JennySue Makeup’s Product Order of Importance

A big question I get all the time from clients and girlfriends alike is, “what order do I put all those products on my face in??” And I will admit, I found the perfect answer in my Laura Mercier “the new beauty secrets” book ($30) that I refer to frequently. Laura is a makeup genius and I love to take advice from this book on how to get the best from women’s faces. One of her big time star clients is Sarah Jessica Parker (shown above) who always looks flawless and also wrote a foreword in the book for her longtime friend and makeup artist. Julia Roberts and Madonna also are big LM fans!

So back to the big question of when to put your face products on. And yes, order of importance matters in terms of how your face products perform. Let me preface this blog by saying that I don’t think you HAVE to wear all these products I list because goodness knows we don’t always have the time and patience. However this list is a good guide if you do want your products to last all day and get complete coverage.

Here’s your easy breezy breakdown of what to apply when:

1. Moisturizer.

2. Primer. This product provides a smooth canvas for your foundation that is worn over your moisturizer and seals it in. It basically seals up imperfections on your face.

3. Foundation.

4. Concealer.

5. Loose translucent powder. This is the step that really makes a difference and most women don’t take the time to do but should! Applying the translucent (colorless) powder actually preps the face for your colored products that follow (cheek color and bronzers). It keeps those colored pigments from grabbing onto any oily spots left on your face thus making you look blotchy. And none of us like the way “blotchy” looks!

6. Bronzer.

7. Blush. Most usually mess this up by putting bronzer on last, but definitely put your blush on top so it’s not covered up by bronzer. You want those cheeks to pop!

Practice up ladies and get the best from your skin products. You wouldn’t ice the cake before you put it in the oven to bake, right??!!