July 31, 2009

LVMH Group Launches New Womens and Mens Fragrances

The house of LVMH (which stands for the uber fabulous and high end, Louis Vuitton~ Moet Hennessy group) has brought and is bringing some "sexy back" with new fragrances for men and women this fall.

For the men, Parfums Givenchy is launching a new masculine mens fragrance this fall entitled Givenchy Play, and its spokesperson is the smartly chosen Justin Timberlake!! I mean, what guy wouldn't want to be JT - he's got dance moves and rhythm out the wazoo, has a super sexy voice, he is funny (you have seen the SNL skits right??), AND he's super good looking!! I'd buy my hubby this fragrance in a heartbeat no matter what it smells like and tell him to spray it all over if it meant a spritz of J. Timberlake might rub off on him! Honey, I love you, but your dance skills are a little lacking;-)

I've posted some sneak peeks at a couple of the ads from the campaign for this new fragrance coming to a store near you this fall, which is right around the corner...Doesn't Justin look so good you can smell him??

For the ladies, the same LVMH group that owns Parfums Givenchy, also owns cutesy cosmetic company Benefit, which already has come out with their new fragrance line for women called Crescent Row Fragrances. This group consists of a trio of eau de toilettes priced at a reasonable $36 each.

Here's how the trio differs:

  • "something about sofia" is a scent that mixes mango, lily, and vanilla musk.

  • "my place or yours gina" spices it up with a woodsy oriental blend of peony and patchouli.

  • "laugh with me lee lee" is a girly fragrance with hints of citrus melons and jasmine.

These inexpensive scents come in the absolute cutest packaging down the box the bottle it comes in! And each girl (sofia, gina or lee lee) comes with a little story - like poem telling you who she smells best on. Check out the Crescent Row link above to see which scent fits your personality.

July 28, 2009

Blue :: The Hot New Color In Beauty

I'm seeing indigos, sky, denim, navy, night, all sorts of different shades of blue in beauty products all over the place! You can wear blue on your nails, eyelashes, eyeshadows, and of course your clothes! There is probably not a person on the planet that doesn't own a favorite pair of BLUE jeans- they go with everything. So why not rock this hip trendy color in other areas of your beauty regime besides your pants?? Kate Moss did it in blue sparkles on her eyes and it looks super fun!

Here are some recent hip blue products I'd like to own!

1. Lancome "Declaring Indigo" Brush Set ($125 value, going for only $52 until August 2nd!) sold exclusively at Nordstrom. This group of 4 beautiful dark indigo blue bristles with black glossy handles makes quite a statement when applying your makeup! No more boring natural colored bristles or wooden handles, these scream dark and fabulous! The four types of brushes included are a: mineral powder foundation brush, foundation brush, blender brush, and dual-ended brush for eyes. All four come in an equally glossy bag. But this price ONLY lasts until Aug. 2nd then the price tag will go up!!

2. Max Factor Eyeliner in "Jean Jacket" ($7.00) is the perfect and inexpensive way to ramp up the natural color of anyone's eye. You can rim just the top of your lid for a subtle pop of color or line the entire eye and smudge some navy blue shadow on the eyebed to give a different smokey eye spin!

3. China Glaze Nail Polish in "Sexy in the City" ($7.00) is a fun way to utilize this funky and unconventional nail color! Navy blue polish is the safe way to go (and it's kinda over)- but this shade of blue is anything but safe- it's shocking! If you can't bring yourself to paint your nails but love the idea of being a bit edgy, paint your toenails! You still have time to wear sandals to show off your blue toenails for atleast another two months.

So instead of the popular saying, "I'm going green," you can say with trendy confidence, "I'm going blue!"

July 27, 2009

Get Noticed Cheekbones With Too Faced Cosmetics "Snow Bunny"

I am obsessed with the brand Too Faced Cosmetics for 2 reasons:

1. Their products are super fabulous!

2. Their packaging for their products are super fabulous!

I know the second reason might sound very materialistic or un-important, but not to me! When I put on my makeup, I'm putting it on because it makes me feel good to look good. So when I'm using my Too Faced products, they put a smile on my face because their packaging is so girly and glamorous, I feel as though "the pretty" just pops right out of their products onto my face!

My most recent favorite product from them is the "Snow Bunny" Subtly Sun Kissed Bronzing Powder ($25). The key word here is "subtle" because it is good for fair skinned beauties like myself that can't handle a huge amount of bronzer without looking like an oompa loompa. The compact has four strips of sublty shimmery color described as fawn, pink, beige, and white - so there's obviously no orangey bronzing going on in this palette!

JennySue tips on how to use Snow Bunny to highlight your cheekbones:

1. Apply your foundation or powder all over.

2. Apply your favorite blush right on the apples of your cheeks focusing on using a small circular motion to give you that fresh faced cherub-like cheek color.

3. Next, use Snow Bunny right above that blush color along the entire cheekbone starting at the center of your pupil going outwards toward your temple. This puts the shimmery highlighting effect right where it needs to be to catch the light so that your cheekbones poke out!

And even though you probably can't see what the mirror on the compact says from my photo, it exlcaims "Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?" My reason #2 for loving this line confirmed!!

July 24, 2009

Fall 2009 Makeup Trends :: Naturally Nude Face

There's never just one "trend" for a season whether it be for shoes, clothing, hairstyles, or makeup. This is helpful to the masses so that we in the real world (not the model, celebrity, or rich and famous world!) can pick and choose from multiple trends which ones work for us and tweak them!!

So another one of the big makeup trends seen in makeup on the Fall 2009 fashion runway was the...

Naturally (but not so natural) Nude Face.

A variation of this look was done on the runway models in the Balmain, Balenciaga (the model pictured above is from this designers Fall '09 collection), and Alexander Wang shows.

When it comes to the overall nude face, there are simple ways everyday ladies can pull it off without looking pale and cadaver like!!

  • Wear a translucent powder, at least, to matte out your skin and even out skin tone slightly. There's a new powder out there by dermatologist Peter Thomas Roth called the "Un-Wrinkle pressed powder" ($35) that is touted as the ultimate in pressed powders with antioxidants and skin smoothing minerals. It's got cutting edge ingredients (peptides and neuropeptides) and is triple milled for a soft and velvety coverage. It floats over wrinkles and fine lines so as to "un-wrinkle" your face!! Also press this powder over your eyebeds to even out the veiny coloring on your eyelids.

  • Rock a pale lip, but err on the side of caution and use a color that has a bit of pink to it or a bit of shimmer. It's tough to work a full on flat nude lip without looking like the above mentioned cadaver. Try out Maybelline New York's Shine Seduction lip color in Champagne Fizz ($8) for a wearable and sexy neutral gloss.

  • This goes against the color neutral, but wear brown or black mascara atleast to make the nude face pop and not fade away. There are tons of new mascaras out there and Smashbox Lash DNA ($19) is getting a lot of love! This mascara is there to give you minimal clumping and making your lashes look inky and defined. Apparantly the brush construction has a lot to do with the application of the formula making you look like you were born with these lush lashes. This mascara also comes in a plum shade which would be super hot and unexpected to be your only color on a nude face!!

July 22, 2009

Simple Beach Face :: JennySue Makeup Style

Well I am approaching my last day of vacation and I must admit, I've done a really good job of not frying my face in the hot South Carolina sun! Back when I was like 18 I thought it was cool to get a sunburn because it showed everyone I'd been laying out for hours. Lame I know, but that was my thought process as a teen. Now that I'm in my 30's I like to think I've grown a bit wiser and realize that red face also equals wrinkles and major skin damage...not so cool.

So how have I kept my face so sunburn free??

Here are the two products that have kept me protected for 9 straight days on the beach:

Face protected by: Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer ($7) with SPF 20 UVA and UVB protection included! What a great combo to have my skin moisturized while protecting my fair face from the sun but getting color without the harmful sunshine! And it's super important that this face product protects against BOTH UVA and UVB rays while also NOT smelling bad like most self tanners!

Lips protected by: tarte cosmetics 24/7 natural lip sheers ($14). This has been my go to lip product while on the beach because the sheer berry color looks really natural on my lips and isn't sticky at all. This is important because the sand isn't attaching itself to my mouth like it tends to do with some of my other sticky lipglosses nor is my hair that's blowing so beautifully in the wind attaching to my lip product either! And the SPF protection is there too! This might sound pricey for a colored chapstick, but believe me, it's worth every penny because it's also got staying power in addition to all the other wonderful ingredients tarte sticks in this product.

Oh, and the $12 "green goblin" glasses (my husband's description of my rad shades) are compliments of Target. And they're so big they basically do some face protection also- so maybe that makes 3 products;-)

July 19, 2009

Better Beach Hair :: JennySue Makeup Style

Still at the beach (going on day 6, with 4 more days to go!) and I'm enjoying every exhausting minute of it! Yes that's right, exhausting, because even though we're on vaca I've got my two kids with me in a new environment and we have to explore EVERYTHING!!

And the beach, well, there's no sitting in a beach chair sipping pina coladas- no ma'am!! My 3 year old Jack (shown in the picture with me with the alligator net-story to follow) wants only to run into the crashing waves every single minute...and did I mention he can't swim?? Not so relaxing. And my 1 year old Walker, pretty much hates the ocean, and the dry sand, and only wants to be on flat cool sand, and doesn't want to build sand castles because that would require sitting. Not so relaxing. Packing up the two of them to actually go to the beach and then returning back to our beach house and removing every bit of sand from two boys is equally as tiring. BUT, it is lovely to be at the beach, and I'm not complaining...am I?

How does all this relate back to makeup and beauty??

As you can see in this picture of me and my son Jack, I am looking in horror because he has trapped an alligator (fake) with a net in the back of our beach home...and my hair has that two day, no shampooed, textured sandy beach look-equally as scary as fake alligators.

I refuse to deal with blow drying while on vacation-it's pointless because the humidity is so bad that a blow out kinks right back up. But there is a new product out that can help with deep fried summer hair: The fix is Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave In Treatment ($7.50) that deep conditions and moisturizers in this leave-in Wheat-Complex-infused formula that instantly recharges dry, damaged hair with healthy, new life! There is also a shampoo in this category that is nourishing and moisturizing. Leave in treatments are ideal during the summer and especially while at the beach since it's a no fuss way to treat your dry hair and there's no rinsing required!!

Cool beauty tip for hot summer months. Now it's time to get back to my semi-relaxing vacation- with better hair atleast!

July 16, 2009

Beach Perfect Eyes :: JennySue Style

While at the beach I must admit that I do keep my makeup to more of a minimum than usual. I'm not saying I don't wear it all - that would be blasphemy - however I do keep it a bit more subdued, due to the extreme heat here in the Southeast!

One of my fav colors to wear on my eyes during the summer time is gold. This color pops really beautifully for all eye colors and is an immediate eye brightener!

One shadow product that stays on like a champ in this heat and humidity is a product I've talked about before, but deserves to be spoken about again for its staying power.

The eyeshadow duo I'm speaking of is tarte's "lock & roll" in color rose gold ($17). The lock & roll is a wand that is double sided with a cream version of color on one side and a loose powder version on the other. You can see the cream only swipe on the left in this picture and the loose powder I've added on top of the cream on the right swipe which makes the color a bit more vivid.

JennySue Tip:: The trick to using this wand is to apply it from the wand onto the eye then to use your finger to press the product into the skin and to soften the edges.

This layering truly helps the staying power. I put this stuff on around 4pm and it survived an hour at the park running after my boys and through a nice long dinner at a yummy kid friendly restaurant-which all moms know, is anything but relaxing;-) The last picture is of me before the dinner came to an end, and yea!, I made it with no food being thrown into my hair-the floor however did not fair so well!

July 14, 2009

Vacation Beauty :: JennySue Makeup Style

I have just finished a 7.5 hour drive to Kiawah Island for a relaxing beach vacation with my family, and I must say, it has been anything BUT relaxing! Traveling in a car packed to the gills with 2 small children and a husband for what should have been a 5 hour drive is pretty tiresome.

Once we arrived at our nice quaint little villa this evening, I took one look in the bathroom mirror and gasped!! "Is this what sitting in a car for 7 hours will do to a lady??

Okay, let me rewind and elaborate on that question. "Is this what driving for a couple hours, then stopping at random gas stations along the way to get the kids out to potty, stretch their short little legs, change of scenery, buy random items/food products to keep them busy, then returning to the car, moving to the rear of the car and sitting in between two car seats to feed both of them snacks so as to keep them from screaming at the top of their lungs "are we there yet, how much longer?!," then switching out DVD's to keep their interest, will do to a lady??" It is slightly ridiculous what a loooong car ride can do to a woman's look - it's not pretty and it looks kinda haggard. And there I was, (see below) that is me squeezed in between the two car seats - what a glamorous day huh? - ha!!

from left to right: Walker (can't be seen due to carseat), Myself & Jack

All I could do to save myself AND my look at 9pm at night was to:

  1. Wash the day off of my face, and
  2. Sprinkle some Johnson and Johnson Calming Baby Powder in Lavender & Chamomile ($5) in my greasy road hair to instantly lighten my mood!

If you haven't discovered the wonder and magic of adding a touch of baby powder to the roots of your hair then by all means start now. It is the lazy woman's way of washing your hair when you don't have the time or energy to jump in the shower and sudds up. This is one of those products I totally steal-okay borrow- from my one year old! The soft smell is FANTASTIC and the product is meant to "absorb moisture" - so why wouldn't you want it to absorb your greasy hair moisture??!

Well now that we have arrived at our vacation destination, I am feeling more like myself!! I will put it out there that my blogs could be really short and sweet for the next few days as I intend on relaxing as much as possible with my family. The content of these days will no doubt have a common theme of "Vacation Beauty" starring JennySue!!

July 12, 2009

Sexy Nude Lips Thanks To Too Faced Cosmetics

I love me some lip gloss, love it. I cannot have enough lip gloss, ever. And I love Too Faced Cosmetics Mirror Mirror Lip Glosses($16). These glosses are super slick looking and have a huge amount of shine to them - plus they smell delicious.

I was just recently introduced to one of the sexiest nude lip glosses on the planet by this funny and glamorous cosmetic line. Funny you say?? Yes, just browse through Too Faced's website and check out the names they give all their pretty little products! They are so witty and clever - the names alone make me want to buy them. And the website is so user friendly and fancy to look at;-)

The color gloss I'm speaking of, is a sexy beigeish nude, called "I'm Perfect." The name makes you want to buy it right?! Check out my pout in the picture above - they look perfectly plump huh? And I have very thin lips, but this mirrored shine creates the illusion of them being fuller! I feel like "I'm Perfect" gave me Jennifer Lopez lips - what do you think??

July 9, 2009

Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer

Kat Von D WITHOUT her famous body of art??? I can't even imagine - nor do I want to. It's what makes her so intriguing...in addition to her natural beauty and ability to do rad makeup on herself!

I have a small tattoo and love it because it has great meaning behind it. Now would I personally want my body completely covered in tattoos?? - NO. Mom, you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, I do find Kat's body of tattoo artwork completely fascinating. My husband thinks I'm slightly crazy for being so obsessed with this woman and her show LA Ink (which her new season premieres tonight on TLC - yippeee!), but we all have our vices right??

Now we can all imagine what KVD would look like without her famous body art thanks to Sephora's Beauty and the Blog, where Kat Von D models her's own Tattoo Concealer ($25) by covering all of her many tat's!! This concealer is heavy duty and is a temporary fix for hiding your tats when you want versatility. Granted, when you look closely at the photographs, you can definitely see some shading where Sephora admits they had to use a little bronzer in addition to the concealer, but overall it's pretty amazing.

Click on the Sephora blog link above to see Kat's before and after - it's pretty stunning. And I haven't tried this concealer personally because I haven't wanted to cover up my own tattoo, but from reading the reviews, it sounds like it's kind of a mixed bag. Whether it be for covering black and grey or colored tats, it seems to work for some skin tones, but not all color ranges. But all in all it is an overall positive review. This concealer works wonders for dark undereye circles and scars!

Have you tried KVD's tattoo concealer or any other product that does the disappearing act well?? Let me know!

July 7, 2009

Fall 2009 Makeup Trends :: Bold Red Orange Lips

We are knee deep in a heatwave down here in the South where swimsuits and sprinklers don't even keep me cool at this point. However - the summer heat wont keep fabulous designers from presenting their Fall 2009 runway collections filled with jackets, sweaters, furs and tights! Yes ma'am - the show must go on!!

Where there are fall clothing trends, fall makeup trends cannot be too far behind. I mean, you can't have a fabulous runway show without great makeup!

Because...Great makeup ties it all up like a pretty little package!

Of course there are multiple trends to be seen in makeup this fall, but I'm just going to highlight them one at a time - I don't want to overwhelm...wink wink. The first trend screams of total inspiration by none other than the ultimate glamour girl herself, Miss Marilyn Monroe.

1st Trend for Fall 09 :: Bold Red Orange Lips

Seen on the runway by these designers :: Yves Saint Laurent, J. Mendel, Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, & Alexander McQueen. The photo at the top is a YSL Fall 09 look.

How to mimic this look "off the runway" :: When us normal folks are trying to pull off "bold" anything, the first key is to keep it simple. Start off with exfoliated lips by dipping an old toothbrush in a pot of clear lipbalm like Rosebud Salve ($4) then sprinkle some real sugar in the balm and brush lightly over upper and lower lips. This smooth surface is now plumped and ready for you to easily swipe your bright lipstick choice over your mouth- NO LIP LINER OR GLOSS necessary. This keeps the look young and fresh - not stuffy!

Knockout color choices :: Revlon Matte Lipstick ($8) in Really Red has a suede like feel and the collection is straight off the runway inspired! Another bold choice is Chanel's Rouge Allure lipstick in Dazzling ($30) is a wonderful warm fire engine red.

"Don't try this look at home" version of the bold red lip :: Below check out Alexander McQueen's models who wore lipstick that extended WAY outside the natural lip line - for effect no doubt, but woah.

July 5, 2009

Simple Steps To Baby Soft Skin

An old saying that is worth a million bucks is "Prevention is the best cure." This saying especially goes for caring for your skin and getting the best out of it.

This picture is of my sweet one year old, Walker, who obviously has picture perfect-soft-zit-free baby skin that you just want to touch and kiss on all the time!! If only I could bottle those sweet cheeks up and somehow reverse time and get back that baby skin for myself! This handsome pic is compliments of Dylan Blue Photography - check out the site to see more wonderful photography!

So there are tons of steps and treatments out there we could all do everyday to achieve great skin, but that's just not practical to try them all! However, there are a few specific steps that we should always abide by in order to get that newborn skin!

1. Wash Your Face.
  • At the very least cleanse your face every night to wash away the evils of the day! And if you have time, wash in the morning, but an abbreviated quick version will do since your face hasn't gotten that dirty overnight while asleep on your pillow.
  • Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type just like you would a moisturizer because all cleansers aren't meant for every face. Choose a mild cream cleanser for dry or sensitive skin, and a foaming cleanser for oilier skin.
  • Be sure to work that cleanser all the way up to your hairline and down your neck. These two areas are generally forgotten but just as important to take care of.
  • JennySue Product Suggestion: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash($7) :: tough on dirt and makeup yet gentle on your skin (and wallet!). It's soap-free and produces a nice lather so it's a bit more cleansing than a creamy type.

2. Exfoliate.

  • Once or twice a week is plenty to exfoliate, but should be done at least once a week to help slough off that dull outer layer of skin. Why? Because all of that pretty skin is hiding underneath.
  • Stick with products that contain gentle ingredients like sugar, oatmeal, or synthetic beads. Hard, large, sharp exfoliaters do more harm that good and are too abrasive, which actually scratch up your skin making it look dull.
  • JennySue Product Suggestion: Clinique Exfoliating Scrub ($18) :: a gentle alternative to some very grainy products on the market. This creamy scrub rinses away easily without leaving a filmy residue. And who wouldn't trust a Clinique product??!

3. Moisturize.

  • Picking a moisturizer is sometimes as hard as picking a boyfriend or a husband! You just need to pick your weapon for whatever battle you're fighting: anti-aging, wrinkle prevention, antioxidants, acne fighting, etc, etc.
  • Top 3 ingredients to look for in your moisturizer - (1) hyaluronic acid (helps your individual cells stay plump with moisture), (2) petroleum (helps form a barrier to keep water from escaping), and (3) retinoids (a stimulus ingredient that is a vitamin A derivative and THE best over the counter anti-aging warrior!). Granted it might be hard to find one with all three, so try to find one with at least one of the three.
  • Use a heavier cream at night so it can soak in and work its magic while you rest and aren't putting lots of makeup on top of it. Use a lighter cream with SPF during the daytime.
  • Don't forget your neck when moisturizing!! A wrinkley neck is a telltale sign of aging and not taking care of your skin.
  • And yes, even if you've got oily skin, you should still be using a moisturizer, just make sure it's oil free. That obnoxious oil sitting on top of your skin is not doing any hydrating. The moisturizer does that for you.

  • JennySue Overnight Product Suggestion: Help Me by Philosophy ($45) :: just what the doctor ordered for retinol treatment. This is an award-winning, clinically-tested nighttime cream whose treatment is for minimizing the appearance of large pores and fine lines while also improving skin discoloration and clearing congested pores.

  • JennySue Daytime Product Suggestion: Patricia Wexler's Intensive 3-in-1 Day Cream with SPF 30 ($24.50) :: does it all! It lifts, firms, and is an anti-wrinkle cream with high SPF protection all in one product!!

4. SPF.

  • This is where "prevention is the best cure" comes in. Every shade and skin type should wear at least an SPF 15 or 30 EVERYDAY. And that SPF for the face should contain protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Here is why you should protect yourself again both types of rays: UVA rays cause the break down of collagen and cause wrinkles in your skin. UVB rays are what cause actual sunburn and in turn cause skin cancer.
  • There are some moisturizers that do double duty and contain your SPF protection in them, but if your fav moisturizer doesn't - apply it first, then your SPF on top.

  • JennySue Product Suggestion: Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Facial Moisturizer SPF 50 ($14) :: non-comedogenic (which means it doesn't clog pores), good for all skin types, and non greasy. And best of all, it protects against BOTH harmful rays which many facial SPF formulas don't.

Simple steps to better skin like a baby - no crying or whining necessary!

July 2, 2009

Cheapo Skin Care

I LOVE a good deal and I LOVE good looking skin!!

I used to covet Rebecca Gayheart's skin (The face of Noxzema skin care products back in the early 90's) and wanted to look just like her back in the day. I also wanted her corkscrew curls but that wasn't as easily attainable!

Nowadays there are a ton of affordable skin care options out there that are drugstore knockoffs of your of favorite name brand products.

Here of some cheapo cult faves to suit most of your skin care needs:

Beauty Need: "Gentle Skin Cleanser for normal to dry skin"
Branded Product: Cetaphil ($11)
Cheapo Option: Target's Non-Irritating Skin Cleanser ($3.99), which is a good ole basic cream-like cleanser that is fragrance free but smells clean nonetheless! It's super gentle

Beauty Need: "Acne Cleanser for oil proned skin"
Branded Product: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash ($7)
Cheapo Option: CVS Oil- Free Acne Cleanser ($4.50) contains salicylic acid to help fight acne prone skin while also containing soothing agents like aloe and chamomile.

Beauty Need: "Facial sunscreen with high SPF"

Branded Product: La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF40 ($30)
Cheapo Option: Rite Aid's Rx Suncare Faces Sunblock SPF50 ($8.50) is a wonderful lightweight facial sunblock that disappears quickly once applied and doesn't leave a sticky heavy feeling. It also has a super high SPF and plenty of antioxidants to ward off those pesky wrinkles and sun damage!!

Beauty Need: "Anti wrinkle eye cream"
Branded Product: Relastin Eye Silk ($69)
Cheapo Option: CVS Radiant Eye Treatment ($23) is a great option for preventing wrinkles around the eyes. It is full of polymers and glycerin that helps to hydrate this sensitive area that is constantly pulled and tugged at while also filling in the wrinkles and improves circulation.

Now these inexpensive skin care products might not turn you into the Noxzema girl, or get hottie Eric Dane to marry you (Rebecca Gayheart's hubby and McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy), but they will keep your budget AND your skin in top condition!

July 1, 2009

Pink Lips Are Hot For Summer!

There's no doubt about it that the color pink just makes a girl feel a bit girlier!

That's why I'm loving truly pink lips for the summer time. The reason why, is because when you rock a bright pink lip, the rest of your makeup can be kept to an extreme minimum. This means less time getting ready and more time enjoying your summer while still pulling off a pretty girly face with basically one product!


Shocking bright pink lips like Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Provocative Pink ($34) is a great accessory for a hot summer night out on the town with your little black dress! This pic of actress Alexis Bledel above (yes it's from last year but I still love it) shows how a bright pink lip is all you need to look put together. And this product has actually won two awards: the 2008 Allure Best of Beauty Editors’ Choice Award Winner, Best Bright Lipstick, Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Provocative Pink and CEW Insider's Choice Prestige Lip Beauty Award Winner- so you know the $34 price tag is worth it!!

Subtle pastel pink lips can also make just as big of an impact when you pair it with a black sweep of liquid liner on just your upper lash line like Miss Katy Perry. I mean, she's the epitome of girly girl with her hit song "I Kissed a Girl!" Try a color like NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday ($24) and prep it with a layer of lipbalm beforehand to give you a smooth lip canvas to start with for a more wearable daytime look.

So go get gorgeous with a a tube of your favorite pink lipstick and let your lips do the talking!!