Revlon before, this collection is much more trendy and outrageously decorated nails!! Very Rihanna-like, good girl gone bad!! These nails got me lots of attention!!

Here are some of the style options from the Runway Collection that Revlon was kind enough to send me to try out. I’ve photographed them from left to right and will give a brief description of each style (The flash plus the shiny box made it hard to see really well inside the box once I took the photo so bear with me).

Left to Right:

1. Minx- flesh colored nail with black and white outlined diamond tips.

2. Crocodile- just that- looks like croc scales done in a burgundy/wine colored background. almost crackled like.

3. Mystic- flesh colored nail with deep purple tips and a delicate white polka dot pattern throughout the tips. some of the nails include a dainty clear rhinestone! super flashy!!

4. Starlet- (these are the ones I tried and am photographed in and the upclose shot). flesh colored nail with champagne colored tips that have a faint white and silver sparkle swirl.

5. Stella- flesh colored nail with a very delicate white on white diamond tips. the more subtle of all the tips in the line.

You can read my previous blog that I did on their nail tips and how to apply them. Two very important things I did learn when applying and removing them myself that needs to be repeated :

1. Apply them to your good hand (whatever hand you do stuff/write with) FIRST.

2. ONLY remove them with straight acetone or it will take you forever to get them off otherwise. DO NOT try to pop them off either, ouch!

So if you want to be a funky nail trendsetter without having to take the time to draw on your nail tips yourself (that would take forever!) or go to a salon and pay big bucks for a nail design- this Revlon Runway Collection is the way to go. WARNING- these highly decorated nails are not for the faint of heart!!!