Friday, December 4, 2009

What Joy a Tree Can Bring

I don't have any real great makeup tips or finds to talk about today, but I did want to share one of my very favorite moments of the holiday season...the purchasing and hand picking a Christmas tree for our home!

There is something exciting and magical about going with my two children and my hubby to pick the perfect tree that will live in our house for a month and get adorned with beautiful decorations! This year has been extremely exciting because my oldest son who is 3, is really loooving Christmas and all the wonder it provides. So choosing the tree, stringing the lights, and putting up all the special ornaments made my night and my son's night! Being able to show him ornaments that I have collected from when my husband and I were little, to getting married, and ornaments he was given as a baby, is really special to attach meaning to all these tiny decorations!

Here are two pics from our trip last night to buy a tree. The top is of my husband and my oldest son, Jack (look how proud he is to have chosen his tree!). And the next one is of me and Walker (W didn't really care about any specific tree, just the joy of running around and looking at all the options and a tree actually showing up in our house!).

Oh, and one makeup thing I guess I could share, is that lipstick I have on is an oldie but goodie- Revlon's Coffee Bean($6). I wore the heck out of this color in high school and just re-discovered it- the perfect warm brown color with a hint of shimmer. (note, I do have Aquaphor on underneath my lipstick, which lightens the color, and because my lips are super chapped right now due to the cold weather I'm not exactly used to here in the South.)

Give a tree a nice home this season!! Have a magical weekend everyone.

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abbey said...

Love it! jack looks so handsome!! I love the holidays!