June 28, 2009

Makeup Tips For Darker Complexions

Zoe Saldana, is one of my new favorite actresses to see on the red carpet because of her impeccable style and stunning beauty. This gorgeous 31 year old (my age, hard to believe, she looks way younger!) has been involved in blockbuster movies such as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl," "Drumline," and more recently in the new "Star Trek" movie. She was also in "Crossroads" with Miss Britney Spears-not quite a blockbuster, but a big movie because of it's actresses;-)

Saldana was born to Dominican Republic parents and hit the gene pool jackpot with her striking features and skintone! For darker complexions like Zoe, foundation and color choices can seem tricky, but they don't have to be!

Here are a few makeup tips and guidelines to flatter darker skin tones:

1. Skin: Foundation needs to be spot on with darker skin, so going to a makeup counter to get color matched could be a good idea. Try lines like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Becca who have great foundation color palettes to choose from. Dot your liquid foundation around the center area of your face (nose, chin and forehead) then blend it outward into the hairline with a sponge, as skin color tends to be slightly uneven.. This is Becca's Luminous skin color foundation shown at left ($42).

2. Cheeks: If you love the look of blush, but find it hard to find a flattering color, try MAC's powder blush in "Raizin"($18). This is a good choice as it's got a warmness to it that flatters most darker skin tones and is more bronzer-like than blush like. Stick with opaque powder formulas as opposed to sheer ones that will get lost in darker complexions.

3. Lips: You can go a couple ways with your lips to complement dark skin. You can either work really deep and highly pigmented plums and reds, or you can make them look light and luscious like Zoe's in this picture by going with a white hot pink lip gloss like NARS Turkish Delight ($24)-a personal favorite!!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to complimenting darker skin tones so have fun with all the new and exciting makeup choices out there! And if you haven't noticed Miss Zoe before, be sure to check out some of this lady's films, you'll surely be impressed!

June 26, 2009

Bridal Makeup Starter Kit

I am sooo excited as I get to celebrate my cousin getting married all weekend long!!

Everyone knows, and if you don't, I LOVE weddings. Through rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, receptions, and of course wedding day makeup preparation for the bride to be, it's all fun to me! And since it's my cousin, I get to visit with family and good friends also which makes it extra special.

For those of you engaged ladies or bridal attendants, here's a small list of some wedding day basics that will make any bride or bridesmaid look her absolute best for the big day! *Remember*- neutrals are always the best bet for a traditional wedding party so that everyone's natural beauty shines through and not the makeup.

1. Neutral Eye Shadow:: Bobbi Brown's Basics Eye Palette($45): The ideal starter set for a makeup novice — and a great travel kit for the makeup lover (or bride on her honeymoon!). This slim palette features four shadows that flatter all complexions: an allover base shade, two shades for the lower lid and crease, and a liner shade. Includes a dual-ended Mini Eye Shadow/Eye Liner Brush for easy application. These four colors are the perfect subtle eye look for being photographed all day long!

2. Pink Lipstick:: MAC's A Rose Romance Lipstick ($14): This new rose colored collection is a perfect bridal inspiration. This is a midtone rose colored lipstick with a touch of gold to warm up the mouth. Any groom will be wooed to kiss these lips!

3. Waterproof Mascara:: Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Blasting Waterproof Mascara ($8): Waterproof mascara is a must-even if you don't think you'll shed a tear, chances are, you will. How can you not?? It's a wedding! Tears of joy are okay! This is one of my go to mascaras for bridal parties- it seems to make everyone's lashes pop and seperate with little clumping.

Of course these are just the basics to get started for the perfect "I Do" face, but a great start none the less for the rest of your life together!<p>

June 23, 2009

Horoscope Beauty :: Happy Birthday Cancer Cutie

Happy Happy Birthday to all you Cancer Cuties out there!!

Sorry, I couldn't find a "cute" crab picture out there, but did find this pretty cute crabapple blossom photo that was delightful to look at!

Here's a quick rundown of your birthday horoscope for this month of June 21- July 22nd followed by some good makeup choices for crabs (AND anyone else that just needs a makeup pick me up this month!) :

Your deep spiritual side works overtime this month as you let go of any grudges you may have been secretly harboring. The spotlight is on you, thanks to energetic Venus in Aries, and you are attracting new people into your life. This month you are projecting loud and clear those qualities that everyone seeks out in a best friend. The red planet, Mars, is heating up that area of the life having to do with tried and true pals and also plays a role in your social activities that are for the most part all behind closed doors. It's no secret you like one-on-one friendships and the month is crammed with those kinds of intimate engagements.

Popular traits of the Cancer sign are: compassion, deeply intuitive, sentimental and sympathetic. Crabs can be real devoted types which make them wonderful family members and are true homebodies who prefer a quiet evening at home as opposed to a night on the town-contrary to popular belief!

Famous Female Crabs: Jessica Simpson, Meryl Streep, Pamela Anderson, Lindsey Lohan, Lil' Kim, Sandra Oh, Cyndi Lauper

(This horoscope is from my.horoscope.com and has a ton of in depth info regarding any zodiac sign, daily horoscopes, famous celebrities in your sign, and so on if you're into that sort of thing! I secretly find horoscopes fascinating!)

Apparently favorable colors for beauties celebrating birthdays this month are white & silver. I actually really like these two colors for Summer 2009 because they're kind of unexpected, yet can look really good on the eyes and nails with a nice summer tan to collaborate with.

For eyes, try MAC's Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in "Family Silver" ($19), which is a combo of light and mid tone silvers with a touch of gold veining running through. Just sweep it over the eyelid from lash line to crease with only black/brown mascara applied. Keep it simple since this shadow will immediately pop and give your eyes a frosty shimmer shine - you don't want to overdo a good thing.

For nails, try MAC's Limited Edition Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer in "Vestral White" ($11) which makes tan hands look oh so chic! And the bottle is too cute. I mean who didn't looove Kello Kitty as a little girl?

Hope all your birthday wishes come true...JennySue

June 21, 2009

DWTS :: Glowing Skin From Head To Toe

Ever since the summer heat has hit, it's all about the "less is more" attitude when it comes to clothing and makeup! And despite the warm weather, we all want to have that "glow" instead of that "sweaty" look!

So who comes to my mind when I think of perfectly glowing skin?? Dancing With The Stars dancing phenom and country music singer, Julianne Hough. She is the epitome of a classic summer girl with her bright blonde hair and tanned shimmery skin!

The more your overall skin is exposed with tank tops and short skirts, the better you want it to appear. Same goes for the skin on your face when it's exposed because you've got your hair in a ponytail due to the heat outside!

There are two products that can get you that glowing DWTS skin:

Body Glow: Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Moisturizing Body Oil($24). This Brazilian inspired body oil gives your skin that sexy dewy sheen along with ultra moisturizing and skin nourishing ingredients. Caution-your inner Giselle Bundchen might want to come out!

Face Glow: Clarins Instant Sun Light Shimmer Palette($36). Not only does this trio shimmer powder contain an SPF 15 in a powder form, but it creates a beautiful and believable summer shimmer. This can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and chest for illuminating tanned skin. Note - I said "tanned" skin, so all of you fair/pale/Nicole Kidman beauties, probably not the product for you.

Now you can glow from HEAD TO TOE!!

June 20, 2009

How To Make Your Small Eyes Pop Like Taylor Swift

One of the most popular requests and/or complaints I get from my friends and clients is:

"How do I get my tiny eyes to look bigger?"

Luckily there are some optical illusion tips everyone can use to make their peepers more prominent. Country music singing sensation Taylor Swift is a perfect example of someone who uses makeup to her advantage because she has naturally squinty little eyes.

Here are some eye opening makeup techniques:

1. Add a soft wash of color from lash line to brow bone- pale pink or ivory on light skin or a dark taupe for darker skin tones. Try Stila's eyeshadow trio in Champagne Glow ($28). This trio will be useful for this step and trick #6 to follow. There's a color in this trio for everyone!

2. Line only the upper lash line with a medium brown colored pencil. Remember- the darker the liner or even shadow, the more it recedes or closes in. So if your goal to make your eyes appear more open, lighter colors in general are the way to go. Smudge that liner with a matching shadow on top of it to soften up the line so as not to draw attention to the actual line...more attention on your eye!

3. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. I swear atleast 50% of the women I work with look at me in horror when I go after their lashes with a curler, but once I'm finished, they look at me like I'm a genius! This is THE best way to open up your eyes- point blank.

4. Line your lower inner eyelid with a white or flesh colored pencil. My go-to product for this sensitive eye area is Stila's Kajal pencil in "topaz" ($18)- it's the perfect nude shade and consistency to brighten your inner eye. This gives the illusion of the whites of your eye being a bit whiter and increasing their overall space.

5. Coat your lashes with mascara. If you have short but many lashes, pick a mascara that lengthens like Maybelline Lash Stiletto ($9). If you have long skinny lashes that need fattening, try Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper ($10). Do 2 layers for top lashes and just one layer on bottom ones, focusing mainly on the outer corner lashes.

6. Put a dab of highlighter in the tear duct area near your nose. Choose a light colored shimmer powder to place just along your little tear duct to immediately brighten up your entire eye area. Refer back up to #1 step and use the lightest color in the Stila trio. Check out Taylor's pic on the right and you can really see her shimmer shining!

Voila!!! Your peepers are showing!!

June 18, 2009

Summer Proof Makeup Like Hot Megan Fox

Currently there seem to be two very popular themes:

Summer Heat AND Megan Fox from the new movie, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"...these in no particular order of importance.

I can say with confidence that this woman looks hot hot hot in very little makeup (as displayed above at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards), which makes me super jealous and envious. But in spite of my jealousy of this natural beauty, she also inspires me to perfect my summer makeup look by the "less is more" attitude.

Here are a few things you can do "a la Megan Fox" to look smoldering without your makeup running in the summer heat:

Smudge proof Skin: Don't even worry about foundation because it will feel too heavy in the heat. Just apply a killer self tanner on your face at night to even out your skin tone so that you wake up with brighter skin with a bit more color. Try the ultimate self tanner for the face and body by St. Tropez Whipped Bronze Mousse ($40) which dries in less than a minute and deepens in color over 3 hrs to a streak free, smell free, sun kissed glow! Ta Da!!

Smudge proof Eyes: Forget eyeshadow and liner, just stick to waterproof mascara. Look at Megan's eyes and see how beautiful she looks with only black mascara! Simple and clean is the way to go for the summer swelter. Use Makeup Up Forever's new waterproof version of their popular Aqua Smoky Lash ($22, exclusively at Sephora) which delivers faux fringe like lashes.

Smudgeproof Lips: Give your lips a double treat by slathering them with SPF protection and a pretty stain of color. You can keep your lips hydrated and soft feeling with tarte's 24/7 Natural Lip Sheer ($14). I own this product in the color "Friday" and the best part of this lip color is that it's not sticky at all, so when your hair is flying around in the beachy breeze, it won't stick in yucky gloss! It delivers perfectly colored lips with extreme staying power without the drying effect of a stay on lip color. I can't say enough good things about this smudge proof lip sheer. If you like Megan's coral colored lips, try this product in "Happy Hour."

There ya go, 3 products to mimic Megan Fox. You (or your husband/boyfriend) can thank me later;-)

June 15, 2009

Lucky Magazine :: the EVERYTHING Under $100 Issue!

I'm obsessed with magazines...obsessed. My coffee table and bedside table runneth over with them.

I admit it is sometimes, no always hard to get through all of them in the same month I get them in the mail because:

(A.) I have two small children who I am happy take up the bulk of my day, and

(B.) I have two small children and after they've taken up the bulk of my day, I must spend the rest of it cleaning up after them once they're sweetly asleep in bed. I am just too tired to look at anything except the back of my eyelids!

But my Lucky Magazine for the month of July with the very sexy Becki Newton from ABC's "Ugly Betty" on the cover, caught my eye because of the title. I just had to make time for it. Even if it meant turning on some awful cartoon to keep my boys occupied, at least I might get through half of it over a glass of pinot grigio!

Lucky Magazine is a publication all about shopping, style, products and anything else related to the most up to date fashions and trends. So this issue was special because it was devoted to all things under $100! Nothing featured in the whole entire mag was over $100 - nothing. How refreshing! I've been getting slightly depressed lately looking at all my fashion mags, finding something I love and must have, then to look at the fine print, and it reads like a thousand dollars. That's not in the cards for me right now.

So needless to say, I tore through this magazine, utilized the included stickies on all the pages which I needed to remember and go back to reference. (A brilliant idea if you haven't ever read Lucky before, it includes it's own sticker page for you to peel and stick on your fav pages).

A couple of my favorite things about this issue:

1. The $25, $15, $10, and $5 and under beauty pages!

Full of great hair and makeup products you must have at affordable prices.
  • Some products they mention that totally deserve the recognition in this section: (1.) Johnson's Baby Oil Gel with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera ($4) which gives the super hydrating result of regular body oil without the messy runniness because it's in a gel form! (2.) Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara ($7) which promises to last up to 16 hours and it's collagen formula and hourglass shaped brush helps you to reach every teeny tiny lash.

2. Lucky "Breaks" and "Deals" just for Lucky readers. "Breaks" is where you can go online and sign up to win giveaways every month from hot cosmetic and clothing manufacturers. And you CAN win. I have won stuff before - twice actually! And it literally takes 1 minute. "Deals is where you can go online with certain manufacturers, shop, and at checkout, enter a specific Lucky code to receive a great percentage off your total at checkout. Usually up to like 35% - that's pretty dang good.

  • My fav "Break" possibilities they're giving away this issue are: a 100 shopping sprees worth $100 from benefit cosmetics and 20 shopping sprees worth $500 from super wearable and chic clothing designer Ella Moss.

  • The best "Deal" for the month in my opinion is the 35% off your online purchase for ByBoe jewelry. This stuff is already inexpensive, so current on the trends in jewelry, and really well made, it is worth the trip to browse this user friendly website. I actually own this necklace shown on the right - it's delicate and goes with everything!

So if you're looking for some inexpensive retail inspiration - go pick up Lucky Magazine when you're checking out at the grocery store.

June 13, 2009

Subtle Stayput Smokey Eyes :: by tarte Cosmetics

The smokey eye is always my go-to look for when I want to feel a bit more glamorous. AND, now there's no reason to save that smoldering eye look just for nighttime!!

You can create a "subtle" version of the smokey eye very easily with the help of tarte cosmetics. If you haven't heard of tarte cosmetics and what makes it stand out from the rest of your other mainstream makeup collections, check out my rundown about this "green & glamorous" company after this quick smokey eye tutorial.

All you need are the following products by tarte to create my look:
  • Lock & Roll eyeshadow duo in "Gunmetal" ($17)
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara ($18)
  • Picture Perfect Lash Curler ($15)
  • Notice there is NO eyeliner mentioned - eliminating this step is how you'll keep your smokey eye from looking too severe for daytime. ($0.00!)
The wonderful thing about this eye look (other than than the fact that it's beautiful and so easy to create) is that it stayed on for 9 hours in 90 degree Georgia heat - no joke!

Here's how I, JennySue got my fab daytime eye look:

  • First, I applied a thin coat of translucent powder all over my lid (this was the only product not from tarte - you can use any no color face powder).
  • Second, begin with the cream side of the Lock & Roll shadow and brushed on the color from my lash line to my crease. I did some slight smudging with my ring finger to smooth out the crease line. I also applied a thin line of the cream along my lower lashes from tear duct to outer corner, instead of eyeliner.
  • Next, I used the roll side of the Lock & Roll and pressed the ball roller on top of the cream shadow to set it and create a deeper color. I used my ring finger again to blend the shadow part slightly outside the cream area to give it a "smokey and soft" look.
  • Then, I Curled my lashes with the Picture Perfect Lash curler which did an awesome job of curling and had a nice spring-board like feel to this tool.
  • Lastly, I Applied the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara from it's fabulous purple faux skinned tube to my upper and lower lashes. I did wipe off the wand slightly to remove excess clumps from the wand, so that it didn't clump on my actual lashes. You can check out the noticeable difference in my before mascara and after mascara pics, that this stuff is serious. It contains good-for-you ingredients like rice bran wax and carnauba wax to help plump and condition your natural lashes.

The tube it comes in is going straight in my purse to keep with me because it's too chic to keep in my makeup drawer at home!

Now check out how pretty my eyes turned out with just a few products. And I'm not blowing smoke when I say I applied this look around 10am, and it STILL looked just as fresh as the moment I applied it around 9:00pm! That's a big deal for me the makeup artist and for me the Mom of two to not have to "freshen up" before going to dinner with friends and family and STILL looking just as good after the kids have been put in bed!

So if you have not discovered tarte, now is the time to do it. With all of the eco-friendly products out there nowadays, this company is at the forefront in terms of cosmetics. Not only is this a nourishing and healthy makeup brand, but they are environmentally conscience with their packaging and components. They leave out the yucky sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, but what they don't leave out is the glamour girl aspect of your makeup that we all long for.

Let's face it - Why shouldn't we be able to enjoy natural ingredients while also enjoying pretty packaging and a pretty outcome??

June 9, 2009

Blvd Magazine :: Where Fashion Walks and Talks

Here is a sneak peak (sshhhh!) at the Summer 2009 cover of the Athens fashion and beauty magazine, blvd, which I am the makeup artist for. It is going to be up and running online by the end of June with a virtual flip through mechanism so that you don't even have to be in-town to enjoy the local Athens flair!

I love what local photographer Abbey Lindsey of Dylan Blue Photography captured with our two beautiful models, and what John Robert Thurmond of John Robert Thurmond Salon did with their hair and styling! And speaking of beautiful models, thanks so much Mo and Hannah, y'all were wonderful. I will be back once the magazine is up online to fill you in on the products I used in the fashion shoot to create the stunning summer looks.

June 7, 2009

Do Your Face a Favor - Use Avon's MagiX Face Perfector

My mom always knows best, and always fills me in on the newest and greatest beauty products that she tries out! I often get the question, "Who inspired me to be or become the makeup artist I am today?" That is an easy one, I can simply say that my mom taught me everything I know!

Well I was back home recently visiting with my parents, and my mom was at it again. She introduced me to a product by Avon. It's called MagiX Face Perfector ($10.00), and let me tell you, I was hooked after one use.

Yes ladies, Avon is still a very relevant makeup company!! My mom has an Avon lady (really, they're still around) and I looove looking through every new Avon catalog that mom sends my way and seeing what's new. It reminds me of when I would run through walls just to look through the Sears and JC Penny catalog as a small girl every Christmas and circling all the toys I wanted from Santa!!! Ha!!

Oh, and Lauren Conrad (from that tiny hit show, The Hills) is a spokeswoman for Mark cosmetics, which is a sister cosmetics brand of Avon. I'd bet my money she's used MagiX to keep her complexion looking HD ready.

So after I started using this product I couldn't believe how many different things it accomplished!

Here's what MagiX Can Deliver:
  • Colorless gel powder formula that gives the skin an instant even skin tone.
  • Contains SPF 20 to help prevent that skin from wrinkling due to sun exposure!
  • Keeps shininess down for all you really oily types! Claims to keep it away for 10 hours-that's a long time.
  • Visibly minimizes the size of your pores. It truly does because I'm obsessed with my pores, and this took attention away from any problem areas.
  • Reduces the look of fine lines too!
  • Makes skin feel softer to the touch, instantly!

For 10 bucks, you can't beat what MagiX delivers. It can be worn alone for more makeup minimalists that just want better looking skin without actual foundation, or it can be worn under your tinted moisturizer and foundation for even MORE perfect looking skin for those makeup mavens!

Find your Avon rep in your area ASAP and try this product out. It doesn't disappoint.

June 3, 2009

Perfect Skin and How To Get It

As I always say, the only way to pull off a flawless face, is to start with perfect looking skin. Sounds plain and simple, yet seems impossible to achieve you say...NOT AT ALL!!

Everyone can achieve a certain level of beautiful and even skin tone just like Miss Audrina Patridge from The Hills, with a few simple steps. Doesn't she look stunning in this above picture?? And it's all because her skin looks perfect, that the rest of her makeup look falls into place.

Here's a quick JennySue Tutorial for your weekend complexion:

1. Go with a slightly darker foundation. I know this sounds like the opposite of what you've heard in the past about not matching your skin tone to a T, but if you use a lighter weight foundation in a "slightly" and I mean "slightly" darker shade, it will work. This will automatically give you warmth to your skin that will refresh your complexion. Just be sure to really blend it in good around your jawline and into the neck.

2. Get rid of redness. Most of us get a bit ruddy around the nose and chin area, which isn't pretty and should be disguised. You can rid this redness easily with a yellow/greenish based concealer. Try applying it with your finger instead of a brush or right off the product itself, so your natural body heat will warm up the product and make it soak into the skin more naturally. You'll be amazed at how perky your skin will look after banishing the red!

3. Put your blush on TOP of your bronzer. Put your bronzer on all over your t-zone and in your hairline first. Then put your pink or coral blush color of the moment on after your bronzer and apply it in a small circular motions on the apples of your cheeks. No streaks up towards the ears please, that's really 80's.

4. Highlight your cheekbones. Take your favorite highlighting product, whether it be in a gel or stick form for those of you that are dry, or a light powder form for the oily ones. Apply it in a C formation around each eye. Start up on the top center above the brow bone and pull the product around the outside edge of the eye into a small C to where it comes just above the top of your cheek color you just applied to the center of the pupil. Don't pull it in any further as you'll start to look way too shiny and unnatural. Notice how just the top of Audrina's cheeks are ever so slightly glowing- that's highlighter ladies!

So get crackin' on perfecting that skin and let the rest of your makeup do the talkin...

June 1, 2009

Use Your Eyeshadow as a Blush!

I've always been hesitant to use one of those "dual products" that claims to be able to work for a multitude of ways on your face. I know times are tough, but do you really want to be able to use your eyeliner as your lipstick AND your eyebrow pencil?? How could that ever work??

Well I may end up eating my words - because I just bought the most neon pink eyeshadow you've ever seen, and I have turned it into my new favorite blush!!

Granted my Napoleon Perdis (another Entebello in Atlanta buy!) Eyeshadow Colour Disc ($22) is not advertised as being able to be worn as shadow and blush, but I totally have taken creative control and used it that way. This color #92, Fuchsia, could be one of the brightest pinks I've ever laid eyes on, but let me tell you the pigment stays like a champ once applied on the cheeks! And the best part, since it's soooo super obnoxiously bright, a teeny bit goes a long way so the product lasts awhile. And once your application technique is perfected, it lights up your whole face instantly! I'm so glad I got creative and tried out my eyeshadow as blush.

So I want to know - How many of you have a great product that you use in an unconventional way but it works for your face? Post a comment and share with everyone your secret dual-product trick!