January 31, 2009

Abbey Lindsey's Photography Blog To Brighten Your Day

Pictures can speak a thousand words. I think photography is one of the most creative art forms out there and without photographs we wouldn't be able to capture fleeting moments like babies first steps, birthdays that happen only once a year, wedding days, and so forth. One of my dearest friends Abbey Lindsey has the gift of capturing the best of people through the use of her camera.

Fortunately for all of us, she has started her very own photography blog http://dylanbluephotography.blogspot.com/, which will no doubt become a bright spot in my day from now on. She is posting some of her work which includes anything from children (including my youngest son, Walker), to families, to models for the new upcoming magazine in Athens, Ga that she is the fashion photographer for.

The photo at the beginning of this blog entry and this one below are from most recent shoot she did with our model, Danielle. I did the makeup for my beauty page to be seen in the upcoming magazine, "BLVD - Style in the Classic City." Her placement of the model and finding the perfect light to highlight my makeup job turned out phenomenal!

I am completely comfortable admitting that the makeup applications I do for events such as model photo shoots and brides on their wedding day can look only as good as the job the photographer does to capture that moment. For anyone looking for a wonderfully easy person to work with to capture those precious moments through photographs - contact Abbey. Check out her blog daily for a quick and happy pick me up! Congrats Abbey- it's about time;-)

*So if you get inspired by the Cardinals or Steelers cheerleaders makeup while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, log on to Sephora.com to buy your makeup. Let's be realistic, I only watch the game for the commercials - unless of course my Atlanta Falcons are playing in the game. Unfortunately, they blew it this year by not showing up when they had their chance at the Cardinals in the playoffs.

Put in the following promo code - PLAYPRETTY at checkout through Sephora's website and get free shipping on all orders!

January 29, 2009

Giselle Bundchen and her Gorgeous Face

Let's face it, if you weren't born with supermodel legs, body, hair, and angular bone structure, you're probably not ever going to get that modeling contract you've dreamed about.

BUT, even if God didn't create you to be a supermodel (they only make up like 2% of the population so don't beat yourself up), it is possible to share the same products they love and "feel" like a supermodel even if you don't actually turn into one! Giselle Bundchen is one of my all time favorite female phenoms, whose skin and makeup always looks flawless. The girl doesn't ever seem to age!! And I love that she's not "conventionally" pretty, and has an interesting nose structure that makes her so distinctive. This acceptance of her non-cookie cutter nose should make the rest of us embrace any supposed flaws we find in our face and work with what we've got!!

Her fresh faced look is so effortless, and she does it with very few products. Less is more when it comes to this superstar and here are some of Giselle's professed favorites:

1. La Mer Lip Balm. Most of us can't afford the celeb popular Creme de la Mer at $230 for 2 oz., but you might could afford the lip balm at $45. Yes, that's pricey for some lip balm (get ChapStick out of your head or the price will bother you!) but it's La Mer.

2. Nars The Multiple. This $37 stick has "multiple" uses and is a light and creamy formula in the universally flattering color Orgasm. Giselle uses it on her cheeks and lips (over her La Mer lipbalm of course). It says the Multiple can be used on the eyes as well - but I'm not too sure about that.

3. Benefit's Miss Popularity. This pearl colored highlighter is a powder form that Giselle uses just around the tear duct area of her eye to brighten her overall look. A little goes a looong way with this product so be smart and start with a light application and build on it. For $24, you want to make this tiny product last! You can also put a couple dots down the bridge of your nose to highlight it as well.

4. Max Factor Stretch And Separate Mascara. This is only fitting she wears this, since Giselle is one of the newest faces of Max Factor Cosmetics. This $9 mascara does just what it says- it stretches and separates the lashes without clumping. Go for rich black to make the biggest impact.

So since it's slightly difficult to drop to 100 lbs at 6 feet tall and get stunning bone structure without really expensive plastic surgery and a lot of pain, we can all just buy Giselle's beauty products. It's a good start to becoming the supermodel you always wanted to be.

Now snagging Tom Brady is a whole nother bag-o-tricks!

January 28, 2009

CVS Pharmacy Brings Glamour To The Masses With Beauty 360

CVS Pharmacy is about to bring upscale beauty products to the masses by launching their newest store concept, called Beauty 360. And it's a fabulous concept in my opinion.

The first Beauty 360 store was opened in Washington DC in November of 2008 (not very long ago right?!) and a second one followed in California. The concept is to bring higher-end makeup and skincare products to your local neighborhood. We all know that finding a CVS is way more convenient that finding a Nordstrom! Unfortunately, right now finding a Beauty 360 store is rather rare, but hopefully if things go well with the reaction to the first two stores, they'll be popping up all over the place!

Now we all know that sometimes you don't always get the best customer service at drugstores, but with the new Beauty 360, customer service is going to be a top priority. They are going to hire trained and licensed professionals that can provide services like mini-manicures and makeup applications. And they will be well versed on all of the upscale products the store offers. The 360 store will be connected to the original stores via a breezeway with their very own storefront entrance as well.

Here is a taste of some of the fabu lines that can be found at Beauty 360:
  • Freeze 24.7. The miracle products that Freeze 24.7 provide, help their customers to see instant gratification for targeted wrinkles.

  • Ahava. This skincare line was one of my favorite from my olden days at Nordstrom where it was sold. The essential dead sea treatment line, had my favorite hand cream of all time, the "Mineral Hand Cream."

  • Bloom. Bloom cosmetics is not so well known here in the states, but it's about to be. This Australian beauty line was created by Natalie Bloom at the age of 22 with a fresh and playful perspective.

This is only scratching the surface of the products they will offer, but there will be a multitude of options for beauty products. Let's all cross our fingers that CVS starts adding on more of these storefronts so we can all shop for more glamour locally!!

January 26, 2009

Look Like "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester

I'm sure lots of people have different opinions on who is the prettiest actress on the CW's hit TV show Gossip Girl, but I know who my pick is, and it's Leighton Meester, AKA, Blair Waldorf- the "snooty"one of the bunch! Now I certainly don't pick her because of the character she plays because she's a rotten young Park Avenue lady, but she's super stylish and put together on AND off the camera, and her makeup is always impeccable.

There is one makeup look that Leighton seems to wear often and it looks effortless. Here are some suggestions on how to get it if you share Miss Meester's fair to medium skin tone.

Skin- Since Leighton is young Hollywood, the skin needs to stay looking young and not cakey and heavy. The way to achieve that is through tinted moisturizer, such as Paula Dorf's Face Tint ($38) which contains SPF 15 (a must to keep away those pesky wrinkles from the sun).

Eyes- The eyes are kept soft with a combination of a shimmery white shadow from the lash to crease, and a platinum silver in the crease. Stila's eyeshadow pans in Moonlight and Diamond Lil ($18.00 each). Follow this with a charcoal eyeliner all along the top of the eyelid and lots of black mascara!

Cheeks- Nothing compares to the blush formula of Nars. It will be hard for me to ever recommend anything else in the blush category! Try Nars Deep Throat or Orgasm ($25) right on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.

Lips- Her lips are super glossy and no liner needed to keep it young and fresh looking. Try Nars gloss in Chihuahua ($24)

If Blair could purchase all these items in one fatal swoop, which she probably could with her bank account, she'd go to Beauty.com. This is a mega online beauty store with tons of makeup, hair, and skin care products you could possibly imagine and every beauty brand you can think of, including hard to find (obscure) brands!

Have fun getting your Upper Eastside look, XOXO, JennySue

January 24, 2009

New Eco-Friendly, All Natural, Good For Your Skin Makeup

The newest craze in cosmetic advertising seems to be skin loving, all natural, good-for-you makeup products. A large majority of women are now interested in finding makeup products that are more eco-friendly and all natural, and that contain simple ingredients.

Here are some of the newest products that should satisfy your all-natural needs:

  • Almay Pure Blends Natural Cosmetics :: This drugstore brand is offering a whole line of products from powder, to lipgloss, and eyeshadow that contains over 95% all natural ingredients and includes fruit and flower extracts. Their packaging is made up of an average of 44% recycled materials. Note - the word average, but hey, guess that's better than no recycled packaging at all!

  • Jane Iredale Cosmetics :: Jane was a pioneer in coming up with the first line of makeup comprised of minerals and good for your skin makeup that she developed with the help of dermotologists and plastic surgeons. Her full line of makeup offers everything you could imagine and need to make a more beautiful face through natural minerals. Ingredients used in her lipsticks and glosses include green tea, grape seed, organic brown sugar, among the most recognizable. Sounds yummy enough to apply to your lips right??

  • Estee Lauder's "Vita-Minerals" Line :: Lauder has jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon also, and has a new vita-mineral makeup line that contains vitamins and the super antioxidant ingredient of pomegrante. I will be interested in seeing how this loose powder compares to the uber popular Bare Minerals loose powder that tauts you can actually sleep in it and it does good things for your skin! An added bonus to this Estee product is that it contains an SPF of 15 in the loose powder and their liquid version is an SPF of 10. And if this Estee Lauder product can make me resemble any of their four spokeswomen - I'm buying what they're selling!!

All these products want you to look good and feel good from the inside out. Let me know what you think!

January 22, 2009

Ben Nye's Neutralizing Creme Crayon - Carry On Concealer

**Just a side note for my loyal readers who have been checking my blog and wondering where I've been and why I haven't posted anything in the last 4 days!! Well, I have been super busy this week working on a fashion photo shoot (as the local makeup artist) for the first issue of an exciting new funky fashion and beauty magazine that is going to be launched here in Athens,GA.

I never knew working on a fashion shoot could be so time consuming and exhausting! But wow has it been so much fun and exciting; I'll keep you all posted as to when the premier issue will be coming out - hopefully to rave reviews!**

I have been trying to think outside of the box recently when trying to find new makeup lines to expand my product collection that I use on my clients (and myself!). Thankfully, in my search I came across a brand of makeup that somehow I'd never heard of before, (how is that possible??) called Ben Nye.

Ben Nye is a makeup company that specializes in theater and stage makeup. The company has been around for over 40 years and was developed by, well who else, but a man named Ben Nye, who worked on Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Henry Fonda. He also worked as a makeup artist on the epic film "Gone With The Wind" at age 30. He and his company created major makeup transformations for many films and used all that talent to develop his own makeup line which has been carried on by family members.

I found a Ben Nye product that I am sure will change my everyday life.

Ben Nye's Neutralizing Creme Crayon ($10.00- and listen to me, an absolute steal of a price!). This chubby crayon - like concealer has a wonderful creamy consistency without being a messy liquid or a too dry cake concealer. It's the perfect size for carrying along in my purse or diaper bag. It allows me to basically just draw on my face wherever it needs to go and whatever it needs to cover up. Then I just rub it in with my finger. The crayon comes in 6 different shades. I purchased two colors - the Red Concealer No1 (to cover red spots and blemishes) and the Mellow Yellow Fair (to help with brown discoloration and purple veins under the eye).

I found this product at a local Athens establishment. JDB offers up anything and everything from novelty gifts, to retro fashion, posters, wigs and much much more - you name it, they've got it. You could seriously spend hours in this store and not see everything.

Ben Nye has recently been featured in magazines like Glamour and Lucky, so it's not just for aspiring theater makeup artists - it's for the masses too! I encourage anyone to check out their website and read the background history of this talented man named Ben Nye and about all the hundreds of makeup products they offer. It's really a great, interesting read and the full color photos will most certainly give you some creative ideas and help you get some ahead of the curve planning for your Halloween 2009!!

January 18, 2009

JennySue Makeup Product Review - MAC'S Glitter Brillants

I'm always searching for new makeup products that can add a little FUN to my look. I get slightly bored with the typical lip gloss, mascara, and blush. So I made a special trip to the MAC cosmetics counter in search for something to add a little drama to my everyday look.

Enter MAC's Glitter Brillants ($18). This "fun" pot of glittery, sparkly, colored eye shimmer is just what I needed. I bought it in "Antique Gold" and found it was the most wearable color out of the bunch. The great thing about this eye product is that it can be used dry or wet, so it's like you're getting two products in one.

When used dry (picture below shows dry usage on top, wet application underneath), you can make the application as sheer as you want; just use it on the top of the eyelid to create just enough interest and light sparkle. Most people think when they hear the description "glitter" they automatically think stage makeup, theater, or drag queen, and that it can't be worn everyday. WRONG.

Of course I think there should be no rules when it comes to makeup and you can make any product work anytime of day if applied right.

  • With this glitter, for everyday wear you should apply it dry
  • Sweep it over just the top of the lid either by itself
  • OR in conjunction with a similar shade of eyeshadow
  • When used as a layer on top of the matching shadow, it creates a bit more depth.
  • It will make your eyes have just enough sparkle that people will wonder what you're up to!

When used wet (the second line underneath the dry one), the glitter brillants takes on a whole new look and sometimes color. It almost looks like liquid metal; which is the best description I can give. The color immediately gets darker and more opaque, but with a sparkle. It's much more dramatic and in your face, which is so fun.

  • If you do wear it wet, a great way to use it is as sparkly eyeliner instead of traditional liner.
  • Just take a liner brush, wet the tip, dip in the pot of glitter
  • AND draw along the lash line from the tear duct all the way to the end of the eyelashes
  • AND wing it up slightly.
  • This will give a subtle Super rock-star look!

Now as much as I love my new product, it has taken a little practice to perfect. Glitter tends to run and jump all over your eye bed so start with a light application and keep adding until you get the look you want. The staying power is good. However, it's not going to last all day until they make eyeshadow hairspray to make glitter stick!

Oh, and if you've got lots of fine lines and wrinkles, or have skin that isn't aging well, this is not the product for you. It will only make those lines more noticeable. But there I go making "rules," so take my previous statement as more of an "opinion." Enjoy your MAC Glitter Brillants!

January 15, 2009

"Foundation Wars!" - Revlon vs Yves Saint Laurent

It's extremely common in the makeup industry for a high end makeup line to create a fabulous blockbuster product that eventually gets ripped off by a drugstore makeup brand. I guess copying is the kindest form of flattery though right??

I mean, the idea works for the new movie starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in "Bride Wars." (These two best friends end up booking their respective weddings on the same exact day and the war begins! I cannot wait to see this one!)

This idea rings true in the comparisons between Yves Saint Laurent's Perfect Touch Foundation (been out for awhile now) and Revlon's new Age Defying Spa Foundation that just recently came out.

Both foundation tubes are built very similarly with a squeeze tube application that contains a built-in brush to make application easier and no messy sponges to use or fingers. This is a genius idea to make a foundation have an all in one concept! Both have the ability to be turned on and off to dispense the foundation and then to be turned off to be able to wash the brush off with soap and water without losing any of the product.

In terms of application, once you've dispersed the product and squeezed out the right amount, it takes a considerable amount of brushing and blending with the bristles around the contours of the face to get it all to soak in, so don't get frustrated with it not immediately soaking in. The more you swirl around the brush the better the application.

Here's how the two different foundations break down and compare.
Revlon's Stats:
  • The price: $12
  • SPF: SPF 18 (strange # huh??)
  • Additional Ingredients: Antioxidants, Stone Therapy Minerals, and Vitamin C for stressed out skin. Should reduce the look of fine lines.
  • Shade Choices: 8 shades to choose from. Not very many to choose from if you have darker skin.
  • Size: 1 fluid ounce

YSL's Stats:

  • The price: $53
  • SPF: None
  • Additional Ingredients: None that we non-scientist types would understand but it does have a "baby skin" complex that ensures radiance and hydration of that of a newborn baby! Wow- big claim huh??
  • Shade Choices: 14. There are definitely more choices for darker skinned females in this line.
  • Size: 1.3 fluid ounce

Now since the foundation for both dispense in pretty much the same exact way, it's up to you, which way you want to spend your money. But, a little tip as to which might be the best-

  • The YSL foundation has received a 5 out of 5 star rating through Sephora's readers and was voted "Editor's Pick" for Best Foundation in Instyle Magazine 2008.
  • But then also playing devil's advocate - Revlon is fairly new so maybe it hasn't had a fair shake at earning any awards. I'm going neutral on this one.
  • But Wow - a $41 difference is pretty hard to swallow.

January 14, 2009

Best Drugstore Mascara Found - Max Factor Volume Couture

So I'm always on a quest for a drugstore mascara that gives me the look of false eyelashes WITHOUT the false lash application process. I've read tons about the Max Factor Volume Couture mascara ($8), and seen how many awards it's received through Allure Magazine and InStyle Magazine.

Naturally, I decided it was time for me to give it a fair shot. I mean it was the "Official Mascara of Milan Fashion Week" so it had to be good if it was used to make model's peepers show up on the runways!

So after all the hype, and believe me, I had great expectations. The mascara actually MET my specifications!!

Now before you go off and buy it and give it your own personal try - I have some guidelines you must follow to get the most out of your Max Factor.

  • You must curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler. I stand by my opinion that NO mascara will ever naturally curl your lashes for you - you must use this contraption to get the curled effect. A mascara claiming to curl your lashes is like claiming using a special shampoo will automatically give your straight hair curl. NO way NO how.
  • You must apply atleast 2 coats to get the full effect.
  • You must use an eyelash brush/seperator in between applications to comb out any clumps. I'm not saying this stuff clumps - but pretty much any mascara is gonna clump a little. It's a fact of mascara. The iFX brush is one of those flexible heads that is designed to help keep down on the clumping and maximize lash length without the brush getting all goopey...if that's a word:-)
Before Max Factor Volume Couture

After Max Factor Volume Couture

Take a peek at my before and after lash photos above to see how good this stuff works. And it doesn't require a lash primer or anything
  • Just straight up mascara, which I applied two coats of and that was it!
  • I'd give this a 9.5 out of 10 for drugstore mascara.
  • Go try a tube today if you're in the market for a new mascara and let me know if it MAX-imizes your lashes!

January 11, 2009

The Best and Worst Hair and Makeup Trends of The 2009 Golden Globes

Okay, so I love the Golden Globes because all the celebrities get to sit at round tables and chat with one another instead of a boring seated theater side by side, AND they get served alcohol during the whole show! So they all get rowdier and more outspoken as the night progresses,..ugh hem, Mickey Rourke. Ick, did anyone even know he still existed in the film and TV world?? Well he does and I've got the shot below to prove it.

There were some major trends that were seen around the females throughout the night. It was almost as if 75% of Hollywood had the same dang stylist and makeup artists because a majority of the actresses had the same look.

Here are JennySue's Top 6 Trends of the night:

1. Nude Lips & Metallic Smokey Eyes - I noticed a lot of really low key makeup at the Golden Globes, which honestly got kind of boring for me. I understand you not wanting to overdo the makeup too much if you have a flashy dress; I get balance. But, give us some sort of glamour or hint of color on your face! I mean, that camera is focusing on your face when spanning the room to see if you won your award or not, so get some wow factor on your face!

Hayden Panettiere had the smokey eyes down to a T with her metallic gray shadow and black kohl rimmed eyes. Penelope Cruz. and J. Lo had a great combo of the peachy/nude lip and smudged eyes, and of course tons of false eyelashes. But actresses like Eva Mendes, Marisa Tomei, and Amy Adams could have really used at least a brighter lipgloss.

2. Neutral Colored Dresses - I could not believe how many actresses wore this neutral color in various shades of cement, taupe, cream, and flesh tones. And if you count neutrals as coming in silver and gold, then there was a lot of that too. I can right now rattle off quite a few who took to this trend- America Ferrera (Ugly Betty star), Brooke Burke (Dancing With The Stars), Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgins (High School Musical), Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie.

But the group of women who wore this shade the best was the group of "Latino Lovelies" that consisted of Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Eva Mendes. With their naturally (or spray tanned helped) bronzed skin, they all pulled this color off the best without fading into it.

3. Slick Backed Hair - I love it when really beautiful women choose to just slick their hair all the way back off their radiant faces to show everyone their features. It looks neat and confident and glamorous. And as all these women know, when you go for simple hair like this, you have to bring it with really neat and groomed eyebrows- because that's really the only hair on your head that's getting noticed!

Some of the ladies that chose this look were Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kate Beckinsale. I mean, if I had a face like Kate B., I'd always wear my hair back to show everyone how pretty I was- wouldn't you?!!

4. Best of the "Worst" Look of the Night - This was a tie between a man and a woman. Congrats go out to Renee Zellweger and Mickey Rourke for biggest trainwrecks of the night. Their photos speak for themselves...I'm quite sure neither one were thinking clearly when they got dressed for the night. And this is one time Carolina Herrera did her muse Renee a disservice by letting her go out in that dress.

5. Bright Spot of the Night - Cameron Diaz wins my bright spot of the night because she was one of the 4 or 5 actresses that chose to wear COLOR on the red carpet. I know we're in tough economic times and maybe everyone chose the boring neutral palette to symbolize this "grey" economy we're in the middle of, but come on. Miss Diaz showed up in a gorgeous asymmetrical pink gown with beautiful bright pink lips to match - her makeup look and dress choice were a breath of fresh air.

6. Most Shocking Accessory of the Night - I tend to think I know a bit too much about celebrities, who they're dating, what kind of tattoos they sport, but I was a bit shocked by one celebrities accessory choice I'd never noticed before.

Did anyone else know that Drew Barrymore (who has fabulous bright blonde hair now!) has a tongue stud?? I've always noticed she talks with a slight lisp, but now I realize it can be attributed to the shining metal stud in her tongue! Check it out in this photo!!

The Golden Globes get my vote for the most exciting awards show so far. It was just enough that Angelina and Brad were there in attendance and we got random shots of them every now and then - even though neither one of them won a dang thing. Seeing them made my night though:-) Sad huh??

January 8, 2009

Best Makeup of the 2009 People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards is the kind of award show I like. Unlike the snoozefest that the Oscars have become where they give out tons of awards to people, movies, and categories none of us care about, the PCA's focus only on the hottest and up-to-date movies, shows, and actors we all like to read about in our celebrity magazines!!

And The People's Choice Awards are determined by "WE THE PEOPLE" - people like you and me! - not some snobby Oscar panel who likes to defend the most boring of movies and foreign films.

And for those of you that like foreign films and feel they should get all the cred they deserve, well you might be right, but since I remember only very little from french class in 10th grade, I'd personally like to stick to my American films with no subtitles;-)*

But down to the REAL reason I watched the The People's Choice Awards - to see what the celebs were wearing and how good or bad their makeup looked! And I'm proud to announce, that there were no real train wrecks!! Everyone seemed to really step up and dress very young and fresh, with no real "froo froo" outfits or hair and makeup.

Here are my JennySue favorite faces:

1. Ellen DeGeneres - Yes, I said Ellen. It's a shocker for me to put her in this category, but Ellen has gotten a fresh new look and I loved it! The 50 year old comedian rocked a new 'do in a brighter blonde color that really makes her beautiful blue eyes pop!

And her makeup was really quite lovely - maybe her new gig as the face for CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation ($16) has made her get a new makeup artist or maybe she's actually wearing the brand new foundation she promotes! If you ask me, it's working!

But either way - her face lit up with beautiful glowing skin and subdued eye makeup (plenty of eyeliner on top and mascara) and nude lips. Nothing was over the top - but it worked for her.

And even though her partner Portia DeRossi didn't win anything- she is still stunningly beautiful too! Their makeup styles almost mimicked one another.

2. Carrie Underwood - I know a girl's got good makeup when my husband actually looks up from the computer to make a comment about how pretty her face is! I wish I knew what foundation or airbrush foundation Carrie uses because her skin always looks perfect, flawless, all those adjectives to describe her unreal skin.

If I had to guess what gives her that matte - perfect skin that doesn't seem to sweat, I'd say she is using Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation ($34). This makeup is water resistant, shine controlling, and stays on forever. But if anyone out there has heard what she really uses- please fill JennySue in because I'm going to go buy it! Tons of it, whatever it is.

But one thing she always does right, is she uses balance in her makeup look. She picks one feature to play up and then leaves the others more subtle. For the awards, she chose to go heavy on the eye makeup (dark greenish/gold glitter for her first performance) with lots of false lashes on top, peachy cheeks (my bet is on Orgasm blush by Nars!), and pale peach glossy lips.

3. Jennie Garth - I must first say, that I thought Jennie looked better on television than in this photograph of her red carpet look, but oh well, you will catch my drift.

Jennie was very classy and all the movie star (or 90210 TV star!) look with her simple eye makeup and look-at-me red lips! She wore an LBD (little black dress) and made more of a statement with her hair and bright red lips. I thought she looked grown up (well she is and has 3 kids!) and comfortable and confident. A winning combination in my book. For red lips to go with a fair skin tone like J.Garth's, choose Clinique's Long Last Lipstick in "Party Red" ($14).

I cannot believe that not one of my picks is a brunette! But, I have to give an award out to all these beautiful blondes who did it right at the PCA's. They all seemed to really have more fun.

January 2, 2009

Heidi Klum's "Very Sexy" Makeup Line for Victoria's Secret

I reference sexy mom Heidi Klum a lot, because let's face it, she seems "pretty" much like the perfect woman and entrepreneur.

Heidi has accomplished a ton already. Let's count it down.

  1. She's a mom to her three kids (huge job in and of itself)
  2. A wife to Seal (soulful singer if you aren't familiar)
  3. Creator of Project Runway (my FAVORITE reality show of all time)
  4. Designed her very own clover inspired jewelery line creatively called the "Heidi Klum Collection" with jewelry maker Mouawad
  5. AND, if all that isn't enough, she also has helped design her own makeup line with Victoria's Secret - the lingerie giant that made her a superstar!

The "Very Sexy" makeup line, just makes sense to have Heidi's input. I mean, she is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and makeup on someone that naturally gorgeous doesn't hurt. I'm willing to buy into pretty much anything this woman is selling - especially if it's makeup and gives me a small chance of looking even a teeny tiny bit like her! When asked what inspiration she had behind making the Very Sexy collection with Victoria's Secret, she said she was looking for chic and colorful makeup that wasn't too over-the top, but definitely sexy.

Here are some options for us regular folks that could help turn us into a Victoria's Secret supermodel (or at least a more glamorous version of our natural selves!)

"Heidi Klum Collection Glitter Liquid Liner" ($10) This liquid eyeliner in color Licorice is the perfect mix of emerald/gold/and black sparkle. These colors complement any eye color and give your eyes an instant boost. I'm obsessed with the idea of this color combination and the addition of glitter. Just make sure you've practiced your liquid liner technique!

"Heidi Klum Collection Lip Gloss" ($12) Her lip gloss in color Cupcake is a beautiful peachy/gold pink that is sure to give you a sexy pout and looks great with a sultry smokey eye. This is a super glossy and seductive color.

"Heidi Klum Collection Silky Eye Shadow Quad" ($20) And to get that smokey eye to wear with your Cupcake lip gloss, this eye shadow quad has 4 colors that really work well when worn all together. Heidi's the queen of smokey eye, and if she wears these colors, I'm sure gonna give them a try!

So now when you go to pick up your favorite bra in a different color from Victoria's Secret, make sure to check out the Heidi Klum "Very Sexy" makeup collection while you're there. Because we could all use a little more "sexy" in our everyday lives couldn't we??