November 21, 2009

My Favorite Lip Balm :: Baby Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Y'all know that I LOVE to find products that can double their use factor for more than one area of my life!

So since old man winter is starting to dry out my whole body- hair, face, legs, arms, and especially lips, I have been desperate for some healing and soothing. I've used everything for my dry cracked lips like Burts Bees, old school Chapstick, even Vaseline. Nothing sticks or works for the long term.

So when I was applying some Baby Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($7.00) to my sweet one year olds legs and cheeks the other night like I always do for his dry skin, I figured I'd slap some on myself!

This pic is of me and my Walker-isn't that the sweetest baby face!

(Photo compliments of talented Abbey Lindsey of Dylan Blue Photography. She has such a knack for capturing the best of my family!)

I applied this gentle and rich ointment to my lips and the dry patches on my face before I went to bed for the night. And what do you know- this large tube of ointment worked some real healing magic!! Although slightly greasy at first, I got over the feel of it because my lips felt so moisturized and soothed and when I awoke and my skin didn't feel dry as the Sahara Desert!

I love that I can buy this ONE cheap product that will work wonders for me AND my baby, and because it's such a large tube, you will only need a wee bit. So it will last us both a long long time! More for my money- gotta love that.


abbey said...

I love that picture of you and sweet W! I am going to buy this and keep it by my bed... my skin is SOOO dry and I have not found anything that works!! honestly, I love this post! thank you!

Melanie (Z) P said...

LOVE these pics from Abbey....seriously Abbey, what an amazing talent! You will have a VERY fun life capturing everyone's most precious moments. What a happy "job"!

And Jennifer...I *live* by Aquaphor. It's the best. Great for my lips before I go to bed, becuase they seem to always be chapped. It gets so dry here in the winter!

Hope you two are well :)

Crystal.S said...

Such a beautiful photo!!

Selina said...

There is a cream available in New Zealand called Am-O-Lin which is used for nappy rash, and it is the best stuff ever for lips. I've used it for years and swear by it.

Lauren said...

What a cute photo :)
I never thought of using that on my face.
I know this sounds crazy but what lip color are you wearing in this photo? I've been looking for a lipstick equivalent of Smashbox's Lip gloss in Debut, which seems really similar to this.

JennySue said...

Lauren-not a crazy question at all! My lip color is actually a combination of a lip stain, "Pinky" by Palladio, lipliner by Rimmel London in color "Eastend Snob", and a lipgloss by Becca Cosmetics in color "Caipirinha." Quite a combination huh?;-)

LaneyGB said...

Love the picture of the handsome little guy! I also just read that if you swab a dab of aquaphor on just the inside of your little one's nostrils (and you!) it will keep cold viruses and the H1N1 flu away! Germs like dry noses so the moistness keeps them at bay! Another reason why us moms LOVE aquaphor!

kimberly said...
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