Halloween Fun

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween this weekend! I sure did seeing it through the eyes of my two boys who enjoyed the dressing up and ate more candy in one day than should legally be allowed! But hey, it’s one day a year so I let them enjoy the cavity filled day of candy gluttony.

Thought I’d share a couple pics from the annual Halloween bash at my house! It was our 4th annual festivity that involves lots of good friends (my neighborhood girls above!), lots of candy, lots of kids, and lots of local trick or treaters! The weather in Athens was very “spooky” like with drizzly rain and clouds, but it didn’t affect the amount of fun we had. I wore a hat all day since the weather was so nasty because I wasn’t even going to bother with a hair-do!

My proud moment was being able to put makeup on my oldest child Jack. He was “Wow Wow Wubzy” which was a yellow character from a Nickelodeon show and no, I have no idea EXACTLY what Wubzy is. Since I don’t have girls, my husband kept asking me how much I loved the fact that I now had a reason to put makeup on my children!

I didn’t “dress up” for Halloween but my hubby kept kidding me that I was dressed as the famous Alabama coach Bear Bryant (photo above) because of my hat! But I prefer to channel actress Cameron Diaz (see below) as my inspiration!

This is Jack being as patient as a 3 year old can while you paint his whole face. It was like painting a moving target with him!

Jack getting excited about his new look once we checked it out in the mirror! He let me try to paint on the eyes after this, but the application had to be cut short because he got reeealll antsy, so only half his eyelids got painted (see pic below!).

Here are the two brothers together. I’m not too happy with the lack of staying power with Jack’s face makeup- it ran immediately. But my husband actually brought up the fact that I didn’t set it with translucent powder. Duh. My youngest was Thomas the Train- no makeup required or wanted, nor would I have tried it on him in a million years!

This was towards the end of the night when my little one had stayed up way past his bedtime and Wubzy lost his costume and made me wash that “yucky makeup” off his face! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Looking forward to November!