Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Day After Christmas!

Well the Christmas season is officially over but I must say I sure did enjoy it while it lasted and all good things must come to an end, right?! I've been so busy getting prepared for the big day and the big man (yesterday) that I've neglected my blog, so I do apologize for the lack in blogs but I'm back on track with a little more time on my hands;-)

I am so grateful for my wonderful family and hubby who filled my stocking with such wonderful and exciting beauty products this year. They know me all too well and that cosmetics is the easiest way to my heart!

So I wanted to share with you one of the presents my sweet husband picked out for me (Yes he went to Sephora ALL BY HIMSELF with no guidance from me!) and that I just had to wear the moment I opened it. It's from Kat Von D, and it's one of her eyeshadow palettes in "True Love" ($34) which consisted of 8 colors that you can create bold and mesmerizing looks with just like eclectic Kat herself. My picture up top is me with my new colors applied while in the car on the way to my in-laws house for a Christmas get together. No, I am not driving and taking pics of myself in the car, I'm in the passenger seat;-)

Here are the color names in order of what Kat describes them as, then my lame descriptions from left to right as shown in my palette picture above:

Peanut (champagne), Benji (gold), Rebekah (chocolate brown w/gold flecks), Lucifer (duh, black), Cholita (plum), Shiba (eggplant with gold flecks), Babe (bright purple), Missy (white). I am actually wearing all 5 colors on the right of the palette. I have Missy on the brow bone, Babe from lash to crease, Shiba on the lower lash line, Cholita in the crease, and Lucifer lining my upper lid, if you were wondering. I love the way these shadows felt going on and they had great staying power, although I did use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath first, as always.

Hope Santa was good to all of you and that you are resting up (or returning/swapping gifts!) over the long weekend. I will have many more beauty gifts to share with you in the days to come.

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abbey said...

I am so proud of your brave husband for going into Sephora all by himself.... that place overwhelms me! I don't think I have ever braved it alone... ha! He does know the way to your heart though! Glad you are back blogging... beautiful as ever in the pics! :)

Happy Holidays!!!!