How To Do 80s Makeup in 2009

Well the 80’s are definitely making a comeback in the clothing AND makeup arena. Of course shoulder pads and leggings are in vogue, and now the 80’s face which is comprised of full on lips, cheeks, and eyes can be accomplished in a modern way.

We all remember how beautiful Jaclyn Smith was during the early 80’s (shoot, she still looks pretty dang good today!), and her makeup defined that look. Such a naturally beautiful woman, but sooo much makeup covering it all up. The decade of excess was certainly showing on all our faces and on the tv screen in shows like Dynasty, Dallas, and soap operas galore, and Jaclyn was no exception!

Liv Tyler is my modern day Jaclyn Smith who can play up all her features with bright significant colors, yet keep them looking young and fresh.

How does she pull it off so easily in the 2000’s??

Simply follow this easy way to pull off the 80’s trend Liv style:

1. Keep your canvas (your face/skin) simple. No heavy pancake makeup please. Use a sheer tinted moisturizer that has your spf and skin brightening pigments all in one like

Pixi Line, Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal ($35). This has received InStyle’s Best of Beauty Buys for 09- so here’s your modern product!

2. Line your eyes all the way around with a colored liner like a plum or a navy. No bright seafoam blues or lavenders. Then take a complimentary shadow and blend over your liner to smudge and soften the line on top and bottom. Use a neutral gold or taupe shadow from the crease down to that smudged color to neutralize it out.

3. Use deep peach tones for your cheeks, let’s not get too crazy here with color. And if you really want to channel the 80’s look, pull it up slightly towards your temples. But don’t tell anyone I told you to do this…wink wink.
4. Do a deep berry red lip stain- not lipstick, not glossy gloss, A STAIN. This keeps the overall look very modern and sheer. Layer Stila’s Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain ($24) until you get the intensity you’re looking for.

If the 80’s are cool enough to be remembered and revisited in the next Sex and the City movie (coming out May of 2010-woo hoo!), then they’re good enough for me to revisit. Can’t wait to see Carrie in her crimped hair and MC Hammer pants….