JennySue To The Rescue For Busy Moms!

Earlier this week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak about makeup tricks for busy moms. These ladies are part of a super fun group of women who belong to the MOPS Group in Atlanta at the Lodge of Peachtree Presbyterian. (MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers in case you were wondering!)

This group of women and I have a distinct common interest. We are all moms of small busy children. And busy children = busy mommies. Free time is hard to come by so why not take some time out to get together with other moms to while also refreshing your mom batteries!

These mommies were not the Real Housewives of Atlanta – FAR from it!! This was a classy group of ladies who get together monthly and had asked me to speak at their Day of Pampering. I was also joined by the extremely fashionable owner of fab’rik stores, Dana Spinola, and hairstylists from Siggers Salon in Atlanta.

Just thought I’d share a few pictures of me speaking in front of the group and working with some of the lovely ladies. I focused on makeup tricks moms can use in their everyday hectic lives, however the tips will work for any female!! And of course I had to include such fab celeb moms in my speech like Heidi Klum (mom of 4), Halle Berry (mom of 1), and Victoria Beckham (mom of 3) to speak about how to mimic certain features like them!

**I will go ahead and preface these photos by saying that most of them aren’t that great of quality because I didn’t have my flash setting on correctly. Figures – I’m a makeup artist, not a professional photographer! But you’ll get the picture;-) **

They had my newest business advertisement for JennySue Makeup flashed up on the big screen behind me! (Kudos and many thanks to Abbey with Dylan Blue Photography for my headshot, and Lindsey Hudlow, my talented cousin and professional graphic artist in the making!)
JennySue Makeup really getting into her speech! I just love talking makeup and enjoyed the question and answer forum I had with the ladies after my talk.
Me at work trying to give some quick makeup tips women could recreate for themselves!
Me getting into my notes so I wouldn’t forget all my favorite tricks to give these women!

Me working with one of the women that won a raffle for a mini-makeup session. We were focusing on appropriate lip colors for her!

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to do this event and if you are mom of young children like me and live in the Atlanta area, you should look into checking this group of ladies out!