August 20, 2009

What I Can't Live Without :: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I recently went for a hometown visit to my mom and dad's house along with my two kids. And in the shuffle and chaos of packing up myself and both children, it's inevitable I would forget something right?!
{Insurance for my shadows.}

To my horror, I had forgotten a makeup product that I now realize, I cannot live without! And no, it's not my Shu Uemura eyelash curler...that's a given. It's like the old saying goes, "You don't appreciate what you've got till it's gone."  This rings true for my Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17) which I don't ever want to apply my makeup without again!

What it is: This is basically eyeshadow primer that you apply onto your bare eyelid, let set for about a minute, then apply your eyeshadow on top of. This stuff helps your shadow lock into place, and even makes your eyeshadow colors pop like never before! You only need a tiny drop of this stuff so the tube lasts a good while.

{I hope Diane has "insurance" for that beautiful shadow look!} 

I seriously couldn't believe how much I relied on this product and the impact it makes on my eyeshadow colors. When it comes to applying a wearable neutral smokey eye look for daytime like Diane Kruger's above, I need that look to stay put without running around my face! This primer would take blah browns and rose colored shadows, like worn on Diane, and make them really pop and seem like truly rich colors. Since she is the costar with hunky Brad Pitt in the new movie "Inglorious Basterds," I'm sure she could have used a little "insurance" too keep her professional makeup job through any scenes with his Hollywood hottness!!

Do you wear a lid primer?


Anonymous said...

Hi! What's so great about Shu Uemura eye lash curler?? Am I missing out? BTW, I just bought this product that you can't live without. I have very oily eye lids and have tried primers and none seem to work, so I will definitely try this and let you know how much of my eyeshadow stayed on or not! Love your blog!

Mary007 said...

I've been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance for two days and this stuff "ROCKS"!! I've tried all kinds of eye primers and the results were always the same...creases at the end of the day. But not with this stuff finally I found something that works! Thanks for sharing!

JennySue said...

I wish I could explain exactly what mechanic makes the Shu lash curler so much better than the rest- it just works! It's easy to hold and curls like no other and stays put.
Tip: With extremely oily lids, make sure to wipe them clean first with a kleenex, apply a thin layer of transluscent powder then apply the insurance and wait a good minute for it to soak in before applying your shadow! Best of luck and thanks for reading!!

JennySue said...

Mary- so glad you feel the same way about the "insurance"- it does ROCK. Especially once you start using it consistently and then forget to go a day without it and you realize what a difference it makes in your makeup application! I will continue to share when I find products that change lives...wink wink!