I Agree With Sexiest Man Alive

So People magazine just revealed their pick for Sexiest Man Alive, and Johnny Depp continues to get better with age! Yes, the 46 year old Mr. Depp is gracing their cover again, and I am pleased with his “eye candy-ness!” I mean from the early days of 21 Jump Street to his role as a dirty (but sexy) pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean, you can’t get much hotter than Johnny. He’s a family man (2 kids with French actress Vanessa Paradis, lucky gal!) and a super talented actor with a mysterious aura about him that can’t be faked no matter how good of an actor he is.

Congrats Johnny- you and your bad (in a good way;-)) self deserve this title!! If you ever need a makeup artist from Georgia to touch you up with a little concealer for your next movie, give me a call.

Oh, and a couple other reasons to pick up the issue, would be 1. Bradley Cooper,actor and 2. David Beckham (small pic above),hottie soccer star and Posh Spice’s husband. Not necessarily in that order, but definitely good runner up choices!