October 6, 2009

Smooth Skin Cocktail :: Serums Plus Moisturizers Equal Improved Skin

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to one of my favorite actresses who just turned 40 on September 25th- Catherine Zeta Jones. I think she is literally one of the most beautiful actresses/moms in Hollywood. Her radiant skin is one of the features I long for as I age...which leads me to the following blog!

I get lots of freebies from companies like Estee Lauder and Lancome when I buy their products during "gifts with purchase" time. And some of my favorite freebies tend to be the creams and serums offered by Lancome. The reason I love getting these is because these types of skin products are typically more expensive than the color products (when you buy the full size) like shadows and lipsticks, so I like to be able to test out the latest in wrinkle-free technology in small spurts!

Well last night I tried a combination of two sample Lancome products after I performed my nightly washing regime. Result- When I woke up this morning, I literally had softer smoother skin!!! No joke. One use of using this "skincare cocktail" and I was blown away how my skin felt. I keep reading in my latest magazines and skincare publications that as we get into our 30's and 40's, the use of serums in conjunction with our moisturizers is a must to help in stimulating cell production which combats dullness- and no one wants dull skin, yuck! (Serums also sink in quicker into the skin than creams so they can quickly do their thing.)

I used Lancome's Primordiale Cell Defense Skin Perfecting Serum first (*big note, this serum is since discontinued but they have another great option, I talk about below!*) then applied the new line of Renergie Firming and Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($80) on top of that then headed to bed. When I woke up, my skin seriously felt smoother than it's felt in a long time. Why have I waited so long to use serums along with my nightly moisturizer??

Other product options::

1. Lancome now offers a High Resolution Collaser Intense Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum ($65) that has wonderful claims of giving 80% more supple and even toned skin along with improved firmness after 4 weeks of use- not too shabby.

2. If you want a lower priced serum, try ROC's Multi-Correxion Skin Renewing Serum ($25) shown below.

Now granted this combination of serum plus moisturizer was for only one night, but if it can give me results like it did after a single use, then I'm super excited to see what happens after continually using them for a few weeks! Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

I have never understood the difference between the various types of anti-wrinkle creams, serums and moisturizers I get in the free gift bags from Lancome. Now I am inspired to dig through my stash of them and create my own smooth skin cocktail tonight based on your recommendations. Thanks for the tip!
-- Amy

Anonymous said...

Yes! Serums have tons of antioxidants that you can layer under your regular lotion or sunscreen, so you get double the benefits :)

JennySue said...

Definitely get inspired with all those freebies and start trying them out Amy. Don't let all that product go to waste! Serums are my new best friend and should be yours too!