Maybelline’s New ColorSensational Lipstick Review

Sorry ladies for the lack of blogs in the past week – it’s just been one of those weeks (and weekends-go Dawgs win again) filled with makeup consults, bridal makeup, two crazy busy small children, and just life in general!
But I’m back at it and I have a funny (or slightly annoying) story about my recent try with Maybelline’s newest lipcolor product, ColorSensational ($5.50). I’ve been seeing the mass advertisements for the lipstick and of course had to give it a try. I also got a coupon in my most recent October InStyle magazine for it, so I didn’t have a reason not to treat myself to one!
The ads claim that basically what sets this apart from other lipsticks is that:
  • the color is richer (due to it being derived from “pure pigments” whatever that means)
  • and the formula is creamier (due to honey nectar)

Now here’s my short story on my experience with this new improved lipstick. I bought the color “Pink Petal” color because I’ve been wanting a nice pink to brighten up my face bc I get in a neutral nude rut at times. I got in my car after buying it, and excitedly busted it open to slide onto my lips. To my dismay, once it skidded across my lips, the smell coming from it was awful, musty, and mothball like. It smelled like I’d had it in my makeup drawer for like 5 years! The smoothness it was supposed to deliver was difficult to smudge on at best. Needless to say, I drove back into WalMart and asked if I could give it another try and swap it out for another tube just to make sure Maybelline wasn’t pulling a fast one on me! I sniffed thru the rest of the tubes on display and I think I just got un-lucky in the dud I had originally chosen because the remaining tubes had a much fresher cocoa butter like smell!

So once I got my new tube I was pleased with the results. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would I rank this drugstore lipstick?? (I’m not going to kid myself and compare it to like a Nars or Chanel lipstick, not fair, it was only $4.50 after my coupon!) – I’d give it a 4 on delivering what it said it would. Check out the photo of my mouth at the start of this blog, it is with no lipliner or gloss and I have pretty razor thin lips, however they look pleasantly full. It was definitely creamy and felt very nourishing. The light pink color really popped a lot more once it was on my lips so the pigment was good. Now the magazine ads show the model with a red color on and it looks like her lips are soaked in MAC Lipglass or something really shiny which gives you the idea that your lips are going to look super glossy – um not so much. It’s a lipstick not a lipgloss, but for $5 bucks and some change, it’s worth it. Go on and try out one of the 48 shades it offers.