Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Love New York, But There's No Place Like Home

Hey ya'll. Please Stand By for some more pictures from our last day in NYC. It was a looooong day yesterday leaving the bustling city of New York and sitting for hours in the Newark airport...with two small children under the age of 4. Let's just say we got to the airport at 12:30pm, and didn't actually arrive at our door in Athens until 10:30pm. Yeah- I'm still exhausted this morning.

But our last day in the city was fun despite having to leave at noon so I've got a few more pictures to post plus, finally some makeup tips to add! I will go ahead and say that since we were in such a hurry to get in one last touristy experience at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, I had zero time to apply makeup.

So thanks to L'Oreal's Infallible lipgloss in Rebel Red ($8), I literally put on black mascara, concealer, Tarte's cheek stain blush in "eco-cheek" ($30), and my bright shiny red lipgloss and actually looked put together. Check out this picture above of us at E.J.'s Luncheonette on the upper west side where we had an awesome kid friendly breakfast of the yummiest pancakes and Belgian waffles. Look how exhausted and full my children look,HA, but my lipgloss made me look more awake than I actually was!

So check back very soon to see my last installment of NYC, then it'll be back to business on beauty product posts!

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Dao said...

Thank goodness, you survived the snow storm! I'm glad you had fun in NYC.