February 28, 2009

JennySue Makeup :: Quick Tips For a 5 Minute Face

Have you ever wondered how some stars look so put together right off the airplane?? Take Jessica Simpson for example - she looks pretty darn good in this picture for just exiting a plane.

So I've got a quick beauty regime (maybe it's more like 7 minutes if you want to be realistic) that can be done on or off a plane. You can perform this on your decent to your vacation destination while seated in your tiny coach seat. Or you might perform this in your car-after you've parked of course - in your parking spot at work.

Here is my tutorial on the basics to getting pretty on the go:

1. Apply a tinted moisturizer. Use your fingers to apply so that you're combining your moisturizing and foundation all in one! (1 minute)

2. Next, use your favorite concealer just under your eyes and to any noticeable red spots on your face. Try Neutrogena's 3 in 1 Concealer ($9), which provides good coverage for dark circles and fine lines. (30 seconds)

3. Put a cream or gel blush just on the apples of your cheeks. Again, use your quickest tool - the tips of your fingers to swirl it around! (30 seconds)

4. Follow with a cream or powder highlighter applied on the eye bed up to your crease and just inside the corner of your eyes to give you a bright eyed look! Wet N Wild's Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink ($4) is the perfect affordable product to use on your eyes (use the lighter two strips of color) or if you have extra time, as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones! (1 minute)

5. Curl your lashes for 5 seconds on each eye then apply mascara to just the upper lashes. (1 minute)

6. Finally, simply finish with a swipe of colored lipgloss for a complete look! L'Oreal Paris HiP Brilliant Shine Lipgloss ($12) gives you just the amount of deep color but in a sheer and shiny way! (30 seconds)

No one has to let their look go, while on the go - so take the 5 minute challenge. Oh, and in regards to your hair - just wear a baseball hat like Jess (but try to choose an Atlanta Falcons hat instead of the Cowboys) - Voila!!

February 26, 2009

Pastel Power Makeup - Go Light For Spring 2009

The Fall New York Fashion Week 2009 collection gave us all some makeup inspiration that we can use right now for Spring! PASTELS! That's right, one of the biggest hits of fashion week was the Barbie Runway Show where all the models rocked pretty pastel makeup! What a fabulous idea to watch living dolls walk down the catwalk, right?!

All of our favorite designers like Calvin Klein and Diane Von Furtstenberg created looks inspired by the 50 year old Barbie icon while models strutted their perfectly coiffed hair and bodies down the runway. This pic is of a wrap dress made famous by Diane herself for the show.

Now pastels when worn during the spring and summer months make more sense, because most of our skin is a bit warmer and has more color which makes this palette a bit more wearable. I know the word "pastel" creates fear in some and reminds you of your least favorite aunt who always smelled funny at family gatherings- but that's an old mentality.

Here is how to wear pastels in 09:

1. Pick one feature to wear one color on and don't wear that color all over! Like this model at the top of the page - she's doing pastel lilac on her eyes and then a shade of pastel pink on the lips. She's NOT doing lilac on her eyes, lips, and cheeks - for a reason. Try MAC's Cremesheen Glass lipgloss ($18) in Ever So Rich (awesome name), which is a great way to wear sheer lilac. So sweet.

2. For everyday wear on the eyes, just do a light sweep of color to get the right amount of subtle impact. And just use it on the upper eyelid - no lower lashes please. Try Revlon's new Matte line in Peach Sorbet ($5). What a perfect way to look like Peaches and Cream Barbie from the 80's right??

3. When in doubt of what pastel color to go with- choose pink. It's the most universal of the pastels that everyone can wear. And the most obvious and easiest place to wear pink is on the cheeks.

4. If you're scared to wear pastel on your face- wear it on your nails!! How easy is that?? OPI makes some great ones in their Bright's Group, like Gargantuan Green Grape or Hey Get in Lime - two very wearable pastel green shades.

So have fun trying your hand and looking like our favorite girly icon, Miss Barbie. No blue eyes and blonde hair necessary.

February 24, 2009

Best Fake Bake Look - Max Factor's Color Genius Mineral Bronzer

I'm all about some bronzing products whether it be spray tan, self tan tanners, or bronzing powders, because I certainly didn't inherit my mother's beautiful Cherokee Indian skin.

I got my dad's Irish - "Wow you're super pale." - lily white skin! But I know I know, some people, including my mother, tell me to love and appreciate my "fair" or "porcelain" skin. But sometimes I just feel better with a tan, sun kissed look. Therefore, I gotta fake it when I want it.

And thank goodness I found this product.

Max Factor's Color Genius Mineral Bronzer ($10) in Sun Kissed. This is a loose mineral bronzing powder which does a fabulous job of giving you a seriously "sun kissed" glow (are you noticing a theme?) and it doesn't make you look like an old copper penny as we know that some bronzers can do.

This products contains an ingredient called "flamenco gold flecks", which I had never heard of, but once applied, you can truly see a hint of gold in your skin. Genius Mineral Bronzer really looks pretty and the best part about it? It's not tacky.

JennySue Tip for Application: Now a little word to the wise when you want to mimic Eva Mendes' bronze glow.
  • When you use this product - a little goes a looong way
  • Use a big bronzer brush, dip and swirl along the top, then blow off the top of your brush before you actually apply it to your skin
  • It's very easy to layer so better to start off lightly
  • After applying this along your T-Zone (where the sun naturally hits your face) don't forget the spot under your neck that is always lighter than the rest of your face and neck.
You are gonna love your "Yes, I did just got back from Cancun" or "Oh, you reaaallly think I look like Eva??" look. Thanks Max Factor for getting this bronzer right. Now go buy it before Spring Break gets here!

February 23, 2009

Oscar Night 2009 - Most Beautiful Celebrity Makeup Awards

Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina were in the same building at the same time at the same awards show!! Wow!! That made this year's Oscar's night exciting enough for me. But it didn't hurt that both the former Mrs. Pitt and the current Mrs. Pitt brought their A game when it came to hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Let's start with the always approachably (is that a word?) gorgeous Jen Aniston. I loved that the 40 year old star took a fresh young approach to her hair with a small front braid that casually weaved into the rest of her hair that she wore down.

Her makeup was predictable with taupes and champagnes on her eyes (I always feel like she wears Stila's "Kitten" eye shadow pan) and peach cheeks, but she did seem to have a heavier hand with the application so it seemed a bit more elegant. Her dress was a pretty sparkly cream form fitting strapless dress, but nothing to write home about. Oh, and we got a quick shot of her date Jon Mayer, but he doesn't hold a candle to her handsome ex unfortunately ;-).

Now onto Angelina Jolie. Of course Angie was a striking villainous contrast to all the big fluffy lightly colored ball gowns of the night worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Marissa Tomei, Penelope Cruz, and such. Mrs. Pitt wore a plunging strapless black (shocking?!) dress, which wasn't the big deal. It was her gi-normous emerald stoned jewels that hung from her ears and ring on her finger that made her look a show stopper. They were the most perfect accessory to her simple gown and hair.

Now onto her makeup. Angelina literally has the most perfect skin in Hollywood. All the closeups done by the TV guy, showed that this woman doesn't have a wrinkle on her face and looks like she hardly wears any foundation! Her signature cat eyes with just heavy liquid liner on the top eyelid were in full effect, and her lips appeared to only have gloss on them.

And ladies, have I found a lip plumper that reeallly gives you Angie lips.

Too Faced Lip Injection ($18.50). Holy moly, I tried this stuff, and slathered it all over my lips just thinking it would slightly tingle like most lip plumpers. 3 minutes later I asked my hubby if there were flames jumping off my lips! They were on fire; I had used waaay too much. A little goes a long way with this stuff and truly gives your lips more fullness.

Another tid bit about this product is that it's best used alone and not on top of any lipstick, because as it makes your lips swell when used over color. The color bleeds out into the fine lines around your mouth. I used the clear version, but if you want a little more color Lip Injections comes in sheer colored versions.

Oh, and how odd is this pic of the Pitt couple?! It shows the more you're around your spouse the more you start to mimic each other's actions and motions! And Brad's facial hair is a definite trend right now on the men in Hollywood, so my hubby is sporting his own Brad look and made sure to point that out to me since I'm not a huge facial hair fan ;-)

It's hard for me to pick who to give the Oscar to between Angie and Jen because I think their looks are sooo totally different, so I'm going to call a tie between the two of them.

Two honorable mentions of the night- go to Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry. Anne's porcelain skin and perfectly placed false eyelashes (check those puppies out!) made her face really stand out as a young starlet. And who knew the girl could sing so well in her short duet with Hugh Jackman in the beginning?? I was super impressed.

Then there was Halle Berry, who was one of the presenters for Best Actress (went to Kate Winslet by the way - she has definitely looked better than she did last night, very boring). Halle's body was back to pre-baby shape in a beautiful strapless black and gold floor length gown and her makeup was stunning! She did a wonderful dark smokey eye with nude shiny lips. Her face is just ridiculous and she could probably just wear Chapstick and still turn heads.

The Oscars were much more enjoyable this year and I liked the frequent set changes they did to keep it interesting since most of the movies they tout, I've never even seen. Congrats to all the winners and even those nominated - it was a magical night.

February 21, 2009

Work a Nude Lip Like Kim Kardashian

Nude lips are an easy breezy look to carry off for the makeup maven or the makeup minimalist for Spring 2009. You can wear a nude lip if you are a brunette like Kim Kardashian (known for her smokey eye look paired with a glossy nude lip), blonde like Heidi Klum, or red head beauty Kate Walsh.

In my opinion, the best nude lip is a glossy one or at least semi-glossy. Very few people can pull off a matte nude lip, it's more of an editorial look than an everyday look. So go with a nude gloss like Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lip Gloss in Lover ($12) or a wonderful hydrating lipstick like Too Faced Lip of Luxury lipstick in Totally Nude ($18). This lipstick has shea butter in it and seriously feels so smooth and satiny when applied to your lips. You will want to put it on all day. And it has a very fancy tube with a jewel on top, which makes it even more fun to apply ;-) Another great nude lipstick option is Nars' Belle De Jour ($24) that is a pretty sheer approach to nude.

Too finish out your look, just be sure to wear a good peachy-pink blush to keep you from looking super washed out. That way you can keep the eyes simple or dramatic, whatever you're feeling, as long as the cheeks are colorful it'll keep you looking brighter!! So Go Nude!!

February 18, 2009

JennySue Makeup's Favorite Eyeshadow Brush by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

A frequent question I always get asked about my beauty arsenal is - "What are your favorite brushes to use?" Well that is a verrry big question and I have lots of answers for specific areas of the face.

But my most current love for the eye bed, is Kevyn Aucoin's Small Eyeshadow Flat Tip Brush ($28).

My sweet mother-in-law was a very good listener - and elf - around Christmas time when I opened up this magic brush from her. I know it might sound kooky to some that don't obsess over makeup products as I do, but this brush just feels expensive in your hand and on your eyelid!! I love the shape of the bristles as they are full enough to allow for all over color or it can work to distribute just enough color in the crease of your eye bed.

And for those of you that don't know who Kevyn Aucoin was - he was a MASTER makeup artist and entrepreneur who worked with tons of A-List celebrities (Tina Turner, Cher, Julia Roberts, Janet Jackson, on and on..). I own two of his makeup books that were literally like makeup bibles to me. He unfortunately passed away in 2002 at the age of 40, but he left behind quite a legacy and a wonderful makeup brand, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty.

The two pictures below are makeover/transformations done by Kevyn of Winona Ryder as Liz Taylor (uncanny huh?) and Gina Gershon as Sophia Loren. These photos show you just how talented this man was with a makeup brush!!

As I always say - "Your painting is only as good as your brush, so choose wisely and spend a little extra to make even the cheapest makeup feel more glamorous going on!"

February 17, 2009

"Behind The Scenes" with JennySue Makeup

Lots of people are interested in the "behind the scenes" view of how movies are made, music videos, and magazine fashion layouts. So here a few behind the scenes action shots (thanks to my photog friend Abbey- check her out::Dylan Blue Photography) of what I do as a makeup artist.

This first before and after is of my beautiful friend Megin (both inside and out!) who has this fabulous shade of red hair that I just had to work with. You'll notice in the shot of me working on her, all of my inspiration of magazine pics lining my mirror! I guess my 10 fashion mag subscriptions are finally coming in handy huh??

Meg has this natural beauty about her that I didn't want to ruin with too much makeup, so I brought out her eyes with Ardell false lashes and played up her cheek color with Tarte's "Tipsy" cheek stain ($28) and a peach lip gloss to compliment her coloring. This "look" of Megin (below) ended up on my comp card. Thanks Meg for letting me paint your face even though you didn't need the paint...

This second behind the scenes pictures are of two models, Mary Katherine and Kelly, for an upcoming Athens magazine, BLVD~Style In The Classic City. The first of two photos is of MK and I was working on creating a bright raspberry lip to play up her mouth using Victoria's Secret Perfect Lipstick ($12) in "Beg Me." This VS lipstick is a wonderful smooth consistency and I love all their shades they offer! Mary Katherine had wonderful bone structure and I wanted to do a stark juxtaposition of the bright fushcia lips with her beautiful fair skin. In this photo of Kelly (below), I wanted to play up her eyes with some rockin' bright blue eyeshadow and I got that by using Stila in "Mambo" ($18). The look for this swimsuit part of the photo shoot, had kind of an 80's-early 90's vibe to it and I wanted something electric for the makeup look! Miss Kelly was a trooper and a real natural beauty in front of the camera. This last photo is of Danielle who was the perfect blonde model for my beauty page in the upcoming premiere issue of BLVD magazine. I worked on her to create a Spring 2009 look with bright super glossy lips as the focus. I got this with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss ($7). This was an easy look for Danielle to carry off because she has a wonderful carefree personality that showed through on camera and the makeup was just an added bonus on her. What a beautiful girl. I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes journey of JennySue Makeup! It is a fun and creative career and I love making women A more Beautiful Version of their Natural Selves
Not a bad gig.

February 15, 2009

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2009::Model Makeup like Bar Refaeli

So the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue came to my house and of course I had to thumb through it. Yea, it's geared toward men, but I'm always really interested in seeing the latest swim fashions and who the next up and coming SI cover model is! (It was Bar Refaeli this year, she dates Leonardo DiCaprio by the way. What a life!)

It's really entertaining, but kind of like torture too. I look at these teenagers (yes, lots of these models are 18 and 19) and think, dangit I need to hit the gym and eat another helping of carrots and air. But that thought fades away a few pages into it, when I realize these girls probably have some major photo shopping going on. I mean, I could look like that after a couple swipes on my Mom's computer (she photoshops for a living, isn't that cool!) and still enjoy my beer and cheeseburgers. So I keep flip-flopping on my thoughts.

What I do love about the SI Swim issue is that these girls really don't seem to wear that much makeup - it's all about the swimsuit fashion and looking casually beach fabulous. Because let's face it - no one is really looking at their faces; why bother with dramatic makeup!?! It's smart styling to keep the focus on the suits and the bodacious bods.

This issue gets me thinking about the arrival of warm weather and getting a good summer tan (everyone feels better with some color on their skin, right??). Look, I'm not unrealistic to think I can actually look like one of these girls from the issue that are in the 1% category of perfect 10 bodies, but there are some products that can help me achieve a sexy simple summer look. Without the 7 day a week workouts and extreme diets ;-)
  • Nars Body Glow ($60) :: If you want to look bronzed and beautiful then this pricey body oil, is the way to go to add that caramel sheen look to your skin. You can simply slather it all over your arms, legs, torso or wherever else you like. Use it minimally so as not to appear too greasy - let's try to keep it at a warm glow.

  • Stila Convertible Color ($25) :: Your best bet is NOT to use a powder blush, but to use a gel or cream formula. It soaks into your skin to look like real naturally flushed cheeks just in from a run on the sandy beach, or a yummy stout margarita! And the great thing about this product is that it can double as a sheer lip color! Wow! Try the color "Gerbera" and just be sure to use an SPF lip balm underneath.

  • Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara ($9) :: You have to wear a waterproof mascara if you're going to be on a beach or anywhere near water! Especially if you want to look fabulous and not have raccoon eyes! Get this mascara and go brown for color so that you get more naturally beautiful longwear lashes.
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted moisturizer ($12 ) :: You don't want to look like you're attending a Miss USA pageant with thick foundation while you're in your bikini, so a tinted moisturizer is the way to go. You can find these with SPF included and your face will be moisturized while having a more flawless look without looking too makeup-y!

Now I'm not promising you're going to look like last years SI cover model Marisa Miller (to the left- she's ridiculously pretty), or this year's Bar Refaeli without some help from a talented plastic surgeon! But these products are not a bad start to looking pretty while wearing a swimsuit. If your body is less than Sports Illustrated Ready- glam up your face - it'll take the focus upward!!

February 12, 2009

L'Oreal Infallible Longwearing Lipgloss Product Review

I'm a sucker for lipglosses of any kind. So when I saw the advertisement for L'Oreal's Infallible Lipgloss ($10) that claims to stay on for 6 hours- I HAD to try it!!
I first wanted to find out "What the definition of "infallible" means?" and "Why L'Oreal would choose that name?" It didn't seem like a very glamourous word, so it had to have great meaning!
Infallible is defined as, "incapable of failure or error." Okay, so that makes sense; it's supposed to last for 6 hours without fail!
I bought my first color, Coral Sands, in the lipgloss and wore it out to a romantic dinner with my husband last night. We went to a very popular Downtown Athens restaurant, the Last Resort Grill If you are in the Athens area and have not tried out the Last Resort, it is a must! Okay, let me rewind:

I put it on about one hour before we left and had a couple cocktails ~ Then, we were at the restaurant for about one hour and a half, ate salads with yummy Gorganzola dressing, bread and butter, steak, and more wine ~ At one point, I excused myself to the ladies room to powder my nose, and much to my surprise it was still pretty true to color, not quite as shiny as when first applied, but definitely still glossy ~ Now, this was only about 2 and a half hours after my first application, but I think that's pretty skippy for a lipgloss the fact that it stayed through lots of eating and drinking!
Here are some JennySue personal points about Infallible Lipgloss:
  • It smells really good - like buttercream icing!! Mmmmmm
  • The applicator is slightly bent at the end so you can scrape around all sides of the container to get the most product out. Genius!
  • The top of the applicator is mirror-like so you can kind of apply it without a mirror. It's not crystal clear, but good enough.
  • It's really hydrating and not crusty feeling or dry once applied. It is slighty tacky, but what longwear lipgloss isn't??
  • There's no extra top coat or finisher. It's just an all in one product - so simple!
  • This longwearing Lipgloss comes in 16 color options.
I purchased four seperate colors in the different catagories of shades L'Oreal offers (this follows the order of the colors shown on my arm from bottom to top):

  1. Pinks- "Blush"
  2. Corals- "Coral Sands"
  3. Browns- "Dulce De Leche"
  4. Reds- "Fiery" (this one seems more mauve/gold when applied, but I could be wrong!)
Why did I buy 4 of them?? Well I logged onto lorealparis.com and registered with them, and printed off a $3 off coupon when buying 2 products. When I went to buy them at my local Kroger, they were already on sale for $6.99, down 3 bucks from the original $9.99 price. So, I figured why not give myself a bevy of colors to choose from at such a steal!
Longwear lipglosses and lipsticks NEVER last as long as the manufacturer claims, that's a given. But I would say this one lasts pretty darn true for around 2 hours when major eating and drinking are going on - so it could last around 3 hours if you're in between meals ;-)
I say try at least one before Valentine's Day and you want to stay pretty through whatever plans you have with your honey!

February 10, 2009

How to Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Times are tough, money is tight, but we still want to look great through it all, right??

Well, this morning I made an economically sound choice to make my own tinted moisturizer rather than run out to the mall and buy some $$ stuff.

I always try to accomplish a very natural and even looking skin tone, like the stunning Kate Bosworth, but without all the heavy looking foundation. She looks like she has the most perfect skin and the makeup doesn't take front and center. (A little personal connection factoid about Miss Bosworth at the end of this post, so keep reading!) So my homemade tinted moisturizer idea was super easy and actually worked like a charm! Here's how I did it:

  • I simply took my favorite fragrance free moisturizer, Oil Of Olay Original Beauty Fluid ($8)
    • Then, my go-to drugstore brand liquid foundation, L'Oreal True Match, ($10)
        • Next, I mixed them together in my hand
        • My combination was two parts moisturizer plus one part foundation (think of it like mixing a drink;-))
        • I swirled them both together in the palm of my hand with my finger and effortlessly applied all over my face
        • The look was completely easy and quick without having to make the foundation look perfect because the consistency was very sheer
        • JUST what I was wanting and a great time saver for you busy Mommies out there!

        This idea works great for: * makeup minimalists * ways to extend the life of your "fave" foundation by cutting it with a little moisturizer * adding SPF to your SPF free foundation by combining a facial moisturizer that contains sunblock. So don't be afraid to experiment with the products you already own and mix them up - you just might come up with a super new formula!

        ***Here's my personal connection with Kate B! My hubby Scott was actually IN a little movie, called "Remember The Titans" filmed 10 years ago with Miss Bosworth. She played the girlfriend to the quarterback in this inspiring movie about a high school football team - and my husband played a handsome extra! Check out Scott in this frame from the movie below sandwiched in between Denzel Washington (woah!) and Wood Harris. Yes, that's really him! I'm so proud of him and glad he stuck with his brunette girlfriend (me at the time!) and didn't take off with blonde starlet Kate!**

        February 8, 2009

        Grammy 2009 Makeup Trend::False Eyelashes

        I was very entertained by the Grammy's this year. All of the performances were very upbeat and fun with lots of live band interaction and the singing too was really good-no lip synching from what I could tell! And the very sexy Justin Timberlake was all over the place performing with everyone- which is just fine by me ;-) He's not too shabby to look at and listen to...But enough about JT...

        Of course all the ladies on stage really brought it, however if you think about it...there weren't that many females performing unfortunately. How can I do my job and break down every single leading lady's makeup look when the majority of people onstage are men!?

        The most prominent trend I noticed on a lot of the females were MAJOR false eyelashes.

        There were two singers that wore the most noticeable ones of the night, Estelle (her duo with Kanye West was killer, I LOVE their "American Boy" song) and Adele (Londoner who won Best New Artist). Both of these chicks had some crazy long lashes which could only be achieved by falsies.

        • Adele's eye makeup was fabulous. Not only did she apply the must- have shimmer highlighter in the tear duct of her eyes (see how they glow) but the false lashes were crazy. My guess is that Adele layered 2 or 3 strips on top of one another on the upper eyelid -Yes, you can do that! She surely used lashes like Ardell's "Naomi" Runway lashes ($3). Hers looked super thick!

        • Estelle had on some rockin purple glitter shadow and the longest strips of falsies ever that her lashes almost touched her eyebrows. MAC's 6 Lashes ($12) would be a good way to get lashes that extremely long. She was smart to keep the rest of her makeup look more minimal with shimmery nude lips and light cheeks. When you've got eyes that bold, you must keep the rest of the look subtle to keep it pretty and not clownish!

        There is no doubt that in order be a scene stealer on television and on stage you should definitely wear false eyelashes! There are so many different types of them out there from individuals to strips that there is something for everyone and it's the best way to get noticed eyes!!!

        Too Faced Cosmetics - Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer::Helps Your Shaddow Last All Day

        Yesterday was an extremely special day as my friends and I hosted a beautiful baby shower. The shower was for my best friend whom I've known since elementary school (the mommy-to-be in the pink 3rd from the right-obvious I guess!) and is due to have her first baby in March!

        Now everyone who knows me, also knows that I am a huge crier when it comes to weddings and baby showers and any other sentimental occasion.

        Well, in preparing my makeup for the party I anticipated there was "gonna be some crying going on", so I made sure that my eyeshadow wasn't going anywhere!

        How did I accomplish this feat you might ask?? With the help of a product called:

        Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer by Too Faced Cosmetics ($17).

        I was just recently introduced to Too Faced cosmetics by a makeup fairy (Thanks Danica ;-)) and I must say, I am extremely impressed by the products I have tried so far!

        This phenomenal eye shadow primer successfully kept my purple eyeshadow in place All Day Long - yep, even through many tears of joy! Here's the steps on how to best apply your new Too Faced "Eye Shadow Primer"
        • The primer is applied to bare eyelids with your fingertip
        • You seriously only need to use a tear drop amount per eyebed
        • This silicone based product keeps your dry shadows and cream shadows from fading and creasing while also intensifying your original shadow color when applied!
        • It seriously keeps your eyeshadow on lock down for hours!
        • This is the most affordable "insurance" I know of and is certainly worth the $17 price tag because if used minimally, it will last forever.
        Keep an eye out for more "Too Faced Cosmetics" product reviews from me in my upcoming blogs during the month of February

        February 5, 2009

        How to Wear Cream Eyeshadows Like Katie Holmes

        I've always been a little intimidated (okay, a lot intimidated) by cream eyeshadows! I figured they would be hard to control; I was afraid they would get really lumpy and stick in my eyelid creases.

        But realistically there really should be no reason we all can't wear cream eyeshadow! This type of shadow gives a great fresh look to the blah blah boring powdery shadow and is great a option for the makeup minimalist who doesn't want to deal with an eyeshadow brush!

        This picture of Katie Holmes (doesn't she look gorgeous??) shows how cream shadow can look super subtle yet really pretty and accentuate your eyes in a fresh way.

        All YOU need is the right formula and the "how to" directions to pull it off

        My two favorite cream shadows are:

        1. Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Cream Shadow ($22), because the color stays true during wear and it has a velvety feel.
        2. Nars Cream Eyeshadow ($21) is another good option because it gives a beautiful wash of color and transforms from cream to powder once applied.

        For a more perfect application, start with an eyeshadow base or just use your translucent pressed powder and dab all over your eye bed before you begin.

        When applying these shadows you have a few options for application:
        • You can use your finger if you just want a quick wash of color for a more natural look.
        • Or, if you want a more precise look, use a brush tool specifically designed for cream shadows and brush on one coat.
        • Wait for it to dry a bit, then brush on one more layer for added depth.
        • The above picture of Katie shows that the same color used on the upper lid, was also used in a minimal way along the bottom lashes as well!
        • Definitely use a small tipped brush to stroke along the lower lash line.

        If you want to wear eyeliner with this type of shadow, using a gel eyeliner or liquid liner is best because you can draw over the cream shadow once applied. L'Oreal Paris Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner ($8) is a wonderful choice for drawing a perfect line over your cream shadow! It was voted one of the "Best Of Beauty" by Allure magazine in 2007.

        Have fun with cream eyeshadows and give yourself a new makeup challenge by trying one out today!

        February 2, 2009

        Bobbi Brown's Brights Eye Palette - The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

        I just turned the Big 31 and since the birthdays are starting to become less exciting the older I get, it takes a really special birthday present to get me pulled out of my "old lady" rut. I know I know, I should cherish each year that I'm given on this earth and not complain about birthdays - I get that, and I do love life! How could I not, with a great career, a wonderful husband and two beautiful little boys...but let's be realistic, who's up for celebrating birthdays after they've left their 20's??

        Well, let me tell you something! My sweet sister-in-law snapped me out of my birthday rut, by bestowing upon me, Bobbi Brown's Brights Eye Palette ($70). And low and behold I'm celebrating turning 31with my fun new eye shadows and not looking back! This cute little fold up compact is full of 35 miniature bright eye shadows, all matte - no shiny sparkles, with a huge range of blues, greens, purples, pinks, even yellows.

        Granted some of these colors are so bold and bright, that they might only have a place being used on a runway or a fashion shoot, but I find them intriguing and wondering how I can wear them on a daily basis! Each shadow is about the size of a Skittle or M&M (notice my picture and the blue M&M off to the side to compare size) so they're pretty tiny. But with such dynamic and deeply pigmented colors, one should only use a very small amount of each anyway.

        Tricks to wearing such bright and colorful shadows

        • Use them on just your upper eyelid
        • With lots of mascara
        • Then keep the rest of your makeup simple with a nude lip
        • Or a sheer gloss, (like this Gucci model and Nelly Furtado below)

        You will notice, that the model on the left has her bright shadow underneath her eye, which in the real world (meaning non-runway use) would need to be flipped to the upper eye lid for us non-models! It's just more wearable that way.

        Miss Nelly (is 31 just like me!) may not be walking the runway, but this musical talent is not afraid to take makeup risks just like a model! She is actually rocking yellow shadow (Buttercup and Day Glow in the BB palette are yellow options), which is tough to do, but with her light caramel skin, she can pull it off.

        So if you're in the mood for experimenting with some beautiful and bright shadows, this Bobbi Brown palette is a fun way to go about your experiment!