Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If This Is What 47 Looks Like- Let Me Fast Forward 16 Years!

I got my December W Magazine in the mail and seriously can't stop staring at the cover on my coffee table.

Demi Moore, at age 47, is their cover girl, and girlfriend looks plum amazing!! Extraordinarily toned body, beautiful wavy hair, and more sophisticated than any young 20 year old to be seen on the Victoria Secret runway show! Just check out this cover shot- it speaks for itself.

And of course I checked out the inside pages to see what her makeup artist, Gucci Westman, used on her seemingly wrinkle free face (hmmm) because it looked gorgeous. The cleverly described foundation used was by Lancome, their Photogenic Lumessence Light Mastering & Line Smoothing Makeup ($40) in Bisque 6W. Guess I'll be going right out to buy that stuff if it will give me skin like hers! And her naturally beautiful lips were Color Fever Shine Sensual Sheer Color Vibrant Lipshine in "Tempt Me" ($25) by Lancome also.

Rock on Demi- looks like marrying a younger man agrees with you:-)

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abbey said...

WOW!! 47!! wow. I was just reading that Gwen Stefani just turned 40! She looks amazing as well!!

Will you keep me looking that fabulous in 16 years! :)

that makes me want to change my soap/water routine and go buy the eye stuff you recommend!