JennySue Makeup’s Best Celebrity Halloween Costume Picks for 2009

There is nothing more fun than dressing up as someone or something on Halloween. It gives everyone a chance to show their creative side in clothing, makeup, and hair – 3 things I love!! I wish everyday could be Halloween!! So this year, I think one of the easiest categories to emulate is the tabloid celebrity. There’s been plenty in the wacky world of celebrity gossip this past year for all of us to choose a famous celebrity costume from.

Here are JennySue’s top picks for celebrity costumes this year. Now the problem will be how do you choose which one is the most outrageous and easy for your onlookers to guess who you are?!! And of course it always goes back to the makeup application, right??

Pick #1. The obvious. Michael Jackson.

How to get the easiest look for people to recognize right off the bat? Get yourself a shiny glove, black leather or red leather jacket, white socks with black shoes, and of course, pale skin with dark rimmed eyeliner and super drawn in black eyebrows. RIP King of Pop. Copying is the finest form of flattery right?

Pick #2. Kate Gosselin.

Yeah, she’s not all that crazy obvious in the makeup department or wardrobe – but if you can find a short spiky wig in the back of the head, you’ve got your signature Kate look! Oh, and maybe strap a couple or 8 – fake cabbage patch kids

to your legs as you walk around trick or treating! Bonus points for having a hubby/boyfriend/partner dress as Jon Gosselin. All they need are some shades, a couple diamond studs, and Ed Hardy apparel from head to toe. Yuck.

Pick #3. Amy Winehouse.

Sure it’s been a while since she’s come out with any new music or any new tantrums or public meltdowns, but her look is still so distinctive that everyone will know who you are. I just saw a wonderful Winehouse wig at my local Party City for like $18.

So once you’ve got that on, stick on a few (or 20) fake tattoos, wing your eyeliner out like crazy, and wear a wife beater tank with jeans and some ballet slippers. Don’t forget your empty Jack Daniels bottle to add to the authenticity!

Pick #4. Kim Kardashian.

Once again, a major long wig is a must but to truly complete this look, a nice plump rear attachment (small pillow?) is necessary to get Kim’s curves! She is also known for her major false lashes and nude glossy lips. So be sure to pile on the strip lashes and try Revlon’s Fantasy Lash line ($5). If you can snag a Reggie Bush look-a-like, that would help too;-)

Those are my top 4 picks but I’m sure there are a dozen other celebs out there just waiting to be imitated. Who are you going to be?? Oh, and the obvious Twilight character is soooo last year, so let’s get more creative than a vampire on Halloween okay?!