How To Pick A Foundation That’s Right For You

Foundations have always been one of the top questions I get from girlfriends and clients. It’s such a complicated makeup purchase because you have to get it right in order for the rest of your makeup to fall into place. Everything from the color choice to the formula that fits your skin type, it’s a bit overwhelming. I mean can we really get the perfect skin like actress Mila Kunis just from a bottle of makeup??

Let’s “face” it- we’ve all seen (and talked about!) that sweet little old lady or teenage girl that’s had foundation go completely wrong. Either it’s way too dark or way too light and we can actually see where the makeup application has stopped and started down by their jawline because someone didn’t blend all the way! No one wants this to be that girl.

So what’s a girl to do to get the color and formula right??

Here are some tips for getting your foundation right the first time.

1. Choose the forumla that’s right for your skin type. Typically, if you’re dry, you need a moisturizing liquid form. If you’re oily, go for an oil-free type or a powder foundation. If you’re normal or in the middle, then you’re pretty free to try them all- even the mousse kind.

Dry skin option :: L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Line Minimizing & Tone Enhancing Makeup ($14). It’s going to give you full beautiful coverage and help with age minimizing!

Oily skin option :: Want to try liquid, do Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup($13). Want to stick with an easy powder, Clinique’s Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder ($19) is an old favorite.

Normal skin option :: Your options are endless. L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Skin Supporting and Hydrating Makeup w/Spf 12 ($17) is a new mousse-like product getting rave reviews for it’s anti-aging ingredients and flawless finish.

2. Pick the perfect color. Try color swipes along your jawline to see which one disappears into your skin- not your hand! They’re totally different shades. I know your first complaint is, “but if I’m in a drugstore I can’t try on the product!” Most drustores will let you exchange opened makeup just keep the receipt. And buy two colors you think are close, bc sometimes you’re so close that those two combined might create the perfect shade. I mix allll the time. For darker skinned beauties, lines like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Iman have great shades that keep true to golden undertones.

3. Application is key. Make sure before you put that foundation on, you exfoliate in the shower, then moisturize. Then if you’re using a liquid, start with putting the product in the center of your face on your nose and work out to the edges. Most of us don’t need a ton of product along our hairline right?? I love sponges but some prefer brushes or your fingers, it’s personal. The Beautyblender sponge ($19) is a makeup artist fave with it’s rounded edges and doesn’t crumble into a million pieces after a few uses. For powder foundations, you should apply it in small circles around your face for an even application. And for all types of foundation, for true staying power, apply a thin layer of translucent powder.

The right foundation is the ultimate key for a really pretty face, so take these three tips for faking a flawless face!! Have a beauty filled weekend!!