April 29, 2009

"All Dolled Up" With Only Two Products!

My favorite "night on the town look" of all time is a smokey eye and pale shiny nude lip. Hands down- this combination gets rave reviews from my husband every time I wear it. This photo of Blake Lively from my guilty pleasure tv show Gossip Girl (courtesy of InStyle Magazine), shows how you can wear a smokey eye without making it look too goth or harsh. Just use a light hand and lots of blending when applying your smokey greys and black shadows and you too can become movie star worthy.

Here are two great products that can get you that smoldering look in a flash without having to buy a bunch of separate products:

1. Benefit's Smokin' Eyes Kit ($36) This all-in-one kit contains everything from shadows, liners, to the instruction manual on how to apply all the colors to get a sexy smokin' eye. It even contains brow products like tweezers and angled brushes, bc like I always say, no eye look is complete with the brows being in order- they're the frameworks of the face! There should be no excuses for screwing this look up with all the info given!!

2. Nar's Lip Gloss in Chihuahua ($24) is the perfect sheer pinky (they describe it as "guava" colored) lip gloss. This color works on EVERYBODY. No lip liner or lipstick needed- just a couple swipes of this color and your pout is ready to get noticed!

These two products take the guess work out of getting all dolled up...

April 26, 2009

Bronzer For Dummies :: Easy to Get, No Sun Needed

I get sooo many inquiries from friends and readers of, "How do I apply bronzer?!" I don't blame a one of you for asking bc it can get a little tricky! It's obvious that all of us can't be blessed with healthy looking skin like Bravo's Top Chef celebrity host & jewelry designer, Padma Lakshmi! She is ridiculously beautiful in a very natural, no fuss way.

It can be a difficult task to make bronzer look natural and not like you slapped a bunch of dirt on your T-zone, but with a simple step-by-step program - your St. Bart's worthy-fake -face tan can be worth the time and effort!

Here's your quicky JennySue Makeup tutorial:

  1. Pick the right shade of bronzer - dark, medium, or light.

    Don't go too too dark, because it will definitely look fake. Try a bronzer that has more of a yellow base and isn't too pinky or glittery. It's easier to layer your color to make your skin appear darker than to apply one too dark layer that looks muddy.

  2. Go ahead and apply your foundation and concealer first.

    Then apply your bronzer over that first layer. I even sometimes apply a quick sweep of bronzer directly over my undereye concealer with a fat fluffy eye shadow brush, to make the concealer less noticeable.

  3. Use a regular sized blush brush- not a fatty-face one.

    Everyone thinks they need a big ole fat bronzer brush to cover their face in one fell swoop - not the case. Use a medium sized brush to have more control over your bronzer. Whisk it along your hairline and jawline in a big circular motion.

  4. Swirl your brush in the bronzer and be sure to tap off excess with every application.

    It seems daunting and time consuming, but better to start of lighter and be able to add than to slap on a huge mess of bronzer the first time. Slide the bronzer over your cheekbones and down your nose, chin, forehead, and neck.

  5. Please don't forget your neck!

    This is where bronzing can go terribly wrong if you forget your neck - the lightest part of your upper body because it rarely sees the sun. Make sure to brush all the way down to your collar bone to create a realistic bronzed look.

  6. Blush on last- over your bronzing job.

    Apply your favorite bright rosy pink blush in a matte formula for a more realistic and healthy look. For evening though, you can bust out the shimmery pink.

A couple great bronzers to try: Physician's Formula Bronze Booster pressed powder ($14) which also included tan extending ingredients, Max Factor's Mineral Bronzer ($10), and Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Bronzer ($18) that has 5 colors you just swirl all together, then apply!

So go get your bronze on girl - it's easy to get, and no sun needed!

April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Taurus - Bring Out Your Inner "Beauty Bull"

Happy BDay to all you Taurus' out there! My little Walker is a Taurus and is about to turn the big One - unbelievable! I've been interested in researching zodiac signs lately to see if there's any truth to these zodiac descriptions or not. So whether you are a bull yourself or know someone who is, here's a rundown:

Brief description of the qualities a "typical" Taurus might posses:

Steady, sensual and stubborn, Taurus' born under the sign of the Bull -- typically April 20 to May 20 -- take their sweet time to get going. This fixed sign is in it for the long haul, but Bulls can need a little prodding to move out of green pastures. Yet when they do start a project, you wouldn't want to get in their way, because they'd run you down! Taurus' have a curious power of dominating others even when they don't realize it! They love to collect beautiful objects and amass fortunes … but don't mind getting their hands dirty, either.

Sexy Taurus Celebrities:
  • Carmen Electra - April 20
  • Penelope Cruz - April 28
  • Uma Thurman - April 29 (Uma and Walker share the same birthdate!)
  • David Beckham - May 2 (Super Sexy Taurus)
  • Rosario Dawson - May 9

Here are a few JennySue Makeup ideas that a Taurus girl could pull off to update her makeup regime.

1. Try a new sensual perfume :: Typically a musky scent with florals and exotic spices would work well for your sign. Try "Kate" by Kate Moss ($52) for that perfect combination of sweet but strong. It contains many scents such as magnolia, patchouli, rose, and lily of the valley.

2. Work the color blue :: Any shade of blue is a favorable color for the Taurus sign. Go for a shocking blue eye pencil lined just on the upper eyelid for some pizazz. Try the Styli-Style Line & Seal Eye Pencils ($6) in a range of pretty blues like Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Bluestone. Keep the rest of your eye look more natural with a champagne or sand colored shadow and black mascara on the upper lashes only.

3. Give your skin a well deserved boost! :: Mimic Uma's tight and bright skin tone by getting yourself some C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Boost Toner ($12) which is a skin-brightening bamboo and ginseng tonic that will refresh your skin without drying it out in the meantime.

So enjoy your birthday Taurus and have fun revitalizing your look!

April 20, 2009

Coral :: The Hot New Cosmetic Color

Coral is one of those makeup colors that a lot of women are afraid of. It's not your typical red or safe pink, it's CORAL. But, when worn correctly for your skin color, it can be super complimentary and pretty perfect.

Coral Tutorial: Fair Skinned. Go for a more sheer lip gloss or blush. If you associate yourself with fair skinned singer Duffy, then wearing coral in sheer shades won't be such a stark contrast to your pale skin.
  • Lip color - Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in "Coy Coral" ($7). Stains aren't generally super dark, so they give you just the right amount of color but in a subtle way. Add some clear gloss on top of the stain for a little oomph!!
  • Blush - Benefit's "Coralista" ($28) blush is the ultimate new "it" blush color and is totally buildable.
Darker Complexions. You can definitely try a deep full bodied coral lipstick and dark coral blush like Ashanti below. Her bright coral lipstick show you that your skin tone can handle it and is the perfect pop of color!
  • Lip color - Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in a "Go-Go" ($18). This highly pigmented lipstick is the way to get your lips noticed!
  • Blush - Nars blush in "Torrid" ($25) is a beautiful coral with slight shimmer that automatically highlights the cheeks for darker beauties.

So go ahead and get yourself out of a makeup rut (that seems to be a theme for me lately, I'm into shaking things up on my face!) and give CORAL a chance!

And a big heartfelt thank you to all of my JennySue Makeup readers. Today is my 100th blog posting and I continue to have so much fun sharing my love of all things makeup and beauty with you all!

April 19, 2009

YSL's Summer 2009 Look and How To Get It For Less

I came across a must have look for summer! What is it? Who's it for? It is for you ladies that want to get out of your boring brown eyeshadow look. Yves Saint Laurent's makeup website has a bright blue eye look that I want to re-create right now! Although, for the majority of us, if we were to follow along with each product used on this model, our total YSL purchase would round out to be over $200!! That's a pretty penny for a pretty face, but I think it can be done cheaper. Check out the YSL tutorial at the above link, then look below for some recession options.

Here's where you could skimp a little and where you should splurge:

Splurge On - EYES:

YSL Tresor D'afrique Collection, 5 Colour Palette, ($62). Yes, this is expensive, I get it. But this is for a 5 piece eyeshadow which is really the bulk of re-creating this look (this breaks down to like $12 a color). YSL's eyeshadow pigments are amazing and the inspiration behind this palette is vivid color schemes of the African nature.


~Face- Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector by Maybelline($9 ). It's a concealer/highlighter product that is way cheaper than the Touche Eclat.

~Bronzer- Rimmel's Natural Bronzer ($5) can give you an all over summery glow without the actual sun.

~Mascara-Max Factor Vivid Impact Duo Highlighting Mascara in Blushing Blue ($8). Blue lashes to finish off the bright blue eye- such an attention grabber!!

~Lips- Victoria's Secret Perfect Lipstick in "Satin Sheets" ($12) is the perfect substitute for YSL's lipcolor of light peachy pink. With eyes that vivid, you want to tone down the lips.

These substitute products cut the YSL total in half! Go out on a limb and add a little oomph to your summer makeup.

Oh, and pay attention as to where to stop with your blue shadow- only go from lash line to crease or you might end up looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show if you take it on up the brow- and that ain't such a good look!

April 16, 2009

Jouer Cosmetics :: A Brilliant Makeup Concept and Website

I just came across a killer interactive makeup website and cosmetics company called, Jouer. This company was started back in 2004 by Christina Zilber whose mantra is to "enhance a woman's natural beauty and never overpowering it." What a smart mantra! This photo shows Freida Pinto, the gorgeous star from "Slumdog Millionaire", who was made up for the Golden Globes by makeup artist Jeffrey Paul with Jouer's makeup. Her natural beauty certainly shines through with these products on.

The clever part about this line, is that the individual pieces of makeup such as glosses, blush, and shadows, have the ability to snap together to form one cohesive unit, which you can basically design depending on your needs. Therefore, you can have your whole handy dandy look-minus the need for a makeup bag!

The ingredients used in some of the Jouer products actually make them good for your skin makeup! For example, their blushes contain green tea powder, which is a great calming agent for any skin type (I got that tidbit of info from Stephanie at Classic Hair & Spa- you're a skin genius and artist! If you're here in the Athens/Atlanta area, go check her out). Their mascaras and lipglosses also contain Jojoba Seed Oil which is a conditioning and nourishing ingredient.

In my opinion, the most impressive part about Jouer, is their website. So many times when I go to a makeup website in search of a product it's really hard to imagine what that color would look like on me! Well this website takes the guess work out of that. When you click on the color swatches of their lipsticks, cheek colors, and eyeshadows, the color instantly appears on 4 different women's faces! It's truly a revolutionary idea and takes the guesswork out of buying makeup online.

Check out this cosmetic line and see what you think. I would love to hear if any of you have made friends with this makeup line like I have! Also, click on this LuckyMagazine link, for a chance to win a 9 piece makeup collection of Jouer makeup worth $192 each! Oh, and if you're wondering what "jouer" means, it's French for "to play." Makes sense to me - what girl doesn't like to play with makeup!!!

April 14, 2009

Best Mother's Day Gift Idea- Mommy and Me Mini Makeover and Photo Session

How many of you moms out there are always checking out the photographs you took of your sweet little children and a reoccurring theme seems to be that you're nowhere to be seen in any of them! Didn't you bring those little ones into this world and wouldn't you like some memories of you WITH your precious angels??

If so, then join me and photographer/good friend, Abbey Lindsey of Dylan Blue Photography, for a Mommy & Me Mini Makeover & Photo shoot opportunity here in Athens, GA on April 25th, 2009. Slots are already going fast, so get your reservation in soon!

This is a wonderful time to not only get professional, casual, and artistic pictures of you and your child/children, but to also get a little makeup-pick-me-up by yours truly, JennySue Makeup, for those captured moments! Now you know what to tell that hubby or significant other to get you for Mother's Day...hint hint;-)

Best Way To Apply Nars' New Cream Blush Duo Palette

I'm a huge fan of natural non-powdery looking blushes to give me that youthful dewy skin look, like Brittany Murphy has. Ever since her "Clueless" makeover, she has emerged as one of my makeup favorites!

There are many different types of formulas that blush can come in nowadays, and one of my favorites are cream blushes. Now cream blushes are mostly best for normal to dry skin types. That means if you are typically oily, it's probably not your best option beccuase it's going to just add to your shininess.

Nars' newest product, Nars Duo Palette in Orgasm/South Beach ($45), is the perfect combination of this company's best selling peachy pink color Orgasm + a wonderful bronzer in South Beach. These two colors have been created into a creamy and easy blendable formula which you can apply together to create the perfect healthy glow.

Here's a simple step by step on applying cream & gel blushes:
  1. Start with smooth skin :: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate...before applying your makeup. If you've got blemished skin or bumpy skin, stick with powder formulas and skip this how to;-)
  2. Apply on clean skin or over your foundation with your fingers :: The best tool for this formula in my opinion. It gives you more control and the warmth of your fingers helps in soak in and distribute more evenly.
  3. Start off sparingly :: You can build on this product if you need to.
  4. Say cheese :: Smile big in your mirror and apply the product on the apple of your cheeks in a roundabout motion, heading towards your hairline, but don't actually go all the way to the hairline! Way too 80's if you take it that far.
  5. Blend Blend Blend :: This keeps away the streaks, so when you have blended enough, blend some more. And keep this formula on highest part of the cheekbones for the most natural look.

This $45 dollar price tag might sound like a lot for blush, but put it into perspective. You're actually getting 2 blushes at around 22 bucks a piece, which is less than one Nars blush anyway! And with a cream formula, if used correctly, it will go a long way!! Youthful dewy cheeks are worth it;-)

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & Happy Spring Shoe Shopping from GoJane.com

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! What a gorgeous day it has been to celebrate with my boys (left, getting their Easter baskets) and friends here in Athens, GA. The weather has been perfect, the flowers and trees are in bloom, and I have a little "spring" in my step - as in, I have on new-affordable-trendy sandals!!!

Nothing says it's Easter like a new pair of shoes. I remember as a little girl growing up in Southwest Georgia, I looked so forward to Easter Sunday because my mom and I would go out shopping way before the big day to pick out my NEW Easter outfit, usually accompanied with a new pair of matching shoes. Now I know you all like to check out my blog for makeup tips, but today I just had to share my new fashion find (makeup and fashion go hand in hand right??).

I have not been a huge online clothes or shoe shopper in the past because I am reluctant to not be able to see and touch the quality before putting down the credit card. But I've found a website that has put those fears to rest for shoe shopping. That website is gojane.com.

I've been in search for the perfect sandals for spring/summer. I had a specific color and style in mind that I just couldn't find on all my shoe hunts. So when I came across a recommendation for this website in one of my fashion magazines as a low priced online retailer I decided to give it a shot. When I first logged onto the shoe category on the website (they sell other clothing and accessory items too) it took awhile for the page to pull up because they literally sell 100's of shoe styles. And the prices at gojane.com are ridiculous - and in ridiculous, I mean ridiculously inexpensive.

Who knew you could get the latest trends in sandals, pumps, and wedges, for under $30?? The shipping was very reasonable for the two pair that I purchased. My delivery came within a week of placing the order, and the quality was really good for the little bit I paid for my wonderful new shoes!

What was the biggest surprise of all after I received my shoes and wore them for the first time?? Just days later, I received my latest edition of Lucky magazine. It was then I saw my newest pair of ankle strap gladiator-esque camel colored sandals shown in black, from a different designer, Matt Bernson. And guess what...his shoes were like 9 times the price I paid for my gojane.com shoes ($190 compared to mine, which were like $18)!! Woah!! And another plus was that my same trendy sandals were recently shown on Ashley Tisdale, however I'm pretty sure she paid more for hers;-)

Enjoying Easter Sunday with my family and friends, watching the final round of the Master's, basking in the spring sun and blooming tulips, eating your child's Easter candy until you feel nauseous, and finding trendy sandals you can actually afford...priceless.

April 9, 2009

JennySue Makeup's :: Fast Fix For Tired Eyes

I always start out in the morning thinking wow, I look pretty good and alert. Granted this is after after putting on my makeup, 2 strong cups of coffee and a cold shower, but hey, whatever works.

But then after a trip to Atlanta, driving my two boys (Jack is 3 and Walker is almost 1) back and forth 3 hours round trip, potty trips in between, loud crying and Jack shouting demands from the back seat...a girl's face is bound to show a little fatigue. That was my life today!

I don't usually have time at the end of the day to totally wash my face and redo my eyemakeup, but if I need a pick me up to erase those tired eyes, I have a few tricks up my sleeve:

1. Wipe just under the eyebed with a Q-Tip :: this is used to wipe away any grime and mascara that has run amuck. You can wet the Q-Tip with water or eyemakeup remover.

2. Fill in your eyebrows and groom them :: NYC's Browblender & Liner ($4) has the color and the brow brush in one. Unruly brows are a tell tale sign you haven't payed attention to your appearance.

3. Use your favorite concealer under your eyebed :: and continue up to the crook of your nose near the tear duct. Also, touch up any random red blotches around your face, especially along the sides of your nose. Sonia Kashuk's Hidden Agenda Concealer Set ($10) from Target is my low budget favorite.

4. Line the inner rim of your eyes with :: Stila's Kajal Eyeliner in color Topaz ($18). This fleshy colored liner is my new favorite eye product and immediately brightens the entire eyeball area by distracting from any natural redness in the inner eye. This formula is super soft and smooth so it glides right on.

5. Add some shimmer shadow product in the tear duct area of your eye :: It immediately brightens up the whole eye. There are tons of shimmer products out there, but my favorites are by Bare Minerals Glimmers ($13) which are the perfect subtle translucent shades of shimmer! Nude Beach & Cultured Pearl are good color options for all skin colors.

6. And if you an extra second but no time to mascara :: re-curl your eyelashes for an eye lift.

The first picture of my left eye (above) presents the wear and tear of the day (caused by driving Jack and Walker to the BIG city and back), and then the second eye shot (below) shows the quick pick me up of those 6 steps. See how easy it is to look like it's 8am again - not 5pm??

April 7, 2009

Funky Spring Makeup on Accomplished Choreographer & Friend :: Jamie Lane Griego

When you think Spring Makeup, black and brown don't really pop into mind do they? Bright and vibrant pinks, greens, and blues feel more like it. I recently did a photo shoot with my gorgeous and extremely talented friend and choreographer, Jamie Lane Griego. I chose a makeup palette that expressed that "spring has sprung"! (Despite the wacky up and down weather patterns and snow flurries we've had down here in the south!) My very creative photographer, Abbey Lindsey of Dylan Blue Photography, captured some beautiful shots of Jamie!

A quick bio on Miss Griego. Very few people can say they've met, let alone worked with famous faces in country music such as Hank Williams Jr., Big and Rich, and Kenny Chesney.

  • Well my long time friend Jamie has not only choreographed music videos for these famous country music men (Big and Rich's "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy was nominated for video of the year AND she even made a cameo appearance in the video as a lead dancer!),
  • But she has also done choreography for the CMT Awards in Nashville TN, the 39th annual ACM award show in Las Vegas, and Brooks and Dunn's tour footage. Woah.
  • Jamie was also the girl in the Georgia Bulldog hat in Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" video. I'm not a huge country music fan, but that was a catchy song. Go Dawgs.
  • To add to that, she was even a preliminary judge on the show Dance Fever with famous "Dancing With the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba.
  • So this accomplished girl knows her dancing and how to work a camera - to put it mildly.

The following products I applied on Jamie can help you re-create her Spring Has Sprung look!

1. Eyes have it :: Jamie's perfect almond shaped eyes that most of us would kill for, were exaggerated a bit with the undereye shadow color. The upper eyelid has Lancome's "Visionary"($16.50) from lash to crease, which is a plum shimmer shadow that is a really beautiful color. The lower eyelid has Bobbi Brown's "BlueBell" from her Bright's Palette ($70), extended all the way from the inner tear duct up to the corner of the eye. The inner rim of the eye has been lined with Revlon's Navy Colorstay liner ($7). This contrast of plums to blueish green makes for a stunning combination!!

2. Luxe Lashes :: Anyone in film or on music videos knows false lashes are a must in order for your eyes to pop. I used Ardell's ($5.00) individuals (about 6 pieces per eye) on her upper eyelid.

3. Just Peachy :: I went for peach cheeks and peach lips, since the eyes were so dramatic. I like to keep a nice balance by playing up one feature then going more simple on the other. Her cheeks have on Nars "Orgasm" blush ($25) and the glossy lip can be accomplished by Stila's Pearl Shimmer gloss in South Sea Coral ($22). This gloss actually claims to contain some genuine crushed pearls!!

4. Flawless Skin :: L'Oreal's True Match Foundation ($11) mixed with Jemma Kidd's Mannequin Skin ($23) luminizing lotion creates a picture perfect complexion!!

I'm just so proud of this woman whom I have known since she was born, and of all the things she's done and accomplished. Jamie, I know the sky is the limit for someone with the grace and tenacity that you possess! But I can still kick your butt in a coloring contest...wink wink!! (Inside joke obviously)

Jamie is currently teaching Master Classes and judging competitions all over the country for up and coming dancers who want to make it big in the world of dance. I've known Jamie all my life, and couldn't be more proud of her beautiful spirit.

April 6, 2009

Quick Beach Beauty Makeup

I've been on a much needed mini vacation down to Grayton Beach, Florida for some R&R! My husband and I (along with 4 other couples) got super lucky as the weather was gorgeous. I experienced two of the most beautiful and sunny days a girl laying out could ask for. This pic is of me along with my wonderful girlfriends/fellow sun worshippers (from the left, Megin, Alice, Me, Ashley & Ansley).

Of course since most of our days consisted of sun, sand, swimsuits, and sunglasses, makeup was not a high priority (yes, even for myself). However, I didn't go sans makeup; but just a little lighter on the products used.

Here was all I needed to keep me looking laid back and pretty:

1. Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20. This kept my face "sun screened" while also keeping my skin moisturized and turning a pretty tan color throughout the day without the makeup or the burning!

2. Waterproof mascara and curled lashes. This is all you need for your eyes - mascara does the trick to give you a slightly finished look. You're going to be wearing sunglasses all day to protect your eyes right??

3. Lip stain + SPF lipbalm. My favorite combination of choice that gives your mouth a hint of color without looking like you're trying to hard while relaxing on the beach. I wore Palladio's Lip Stain ($6, from Sally Beauty Supply) in Pinky color on my lips which gave them the most natural fresh pink tint without a heavy lipstick look.

This formula is not drying and is built like a magic marker so you can have the ability to precisely draw your lip shape and color it in! After letting the stain set in for about a minute, I added Softlips lipbalm with SPF 20 in strawberry flavor on top of the stain. This lipbalm found at Target is slim and smells yummy and soaks in nicely while protecting your smile.

How low maintenance can you get for a beach face?? I had a blast but now have to get back to reality and back to blogging. Many thanks to my beautiful girlfriends (and their husbands of course!) who reminded me of the importance of true friendships and the art of relaxing on the beach to help rejuvenate a busy mom of two sweet little boys!!

April 1, 2009

JennySue Makeup's :: 7 Classic Makeup and Beauty Products

When I think of a classic beauty, only one actress pops directly into my mind - Michelle Pfieffer. This woman has a perfectly symmetrical face and has aged so gracefully (she's 50 years old!!! no joke). She actually seems to get more beautiful with age. I don't care if she has had any nips, tucks, or other surgical help. Whatever she's doing looks dang good on her and I applaud her efforts.

When it comes to classic makeup and beauty products that won't ever go out of style, there are seven that instantly come to mind which every girl/woman should have in her makeup drawer at some point in her life.

Here are some all time best sellers:

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($11). Everyone should wash their face at night before getting their beauty sleep, and this soap-free cleanser is ultra-mild and receives rave reviews from those with dry and sensitive skin. But never fear you oily skinned ladies, they make a daily facial cleanser for you too!

2. Tweezerman Tweezers ($19). No one makes tweezers like this brand, and they are slanted to the perfect point to pull out the teeny tiniest of hairs. They come in tons of hip colors to make plucking fun. There's even a special edition pair that have actual Swarovski crystals embedded in them for a bit extra glamour!!

3. Oil of Olay Original Beauty Fluid ($9). This old school moisturizer has been on my face since I was in junior high and I watched my beloved granny apply it to her face everyday. There's no harsh scent, soaks in nicely, and leaves no greasy feel.

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara($8). There are tons of mascaras out there, but this drugstore one always does the trick to plump up skinny lashes.

5. Nars Blush ($25). Bound to become a classic because this formula of blush is perfect and delivers beautiful color. Colors "Mata Hari" (bright strawberry pink) and "Orgasm" (shimmery peachy/pink) will be around for a long time.

6. Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($14). This not quite lipstick, not quite lipgloss is the perfect sheer formula and color for all shades of skin. It will never go out of style and has been around for years.

7. Aquaphor ($7). This healing ointment does everything. From healing burns and scrapes, to relieving dry and cracked lips (great lip balm too), and protecting skin from dry and cold weather - it's also good when used sparingly around the eyes to prevent wrinkles!!

Now using all 7 products might not give you Michelle Pfieffer's fabulous face, but they'll definitely put you in the right direction of looking like a classic screen siren. And you have lots of price points to choose from, so if you're missing one of these from your makeup cache', go treat yourself!