Max Factor Says “Bye Bye” To The U.S. Market

I write this blog with a heavy heart. Max Factor is saying goodbye to the U.S. cosmetics market. WHAT?!!!

Max Factor has been in the beauty biz since it’s creation in 1909. That’s a really long time- what could possibly have gone sooo wrong to make them leave us makeup mavens?? This company was well loved by old film industry icons like Lucille Ball (shown below), Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, the list goes on. Well I did a little research and it sounds like a not-so- good reason to me. (Oh, and I want to thank the little beauty bird that informed me of this sad news before I had even heard it- Laney, thanks, I think, for filling me in!)

So apparently Max Factor will be phased out of the U.S. market by 2010 so you ladies better run to your supplier and stock up now.

Most popular Max products you should try before they’re gone:
  • Pan-Stik Ultra-Creamy Makeup – can be a concealer or a foundation. You choose.
  • Color Genius Mineral Bronzer – this loose bronzer powder requires a light touch but gives beautiful results.
  • Volume Couture Mascara – one of my all time favorites for drugstore mascaras. It separates and does not clump!

Now, it’s not actually being phased out completely – it’s going to still be available basically everywhere else like in the UK and Russia, but that doesn’t really help us Americans out! I know you’re wanting to know the reasoning behind it’s demise. Apparently Proctor & Gamble (the owner of MF) is putting all it’s faith into Cover Girl and will focus on it’s American appeal.

What does American appeal mean?

It means that CG takes the more subdued-safer-casual approach to color, and MF was taking the brighter-deeper-European flair. Isn’t makeup all about bright vibrant colors that make an impact??

So I’m completely confused as to why our U.S market couldn’t keep Max Factor in business but I do know that I’ll help them go out with a bang by buying up all of the products I can before they’re gone.

I’m interested to know what your favorite Factor products are? What should we all run out and stock up on – let me know!