Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Looks I'm Gonna Try Now For 2010

Now that we're about to ring in a new year, it's time for me to start trying out new looks and my new Christmas presents! And I've found two celebrity photos to get me inspired. Both of these ladies have my long brown hair and brown eyes, so I'm thinking these looks will be easy enough for me to pull off! Hopefully...

The first look I'm gonna rock more of is, pencil straight hair, a la actress Rachel Bilson (above). How beautiful is she in this picture?! I just love how effortless she always looks even though flat ironing takes awhile and isn't exactly "effortless"! I just got a brand new flat iron from Sephora from my sweet mom-in-law for Christmas, the T3 Smooth Operator Flat Iron Set ($119- a $181 value!), and will definitely be channeling Rachel's hair look here. It comes with a sectioning comb and a lightweight hair cream by celebrity hair guy, Orlando Pita, that adds shine and luster while straightening. He's the stylist who charges $800 for a haircut, so he must know hair, right?? I didn't realize how much better my hair straightens with a more expensive brand. My Conair $19 flat iron was obviously not doing my hair justice! This is one beauty tool you MUST pay good money for if you want results.

The second look I look forward to trying out, is replacing the classic red lip, with a shocking pink lip, like stunning Miss Kim K. If switching up the red lip to a pink one is good enough for Kim and Gwen Stefani (yes she's been spotted with pink lips instead of red!), it's cool enough for me to give a go! And I like the idea of a "look at me" lip because that means I can go easy on the eye makeup, which is usually where I work the hardest. So this might mean less maintenance time for me in the morning if all I have to do is apply some mascara then swipe on some lips and still get a put together look.

And check out that Miss Kardashian is wearing pencil straight hair WITH her pink lips- both of my new looks in one! Here's my go at the pencil straight hair with bright pink lips- although my pink lips aren't quite as shocking as I had wanted, but it's all I had on hand (Lancome's Le Rouge Absolu in "Champagne" ($26) lipstick is what I'm wearing in this picture). And after checking out my comparison pics of my hair and Rachel's, that girl has to be wearing extensions also for that look. I'm here to tell ya, I have a lot of hair, and it doesn't look nearly as full as hers even though it's straight. But hey, whatever works to look fabulous right?!! Maybe extensions should be my next new look!! Ha!

"What new looks are you going to try out for the New Year??"


lipstickandfootballmom said...

I am still enjoying your blog!
I was in CVS yesterday and saw TONS of new makeup products that look SO exciting! Then later, in the CVS sale paper, I saw MORE new makeup products that weren't even in the store yet! I saw new things from Loreal, Revlon and Maybelline. I would love it if you could review some of them, especially the new lash-boosting kit from Loreal.
Hug that sis of mine for me! :)

JennySue said...

Thanks lipstickandandfootball mom- still love your profile name. I am definitely going to have to visit my local CVS then to see what's new in the drugstore makeup world. And I'm always on the lookout for bigger and better lashes, so I will give the kit a try for sure. Saw your sweet sis last night for New Years and that sweet baby of hers, love them both. Hope you had a great New Years yourself!

abbey said...

I am going to attempt to learn more makeup in 2010! I wish I could look like Rachel Bilson... I love her hair, love her style (usually), just love her!.....

you look fabulous as well! (as usual!)