Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ultimate Christmas Experience in NYC

Well if I thought yesterday was fun and exhausting traveling into New York for the first time with my two kids, I was wrong. TODAY was more fun, yet more exhausting, because we had the whole day to tour NYC and we did it all trecking around in a foot of snow! This first picture up top was taken of me and the boys right around FAO Schwarz and The Plaza with a cute area that had Christmas lights everywhere.

Here is a looksey at some of our adventures of today.

This was at the start of our day when the boys looked all dapper and were waiting for me to come down to the hotel lobby to go get breakfast at the corner bagel place. Which they ate none of by the way.

Me starting the 22 block stroll from hotel and all the way through Central Park in the snow. Wow, this was the ultimate exercise routine that I wasn't prepared for!
This is one of the gorgeous views we laid eyes on during the stroll.
Some nice New Yorkers took this family pic of all of us in Central Park. Such a beautifully Christmasy setting.
Me watching the boys actually enjoy the snow and throwing snowballs at each other. This was all fun and games until the snow started seeping into their pants and socks, which caused the beginning of the end. You must realize, I didn't truly know how much snow we were going to get when I packed them, so they're weren't exactly prepared wardrobe wise.
I just loved this picture of my hubby and Walker. It shows how much the cold weather was getting to my little one. He was on the verge of a complete breakdown in the Central Park Zoo.
Walker basically cried himself to sleep so once we entered the cab, he was a goner. Much needed rest though!
After afternoon naps for the boys and some good ole fast food from Mickey D's, we were back out in tourist mode. This was one of the many fabulous retail windows along 5th Avenue. Jack and I posed in front of the Louis Vuitton luggage window, which read, "No matter where you go. There you are."
Finally made it onto Rockefeller Center to lay eyes on the biggest Christmas tree ever! It was well worth seeing and fighting half of New York who also went to see it.
So after being up 6:45am and being on the go basically all day, we stopped at a local pizzeria for good ole New York pizza, and when we got it back to the hotel, Walker devoured it like he hadn't eaten in 2 days. It was yummy to eat something other than Domino's;-)
Overall it was another fabulous and memorable day in the city that never sleeps. But right now, I am going to buck that saying and hit the hotel sheets!


Amy said...

Love the pics of your New York Christmas spectacular! Looks like y'all are having so much fun despite the cold and loads of snow! Enjoy your last day!!

Crystal.S said...

How beautiful! Looks like you're having quite an adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

abbey said...

amazing!!! amazing!!! I love the central park pictures!!!
loving living vicariously though you!! :)

Mel said...

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