Wearable Electric Blue Eyeliner

I tear out makeup looks from fashion magazines ALL the time when I find a photograph of a look I like and want to emulate it. This is the way I get new inspiration and also how I remember what that look was! And yes, I have spiral bound notebooks full of torn out pages.

So I found a “vintage” pic I tore out of an old InStyle magazine of an actress (I think it’s Marley Shelton, but not positive) with electric blue eye makeup (the magazine photo is below, those are my eyes on top!). Of course this look was a bit out there and editorial for my everyday life, but nothing I couldn’t tweak to fit my world of preschool drop-offs and pick-ups and Chick-fil-A lunches with my boys.

I used mark Metalliner Eye Glam Hook UP in color blue chrome ($5.50), and it is the coolest liquid liner and lives up to its descriptive color name! I have my personal tube of it shown above on my inspiration page out of the magazine. I paired this bright blue liner with a more subtle mix of light gold eyeshadow in my crease, so as not to overpower the already powerful liquid liner and used two coats of mascara on top, and one coat on bottom!

This is a super funky option for those of you that want some edge to your look without going nuts with lots of products. It’s very wearable to use a colored liner just on the upper lid for an added pop of color to brighten your day!