Jenny Sue Makeup’s Beauty Tool Of The Moment :: tarte’s Glam On The Go Kabuki Brush

So I own a lot of makeup brushes- and I mean a lot. I have to, I’m a makeup artist-it’s my duty to my clients and my face to use the good stuff, right??!

And just like I get comfortable with a certain lipgloss that goes with everything I wear, so goes my comfort for certain beauty tools and brushes that just work no matter what. My new favorite go-to tool of the moment is by tarte cosmetics, and it’s their “Glam On The Go kabuki brush” ($29).

Here’s why I like this tool so much:

  • Not only do the natural goat haired bristles apply my loose powders and bronzers perfectly, but it’s just the right size to fit in my hand.

  • This short and compact fluffy domed brush comes with its very own cutesy faux purple crocodile case that keeps the bristles nice and safe- and stylish!
  • Did I mention how soft and comfy the bristles feel on your face?? This is important to me when I purchase a brush for applying makeup to any part of my face because no one wants “scratchy” associated with their tool.

My tip for using this chunky brush is to apply any of your powders in a circular motion around your face for an even application. Since there are so many bristles in one small area it doesn’t really work using an up and down motion to apply the product with for some reason.

I put this kabuki brush on display on the lovely Kate Moss’s W cover for September because, well she’s Kate, and she’s fabulous.