Nars Blush Has Some Cheap Competition!

My favorite blush color of all time for myself and my clients BY FAR is Nar’s “Orgasm” ($25). It’s the perfect peachy pink color with a hint of shimmer but isn’t too garish for me to put on young and old.

Well Nars- you have some “cheaper” competition! Uh oh for Nars, woo hoo for me!! The photo above shows my beloved Nars on the far right (the one that’s almost gone!) and my new replacement, Peek-A-Blush by Flirt.

I just happened upon the makeup line Flirt at my local Kohls while shopping with my kids. I tend to hit up Kohls for childrens clothes and would have never dreamed I would just glance over at their makeup category and see my beloved “orgasm” color staring me in the face!

I knew when I saw this tester for #21 Pink Tutu blush by Flirt ($12) that this was the exact same Nars color. I bought it immediately and took it home to try it out. At 11 bucks cheaper, what did I have to lose? NOTHING!! The color and shimmer are pretty much exactly the same. Check out my side by side stripes of color on my arm below. The color closest to my watch is Nars, the one before it is the Flirt product.

Pretty darn close huh?? I still love Nars blushes, don’t get me wrong, and I think they have some amazing color choices out there. But I must say that I do love inexpensive options for my cosmetics!!

Do you have any pricey makeup products that you got lucky and found a cheaper copycat version of?? If so- please share with me! I love a pretty (cheap) bargain!