May 29, 2009

Becca Cosmetics :: The Hidden Secret to Skin Perfect Makeup

"The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It's really about skin looking amazing - everything else is secondary."- Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder of BECCA Cosmetics

I recently traveled into the big city of the ATL (Atlanta, GA) for a fabulous makeup event with Becca Cosmetics at the equally fabulous apothecary and spa that is Entebello. I won't "ooh" and "ahh" too much, but for those of you in and around the Atlanta area, it is SO worth it to take a trip in there.
If you are a girly-girl like moi who loves everything makeup, beauty, nails, skin, etc, you need to experience this very glamorous yet inviting speciality boutique. They carry some really cool and cult beauty items you won't find anywhere else, even Sephora! And the sales people at Entebello couldn't be more friendly and knowledgeable of their products (Thanks again Molly & Jason!).

For a quick backstory- Becca Cosmetics was founded by a makeup artist from Australia, Rebecca Williams, who was frustrated because she was never able to find the perfect foundation. So what did she do? She created her own line of weightless foundations and concealers to fit her needs! This line of cosmetics has a range of over 30 colors of concealers and foundations that can fit any ethnicity and skin tone- quite a difference from the 6-8 color choices you might find from your local Walgreens!

Back to my Entebello experience, as I sat comfortably in my white leather chair, Jason Cecil (Becca extraordinaire!), made me over with the help of this exquisite line. And the company practices what it preaches of really focusing mainly on skin products, because let's face it, without perfect looking skin, the rest of your makeup look will totally fall flat.

Here are my top 4 product picks from this line that could really make your day:
  1. Luminous Skin Colour with SPF 25 ($42). This is the perfect combo (seen above) of moisturizer and sheer tint of color to "e v e n" out your skin tone without looking cakey. And it's truly weightless and tons of colors to choose from, so you'll totally be able to color match yourself.
  2. Line & Pore Corrector ($36). This magic soft focus primer minimizes lines and visibly refines large pores. It's packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients so that the oil-free formulation provides an exceptionally smooth base for all of your makeup application needs.
  3. All of their Beauty Tools (Range from around $20-$65). I bought their Powder & Bronzer brush which is seriously one of the most luxurious feeling bristled brushes (made from raccoon hair, which doesn't sound so glamorous, but I promise you, it's unbelievably soft!) I've ever owned. It is large and fluffy enough to sweep bronzer over your whole face, neck, and chest! The rest of the eye and foundation brushes also feel killer. And if there's one thing I always say, if you're gonna spend a lot of money on something, spend it on well made makeup tools.
  4. Glossy Lip Tint ($23). These lip glosses are non-sticky and conditioning, as well as give a sheer amount of true color. They are slick and have a faint scent of strawberry parfait-yum! What girl doesn't like a good lip gloss?

My photo above is of the Powder and Bronzer brush and two lip tints in color "Caipirinha" & "Afterglow" which are both super wearable. The picture shows the inspiration for Becca's most recent "Santa Rosa" collection, which has a Latin influence whose color palette is derived from the vibrant tones of Peruvian and Spanish textiles and pottery.

I hope this cosmetic line becomes more popular and more ladies become aware of it. I think they've got something good going on here. And if you want to play around with some makeup, head to Entebello and tell them JennySue sent you!

May 27, 2009

Product Review :: L'Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay, I don't usually try to talk on anything other than makeup, since makeup is what I know, makeup is what I love; I feel I have a great deal of knowledge on you guessed it, makeup. Nevertheless, today I'm taking a slight right turn to speak about a hair product.

L'Oreal Paris' EverPure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

No, I'm not a hairstylist or hair expert and don't claim to be. But I do love me some bouncy shiny hair every now and then. What girl doesn't want Victoria's Secret model hair like Alessandra Ambrosio every now and then?! So recently, I've been trying to do some homework and investigate the whole "green" and "eco-friendly" ways of beauty products and cosmetics. Elle Magazine recently dedicated a whole issue in which they discussed Green Beauty. This really enhanced my understanding of this whole new category of beauty by explaining and highlighting important points. If this interests you, I suggest you run out and find this issue with Drew Barrymore on the front.

But back to hair...I recently signed up on L'Oreal Paris' website for a free sample of their new EverPure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner ($7), and what do you know, got it in the mail about two weeks later! The sample was enough for me to try it twice, and also enough for me to know that I want to go buy the actual product for myself!

Here's the skinny on this new shampoo. It is 100% Vegan and sulfate-free (sulfates are sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate, in case you cared). Why is this a big deal?? A very short explanation is this:

  • Sulfates are manufactured ingredients
  • Not exactly gentle on your hair
  • And are very drying
  • Which help create those bubbles/lather when you wash your hair

The more bubbles, the cleaner the hair, Right? Wrong. That's where you've been had!! Sulfate free hair products are more gentle and non-stripping for those of us with color treated hair. This is a big deal because if you pay all that money for highlights and color, you don't want to strip it away with some cheap-o shampoo and then have to head back to the salon way too soon for a redo on your "do"!

For an even more detailed breakdown of why you should chose sulfate-free for your hair products and spend a little bit extra money for the absence of this ingredient, click on this link to Secrets of Beauty website. It's really eye opening.

On a closing note, I didn't mention how wonderful EverPure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner smells. The scent of rosemary and juniper works well together in my opinions also makes for a major reason to use this product - The scent is super refreshing and overall smells really clean! Let's admit it, a Rad smelling shampoo is almost reason enough to keep buying it!

Keep on checking in with JennySue in a few blogs to come as I continue my research on eco-friendly beauty products and what all the hype is about!

May 24, 2009

An Interview with Poppy King, Creator of Lipstick Queen

Welcome back ladies, as many of you noticed in my most recent blog entry titled "The Search for the Perfect Red Lipstick Ends at Lipstick Queen", I spoke about my new found obsession with Lipstick Queen's specialty makeup line.

Now that I've found a truly wearable red lipstick, I was intrigued to find out more about the creator of this brand and her back story. My interest arose during my research by the fact that this woman created a company that simply specializes in everything lip related.

I asked myself, "How can you be successful in the makeup world by only focusing on one area of the face when there are so many other major brands which are all encompassing?"

I ended up ordering her book "Lessons of a Lipstick Queen" off and it helped answer my question. It is an easy read and an inspiring book for any budding entrepreneur. Her book is for anyone looking to cultivate and develop their great idea but don't quite know where to start...hehem, me! Originally from Australia, Poppy was just the tender age of 18 when she began her quest for finding the perfect matte lipstick. When she didn't find exactly what she was looking for, she decided to make it herself. This tenet and act of entrepreneurship changed her life and is the cornerstone upon which Lipstick Queen began its rise to the top! After finishing my homework on Poppy King and Lipstick Queen I soon came to realize that it's all about finding your passion, not giving up and following it through to the end.

I took a shot and contacted her company and was able to land a mini interview with Poppy herself! Wow, how amazing that a CEO of an uber successful specialty makeup empire would take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions!

Here are Poppy's answers to my 5 burning questions, and at the end, check out the celebrity who I think could most use a little Lipstick Queen in their life:

JennySue :: At what point/defining moment did you realize that you had come up with a successful product in Lipstick Queen?

Poppy :: When I started seeing all the blogs online and saw how much women were loving the product!

From reading her book, there was one instance that she speaks about that gave me chill bumps for her and her success! She started her little lipstick brand by just selling it in small fashion boutiques, then eventually got it in a large department store with a tiny counter in the back of the store. And one day as she was working the counter herself, she was overwhelmed with at least 30 customers lined up waving twenty dollar bills at her to buy her products. That seems like an "a-ha" success moment to me!

JS :: Do you have any interest in expanding the brand into other areas of the face besides the lips- eyes, cheeks, skin/foundation, etc?

Poppy :: Not at this stage. I am obsessed with the lips and I feel that is an area where there is too much of the same. I like doing it differently and I have so many ideas for shades, textures, finishes and delivery when it comes to the lips. The only other way I would do any other product is if I genuinely felt I would could do it differently.

If you haven't checked out her line of products you should - because she has come up with revolutionary lip products such as an Invisible Lip Liner ($18) that works with any lipstick or gloss to keep it from bleeding- genius. So there's no need to try to match the perfect color liner with your lipstick...because it's invisible!!

JS :: I know this is going to be a toughy, but if you HAD to choose one, which one of your products are you most proud of?

Poppy :: Hmmm....that is tough! Medieval is something I am extremely proud [of] because it is bringing women to the joys of wearing red lipstick without being intimidating.

I know this question was like asking a mother to pick her favorite child-rather difficult and you feel slightly terrible actually saying the answer out loud! But I appreciate her honesty.

JS :: What makeup product/products from another makeup company do you (a) wish you had come up with yourself and (b) can't live without on a daily basis?

Poppy :: (a) Shu Uemura Eye Lash curlers...they are brilliant. (b) I can't live without them.

Ditto! I am a religious user of the Shu Uemura curler ($19)every single day I put on makeup. You can't have successful eyelashes without using this device first!

JS :: What is the best piece of advice you received from someone else while taking the leap of faith to pursue your dream of Lipstick Queen?

Poppy :: Authenticity is key. Be authentic to who you are and that will make the path clear.

A line from Poppy's book which has personally inspired me to keep going ahead with a few ideas I've been dreaming up were these - "All that matters is that that you are honest with yourself about what you want from your idea. Once you've figured out what you want, you'll be motivated to go after it. It's that simple."

Now to end my blog on this lipstick note, there is one celebrity who I think could really use some Lipstick Queen in her life...Miss Jennifer Aniston! I believe she could really use Poppy's fav lip color, Medieval, and wear it easily. To me, Miss Aniston has gotten in a makeup rut lately and wears the same dang nude lip in every single picture I see her in!! Here is a my subtle hint from one Jennifer to another, change the look up a little bit and go get Medieval on your predictable lip look. You can thank me and Lipstick Queen during your next Oprah interview :)

Thank you Poppy and Cara.

May 21, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Red Lipstick Ends at Lipstick Queen

Well ladies, I have found the perfect red lipstick. No, I'm not kidding, I really have.
  • This lipstick acts more like the perfect red lip balm,
  • with a stain-like look,
  • but not dry at all,
  • and very wearable for ANY occasion-day or night
  • It's called "Medieval" by Lipstick Queen ($20).

My latest makeup obsession is with this specialty lipstick line, Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. Lipsticks, glosses, and anything lip related is Poppy's passion and it shows.

But you might say, "Yeah yeah, JennySue, there are a gazillion lipstick options out there, so what makes Lipstick Queen so special??"

Well seeing is believing. Take a look at my very own before and after pictures to see how this beautiful sheer blood red lipstick called "Medieval" completely brightened up my whole face with just a few swipes from it's beautifully original crimson tube.

My Smile Before Lipstick Queen

After My "Medieval" Application

I have pretty fair skin. When it comes to wearing red lipstick it's always a toss up on whether or not I'm going to end up looking completely insane and ridiculous, or if I'm going to look really beautiful. "Medieval" made me look and feel like I'd made the right choice in color due to the hydrating and fairly sheer formula. The really cute tube and packaging confirm that you made a glamour girl purchase. This is my first of many Lipstick Queen purchases. Now that I've tried and liked, I'm going to do my best to get some more products to report back on how the rest of the line stacks up!

So, if you're like me and gotta have one, there are two ways to get it. You can either order online through their website, or just search your state/country to see where local boutiques are that carry this fab line. Lipstick Queen is not widely sold in Georgia boutiques. Luckily, my sweet husband was conveniently driving into Atlanta the other day and found the one store in the city selling this stellar line ~ Thanks to Molly ~ at Entebello for being so helpful to my hubby and carrying cool cult beauty items like this! Check out their website and link above to see what this modern apothecary and spa has to offer in the Atlanta area.

This is part one of two on my look into Lipstick Queen and it's creator Poppy King. I had the pleasure of landing a great interview with the Australian born lip maven and she answered a few of my burning questions for a budding entrepreneur like myself.

Also, I will reveal my pick for the female celebrity who could most definitely use this perfect red lipstick to amp up her ho-hum look. Poppy's answers to my very own questions will be coming up next, so stay tuned makeup lovers!

May 20, 2009

How to Look Much Older or Much Younger with Makeup

I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl on the WB - I can't lie - it's one of my guilty pleasures. This outrageously juicy show has it all: ridiculously twisted plots, ridiculously "fabulous" wardrobes which supposed Upper East side high schoolers get to sport on a daily basis, and ridiculously "phat" pads and chauffeurs. If only I could just get one day of wearing Marchesa, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel dreamy!

Naturally, because of my fandom, I thought I knew everything about every character and actor who plays them on the show. But to my shock and awe, I didn't realize how old - wait, let me rephrase that - I didn't realize how young one of the characters was.

  • Taylor Momsen (aka Little J or Jenny, as shown above) actually is. She was born in the early 1990's, yes that makes her 15 YEARS OLD!!
  • The reason my jaw drops of her real age is because her makeup paints a different picture.

Take a look at the pictures I have of Miss Momsen. Check out what happens when you see Taylor (pic at the top) with tons of eye makeup and dark lipstick. It makes her look much older than her 15 year old face should- and this rule can be applied to pretty much everyone.

FACT :: If you don't want to look 5 to 10 years older than your actual age, don't go heavy on your eyes AND lips.

In the other picture (below) I have of Taylor, she looks a bit more age appropriate. Taylor's light pink cheeks and glossy pale lips are perfect for keeping her youthfulness. This is a very easy rule for everyone to follow, so take this as a quick lesson learned from Little J.

FACT :: If you want to look young and youthful, stick with a lighter color palette of makeup; if you need to go heavy on one feature, that's fine, but stay with either eyes OR lips - not both please.

"Less is sometimes more when it comes to makeup (but not designer clothing), wink wink".

XOXO, JennySue

May 17, 2009

Q-tips Has A New Beauty Advisor - Troy Jensen!

I buy Q-tips like I buy milk for my hungry household of 3 growing boys (Jack, Walker and my hubby, that's not him below it's Mr. Troy Jensen) - I buy both products very often.

I know I talk a bunch about this very inexpensive drugstore product, however, it deserves a lot of praise and accolades. It is a budget friendly beauty tool for use during these tough economic times - how tired are you of hearing that line?? Ugh, but true.

Most recently the Q-tip family has signed on one of my favorite celebrity makeup artists that I love to follow, Troy Jensen, as one of their online and beauty experts. Click on the highlighted link to check out some tips that Troy has to share on how you can make Q-tips work for you.

Oh! And if you read through Jensen's blog you'll see that this company is going to be coming out with vanity colored boxes of Q-tips for you to be proud to set them out on your bathroom counter! No more plain-boring-see-through non-descript boxes, just pretty colorful square containers with your beauty swabs/tools available in July 2009.

Who knew Q-tips could be so hip?!

May 15, 2009

How To Look Fabulous at Forty in 2009!

There are sooo many beautiful female celebrities out there in Hollywood that are about to turn- or have already turned- 40 years old this year! When you see this list of names, you'll probably be as shocked as I was! I thought a few of these talented ladies were around my age (sshh, 31)!

  • Christy Turlington (supermodel)
  • Jennifer Lopez (actress, singer)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones (actress)
  • Gwen Stefani (singer, designer)
  • Kim Fields (Tootie from Facts of Life - can you believe that??)

All of these women have aged beautifully and seem to be taking great care of themselves (hopefully inside and out!) - but they probably have a great makeup artist;-)

As we age there are a couple of makeup tricks we can all experiment with in order to help turn back the clock or at least slow it down a bit. I bet a lot of these 40 year old stunners already implement these tricks.

1. Eyebrows. Keep the eyebrows as full and groomed as possible. Skinny eyebrows do not have a youthful appearance, nor do out of control wiry old lady eyebrows!

  • According to eyebrow extraordinaire to the stars, Anastasia Soare, she advises to keep the space between your eyebrows the same size as one of your actual eyeballs. So pluck away at that space in between your eyes and keep it clean.
  • If you've already committed that sin of plucking too much, you can fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow.
  • Just make sure that the color you choose matches your haircolor (or a shade lighter for the most natural look).
  • Then brush through the natural brows and additional color with a brow brush and set with a clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place.

2. Skin. As our skin ages, it tends to discolor and most of the time develops rosacea and ruddiness.

  • Stick with a foundation that has a slight yellow tone to it to help tone down any unwanted redness.
  • Also our skin loses elasticity over time and tends to get a little drier.
  • Make sure that your foundation is hydrating like Olay's Simply Ageless foundation ($14), which touts a breakthrough serum that suspends the makeup over fine lines and won't settle inside them.
  • It also contains an SPF of 22, so as to keep the sun from doing anymore damage to aging skin!

3. Lips. Lips tend to t h i n o u t as we age, causing them to look not as full and youthful as we once remember.

  • Stick to a pinkier more neutral lip color instead of harsh darker brown colors which will draw attention to your thinning pout.
  • Also use a chubby tipped lip liner or crayon, such as Shiseido's the Makeup Automatic Lip Crayon ($22) instead of a skinny liner.
  • Then fill in your lips with this easy to maneuver product.
  • Finish off with a lip plumper gloss and use it just in the center of the bottom lip and top cupids bow of the lip to give the illusion of fullness.

You don't have to be 40 to implement these makeup ideas, because they apply to anyone that is concerned with aging and wants to a face lift without the surgery;-)

May 12, 2009

Take Two :: What Can Brown Eyeshadow Do For You?

One of my most popular blogs was about a little ole color of eyeshadow that doesn't get enough credit - the color brown. Click HERE if you want to take a look back at my previous blog from Novemeber of '08 to get some oldie but goodie info on brown shadows for every eye color.

Now back to today's companies are always coming up with new and improved shades of brown eyeshadow. Because let's face it, brown is easy to wear and most of us can pull of this neutral shade without a whole lot of finesse.

~ Stila's eyeshadow pan (above) in "Holly Golightly" ($18) is the main ingredient to turning my boring brown eyes into Audrey Hepburn-esque visions of beauty! And what a cutesy name for a shadow color - who wouldn't want to be like Holly (Audrey H.) in Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Here are some pictures of my new favorite shimmering bronze brown shadow with a quick 3 step approach of how simple this look can be with big results:

1. Apply the Golightly color from lash line to just above the crease in the eye bed. I pull my color in a bit towards the center of my nose to bridge the gap of how wide set my eyes look at times.

2. Take your favorite black eyeliner like Revlon's ColorStay Eyeliner ($7), and line the upper eyelash line all the way from the tear duct to the end of the eye. Flip the color up a bit at the edge of the eye to create a lifted eye illusion. I like this formula for it's incredible staying power, there's no smudging, and it is self sharpening! No need for annoying pencil sharpeners.

3. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler (always;-)) then apply two coats of black mascara ( I used Maybelline's Define-A-Lash, $8) to the top lashes and one coat on the bottom if you desire.

Before :: With a bare eye

After :: Post 3 step approach

With such a lovely color of eyeshadow, who needs a bunch of other products to create confusion?? Keep it simple and sophisticated.

May 11, 2009

Cheer For Bobbi Brown's New Sheer Color Collection!

Bobbi Brown has come out with a new "Sheer" collection of cheek and lipgloss colors for everyone to enjoy! Sheer fabrics, lightweight clothes, and see-through makeup colors go hand in hand for the warm summer months ahead!

The Sheer Color Cheek ($22) promises to glide on and blend evenly into the skin while providing a sheer wash of natural looking color. Comes in only 3 color choices so it doesn't cause a lot of color choice confusion! Pink, Blackberry, and Raspberry are your options, and since they're so sheer, I would go on a limb and say Raspberry would be the best pick for most skin tones. The only thing that slightly bugs me is that this product is only .13 oz for $22 bucks, and my all time fave cheek stain by Tarte is a big 1.5 oz. for only $6 bucks more. But I guess in the grand scheme of things, I should get over that since I change my cheek color all the time!

The Sheer Color Gloss ($20) comes in the hot new punchy colors of the summer season: coral, pink, popsicle, and sailor (a rosey pink- if you were wondering what "sailor" looks like!). These glosses have a see-through glass-like appearance, so they're easy to wear but have a sosphisticated finish. With gloss this sheer, it's perfect to wear alone for the makeup minimalist, OR, for the makeup maven to top off your favorite bright matte lipstick and give it a more wet look!

These transparent products are sure to provide an easy breezy look for everyone!!

May 8, 2009

Weekend Fresh Face 90210 Style!

TGIF - Yeah!!! It's been one of those weeks where I could really use some new makeup to lift my spirits. Why? Because makeup makes me happy and makes me feel pretty, and when I feel pretty, I can overcome anything! Shallow sounding you say? Well maybe, but sometimes whatever it takes to get you though "those days", just do it. Of course being around my husband and my wonderful boys are a big mood lifter too;-).

Here's a fun weekend look - like the modern day 90210's Jessica Stroup's, which you can mimic with great ease to make your weekend a little more exciting:

1. Eyeshadow & Liner- Mac's Eyeshadow in Trax ($15). This really pretty gold-flecked maroon plum shadow looks slightly scary in it's pot, but once applied it's sooo very flattering and very sexy too. Finish off with some super black eyeliner on top and rim the lower lid in black as well for that vixen look!

2. Lower Eyelash Mascara- New from Tarte Cosmetics, is their "Bottoms Up" lower lash mascara ($16). This is a genius product because it helps give your eyes that extra bit of drama by helping you focus on those lower lashes with it's teeny tiny bristles which can help to coat those hard to get at lower lashes. You'll never end up with random mascara smudges all over your lower eye bed anymore!!

3. Luscious Lips- Victoria's Secret has some great lipglosses, and I especially love their Brilliant Lip Shines ($12) that have a patent finish gloss with light reflecting pearls! The brush pen is easy to apply and a glamorous little pen to carry around in your clutch.

And to those of you that remember the 90's version of Beverly Hills 90210 but aren't familiar with the 2000 version, it's just a juicier, bit more racey version with hip clothes!

Happy Mother's Day to all you hot mom's out there!

May 6, 2009

No Doubt, Gwen Stefani is Back After Baby #2

No way! Mrs. Gwen Stefani (wife to musician hottie Gavin Rossdale, and front woman to the band "No Doubt") made an appearance on the American Idol stage Wednesday night! I could not believe this woman is back on stage with her old band. I love this rockin' chick for many reasons.

  • She is one of my favorite entertainers.
  • She is a designer extraordinaire with her clothing & perfume line L.A.M.B.
  • She has two little boys like me and that hits close to my heart.
  • AND, she looovveeess makeup!! Gwen is the ultimate glamour girl, but with an edge.

Even though Gwen is ever-changing her hair color and makeup for music videos and performances, there is one singular look which she always comes back to that is very classic to her:

  • blood red lips
  • perfect alabaster skin
  • major black liner and eyelashes
  • oh ,and that platinum blonde/white hair.

Note in the photo at the top and Gwen's chic look in her Chanel dress, but she also rocks this done-up look while hanging with her boys! to the left

If you've ever wondered how to get Gwen's bad ass look- here's how (sorry Tom):

1. Eyes :: Fake lashes are a must to get the heavy upper lid look and to get noticed on camera! Revlon's Fantasy Lengths ($5.50) line of false lashes will give you that really dramatic lash look, and if removed carefully, reusable-so economically sound! These eyelash strips are not for the faint of heart though. They contain their own eyelash adhesive, so no need to go buy separate glue. They are super long, so if you want them a bit more subdued for those of us that aren't actual rock stars, take a pair of small fingernail scissors and just cut them down slightly - no biggie. ~ Go ahead and draw a line of black eyeliner along the top of your natural lashes ~ then apply the lash strip on top of it ~ let dry, then add another layer of black liner or black eyeshadow to fill in the gaps. 2. Skin :: Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($40) touts to cover skin imperfections while remaining invisible when on camera - perfect for Mrs. Stefani! This foundation comes in a wide range of colors from porcelain to ebony and creates a flawless finish under harsh lights. How's that for perfection?? And the pump dispenser is a nice touch so you don't have to dump out too much and end up being wasteful.

3. Lips :: This is where the look makes the biggest statement! To get those blood red lips (matte finish is best), try Lipstick Queen in Red Sinner ($18), which delivers an opaque, rich and creamy finish. Also take a trip to Poppy King's website to read her story of how she came up with her Lipstick Queen line (love the business name!) - very inspirational reading for any budding entrepreneur.

Now you've got your makeup bag ready to go, it's time to rock out! And if you just don't think you can pull off the whole Gwen look, take bits and pieces of her look and make them work for you.

May 5, 2009

Latisse- The Prescription For Thicker Longer Lashes WITHOUT the Mascara!

Now I've heard it all, and I want to try it. Latisse, is a the newest approved treatment for creating longer, thicker, and darker lashes without the daily use of mascara! This is an actual FDA approved treatment that is the first of it's kind and is getting rave reviews!!

All it takes is a once a day application to your upper lashes with a small brush of the solution, and most users saw an improvement within as little as four weeks. And of course you will have to get an actual prescription for this from your doc- no over the counter action just yet on this stuff!

If you find this hard to believe- check out their official website to see dramatic before and afters-it speaks volumes. The only downside is it might be accompanied by a little redness or itching, and it's a little pricey at $120 for a one month supply. Apparently it takes 16 weeks for a true difference, but hey, what's 4 months in the grand scheme of things!

Has anyone out there tried it or willing?? Latisse sounds like a miracle drug to me...

May 4, 2009

Beautiful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

What better gift to give your Mom for Mother's Day than the gift of makeup and skin products! Nothing makes a woman feel better than new beauty products, and for the woman in your life who means so much to you, it's the perfect "thank you"!

I know Mrs. Heidi Klum is expecting for the 4th time (Wow!), and she is the ultimate glamourous mom and wife! I am so impressed - and obssessed - with how successful and inspiring this Hollywood mom is! She seems to be so involved with her children and husband while also taking over every aspect of the entertainment world! I would have loved to have looked as good as she does every time I was pregnant, while also taking care of 3 other children!! This pic is of Heidi hanging with her kids and her mom!!

Of course Heidi is a fairly young mom, but we are all interested in turning back the clock or atleast stalling it for a little while! As we age, here are some tips to think about when searching for the perfect beauty gift for your mom:
  • Take care of the whole body, not just the face. Fresh's Brown Sugar Body Polish ($65) is a wonderful spa-quality blend of buffers and moisturizing almond oil that helps gently scrub away rough patches all over the body - especially the knees, elbows, and feet. And the smell is yummy enough to eat! Another scrub idea that is the ultimate in luxury is Jo Malone's Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub ($75) which is a mixture of vitamin E and salt that helps to reveal radiant looking new skin!

  • Great makeup brushes apply the paint better! New makeup brushes make all the difference in the world when applying your makeup. Lots of moms stick with their old brushes from who knows when and get in a "brush rut". For a less expensive option that will get the job done, try EcoTools 5 piece brush set, which is a wallet friendly line of brushes from Target ($10.99). These 5 pieces will be exactly what she needs and are totally vegan bristles.
  • Anti-aging skin products are always appreciated. These types of products are typically a little pricier, so they're a great gift idea since most moms don't splurge on themselves for skin products because times are tough. Two ideas that were just awarded InStyle's Best of Beauty Awards are: Elizabeth Arden's Prevage ($155) that backs up the claim of reducing fine lines and increasing elasticity and firmness while delivering the best antioxidants around.

  • The second appreciated anti-aging option. Shiseido's White Lucent Emulsion lotion ($54) which does many things for aging skin like evening out skin tone, fading sunspots, and increasing skin's overall brightness for a younger appearance. It's also loaded with vitamin C which is a bonus.

  • Smelling pretty is an instant beauty lifter! New frangrances are always fun to receive and don't require a steady hand or a mirror to apply! Victoria's Secret has a new line of 4 fragrances inspired by lingerie fabrics called Parfums Intimes ($45 each). These scents are exquisite and come in cutesy little boxes so there's almost need for wrapping!!

Mom's are pretty easy to please, so a heartfelt "thank you" is usually enough, (or flowers!), but an ultimate "gift of beauty" will always be appreciated!!

May 1, 2009

Get Summer Beauty Like Sienna Miller

Now that it's summer, I'm always looking for new ways to update my makeup bag (and of course my face!). One celebrity who always looks like she's updating her makeup arsenal is actress Sienna Miller. She always looks so fresh and obviously isn't afraid to try various makeup looks and most recently it looks like she hasn't been shying away from the beaches herself!

With the arrival of summer and tanner skin, there are certain colors we can all pull off that we might have been a little frightened of during the Winter and Jack Frost visiting every day. Here are a few new color options you can try to enhance your summer skintone:

  • Eyes :: sheer pastel shadows can definitely be rocked when they're more translucent. Work a pale mauve like MAC's eye shadow in Of Summer ($15).

  • Lips :: get a shiny smile with Avon's new Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Gleaming Berry ($6.00). This sheer berry gloss contains blue optical brightening pearls that create the illusion of a brighter smile, and it has a minty scent!

So long winter blues, hello summer spunk!!