August 30, 2009

Forget Going Green, Go Grey for Fall 2009

To see where my obsession with all things gray (or grey, however you like to spell it) for Fall '09 started, check out the grey mascara trend from one of my previous blogs.

Now that you've checked that out, we can continue here with my love of all things grey in: eyeshadows and nail polish.

Nailpolish :: I might be a little late on this OPI nailpolish bandwagon, but a girlfriend of mine (Thanks Meg) let me borrow the popular "You Don't Know Jacques!" ($9) and I'm definitely in love. This color is a creamy cross mix of deep gray, a touch of lavender, and taupes - all swirled into one perfect autumn nail color. You can check out my toenails in this pic below to see the richness of this great alternative to the blacks and dark purples of old. And if you're perplexed by the color name, it's from the France collection, hence the name Jacques.

Eyeshadow :: Dior Jazz Club Couture Eye Palette ($65.00) contains all the shades of grey a girl could ask for, and it's all contained in a fashionable black patent clutch. This "have it all" clutch contains

  • one black eyeliner
  • a brow shaping powder
  • and 4 different shades of shadow

The shades include the above mentioned pewters and dark gray's plus a white for highlighting the browbone. This seems pricey for shadows but the container/clutch has Dior's name on it's worth it, right??

So here's what you tell your girlfriends now starting now with this gray trend, "Go Grey or Go Home!!"

August 27, 2009

Madonna & PhotoShop, A Match Made In Louis Vuitton Heaven!

I will start off this blog posting by stating that:

  1. I am a huge Madonna fan and think she is a truly talented and a well rounded entertainer
  2. I wasn't born yesterday and am not completely blind to the magic of photoshop used in today's magazine ads.

The fashion ad above is from the ultra luxurious brand Louis Vuitton featuring the iconic Madonna. This LV ad caught my attention as I started flipping through my fat fall W magazine, as the most blatant use of photoshop I've seen recently.

So, I took my favorite red sharpie to the ad. I wanted to point out where the graphic artist might have gotten a bit too overzealous with their 'shop skills. I mean come on LV - this woman, as wonderful as she is, is 50 freakin years old and am I supposed to believe she has porcelain doll skin that rivals a newborn baby's??!! I don't think so.

And below this perfect little ad is a more realistic photo of "the material girl" at her current age, without the touch up help.

"What a difference a professional graphic artist can make huh??"

Being a makeup artist, I understand how much makeup can do for a woman's appearance and how it can mask a multitude of evils.
  • It can correct uneven skin tone,
  • It helps to transform eye shapes,
  • and overall, makeup has the wonderful ability to highlight the good features of a woman's face and downplay the not-so good ones.
Despite my undying love for everything makeup, I am not too high and mighty to admit that even my makeup cases, brushes, and talents can not wave a magic spell over the human face!! I cannot fill in deep lines with a stroke of foundation or a swipe the world's best face primer on the market, it's just not reality. So whenever a client says to me, "make me look 20 years younger," I do my best, but realistically, I can probably shave off 5 to 7 years, max.

Now don't get me wrong, I like to look at fashion mags as much as the next girl to see how the other half lives (other half = those being the more rich and the more fabulous and especially the most ostentatious).

However, my mama didn't raise no fool and my "Pappa don't Preach" (sorry, I just couldn't help myself), and even I know that the majority of models and celebs in those magazines, have had a bit of "help" to look as good as they do.

That's why after reading through all my Elles, InStyles, and Marie Claires, I don't go starve myself for weeks on just grapefruits and blow a month's pay on all the newest wrinkle-free creams and cellulite products. Because I can almost guarantee you neither did those stars because as their pictures were being uploaded, they were relaxed because they knew the art department would do that the work for them.

So my whole reason for making Madonna an example here, is not to bash her looks in any way or to nitpick Louis Vuitton's marketing department (heaven forbid!), but to simply illustrate a point to all women out there that "Perception is NOT always Reality."

August 25, 2009

The "No Makeup" Makeup Look

So I recently had to head to the doctor for a small surgical procedure and of course one of the prep instructions told me, NO MAKEUP. What is a girl to do?!! I couldn't NOT wear makeup- it's not in my blood to head out into broad daylight au natural.

I luckily was able to take a couple of my favorite products and put them to use to where I looked naturally put together, but the doc wouldn't be able to tell I broke the rules;-)

If you're ever put in this position, or a natural girl by heart but want to wear a couple products without looking too made over- check out how I got this "invisible makeup" look. I was actually really pleased with the results:

1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in "clear" ($6). This came in handy because it did two jobs. It controlled my unruly dark eyebrows and stuck them in place while also coating my lashes to give them some oomph without the color. And of course I curled my lashes before applying the clear mascara.

2. Avon's MagiX Face Perfector ($10). This is a colorless gel to powder formula that helps gives the appearance of overall smooth skin and evens out skin tone. It's also got an SPF of 20 and can be worn alone or under your foundation and powder. All I needed was a few drops of this stuff smoothed all over my face for a natural no makeup look. It's genius and I love this product.

3. Palladio Lip Stain in Pinky ($6) from Sally Beauty Supply stores. This is one of my favorite lip stains and the actual color is shown above. I like it much better than the Cover Girl lip stains as I find they have a funny taste which I can't stand. The Palladio has no taste and stays on well. The pinky color is nice and light for me because my natural lip color is super pale, so it just needs a slight pick me up to look barely there.

And last but not least, to get a naturally flushed cheek look, I used the old fingers. I pinched my cheeks like like little bitty crab claws until they had just enough rosiness to them-cost, $0.00!

August 21, 2009

Gray :: The Hot Fall Mascara Color

I'm always looking for a fun way to jazz up my eyemakeup look, and mascara is the easiest way possible in my opinion.

So, for this upcoming Fall season right around the corner, give GRAY MASCARAS a try! Lots of the fall 2009 runway collections showcased tons of the ladylike color, such as the Burberry Prorsum collection shown above. Gray is one of those colors in fashion and in makeup that is pretty universally flattering.

Gray is an easy non-conventional color that is a fresh and lighter version of black mascara. I think gray is great when heavily layered and it gives you pretty, trendy lashes. Gray is way easier for most women to pull off than the purples, blues, and green mascaras on the market.

Givenchy's Phenomen' Eyes mascara in grey lavender ( $28) is not only a beautifully soft color but also has a standout round sphere shaped wand. This is sold exclusively at Sephora though...FYI. The wand is supposed to help seperate lashes and adapt to all eye shapes.

This is a pretty safe way to kick up your makeup look for fall, so get a little "gray" in your life.

August 20, 2009

What I Can't Live Without :: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I recently went for a hometown visit to my mom and dad's house along with my two kids. And in the shuffle and chaos of packing up myself and both children, it's inevitable I would forget something right?!
{Insurance for my shadows.}

To my horror, I had forgotten a makeup product that I now realize, I cannot live without! And no, it's not my Shu Uemura eyelash curler...that's a given. It's like the old saying goes, "You don't appreciate what you've got till it's gone."  This rings true for my Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17) which I don't ever want to apply my makeup without again!

What it is: This is basically eyeshadow primer that you apply onto your bare eyelid, let set for about a minute, then apply your eyeshadow on top of. This stuff helps your shadow lock into place, and even makes your eyeshadow colors pop like never before! You only need a tiny drop of this stuff so the tube lasts a good while.

{I hope Diane has "insurance" for that beautiful shadow look!} 

I seriously couldn't believe how much I relied on this product and the impact it makes on my eyeshadow colors. When it comes to applying a wearable neutral smokey eye look for daytime like Diane Kruger's above, I need that look to stay put without running around my face! This primer would take blah browns and rose colored shadows, like worn on Diane, and make them really pop and seem like truly rich colors. Since she is the costar with hunky Brad Pitt in the new movie "Inglorious Basterds," I'm sure she could have used a little "insurance" too keep her professional makeup job through any scenes with his Hollywood hottness!!

Do you wear a lid primer?

August 16, 2009

Double Take :: Jennifer Aniston and Colbie Caillat

I am going to start posting "Double Takes" every now and then when I come across celebrities who look like they could have been separated at birth and do a little comparison photos. Let me tell you, my first duo made me do a MAJOR double take and has basically inspired me to do these more often because the comparisons are phenomenal.

Check out beautiful girl next door actress Jennifer Aniston, and then beautiful girl next door singer Colbie Caillat. Similarities include:

  • Both born in California - Check
  • Both have sunkissed highlights - Check
  • Wavy locks - Check
  • Natural makeup look - Check
  • Light greenish blue eyes - Check

Outstanding similarities huh?! The only big difference is that Colbie is 24 years old and Miss Aniston is the big 40!

Are you kidding me?? If you can't tell who is who - Jenn Aniston is on top, Colbie on bottom. These lovely ladies look just freaking alike!!! Don't you agree??

August 14, 2009

Christian Siriano's Beauty Debut With Victoria's Secret

One of my absolute favorite reality shows on TV is Project Runway, and I couldn't be more excited that it's about to start back up with a new season on August 20th on Lifetime (they switched from Bravo, still not sure what went down and why it moved?). But another truly exciting fact about Project Runway is that one of it's most popular and probably most successful winners of the show, Christian Siriano, is working along with Victoria's Secret to design a limited edition makeup collection debuting now.

I love most of what VS does with their makeup line. I think they truly have a pulse on making women feel sexy and sophisticated...I mean they design some of the hottest lingere, hello?! So it just makes sense that they signed on this talented pint sized and spunky designer to do a few pieces of makeup inspired by his fall 2009 collection.

Christian's inspiration for his beauty debut :: The rich and warm colors of browns, chocolates, golds, teals, and shades of blue that showed up throughout his fall pieces. Check out the photo of him with two of his models at the top from that exact collection. Aren't the colors so rich and luxurious? They make you want to dress your face up for fall. I'm so over this hot Georgia summer!

The casings for all his makeup are dressed up in gilded gold so they're like a little piece of couture in your hand!! And you get that couture for only $12-$18. What a deal. I love it that you can get a piece of Siriano's talent for a small price tag. I'm especially excited to try out the Christian Siriano Kajal eyeliner ($12, shown above) to give me egyptian-like eyes for fall!!

Not to be cheesy and steal his popular tag line from the show, but this line looks FIERCE!!

And by the way, does anyone know exactly what did go down with Heidi and the switch from Bravo to Lifetime with Project Runway - spill the beans if you do!!

August 11, 2009

JennySue Makeup's 2009 Teen Choice Awards For Best And Worst Makeup

I typically love award shows, however the most recent 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Monday night was difficult to watch to say the least. Or maybe someone should just remind me that it's called the "teen" choice awards because that's their main audience and they hand out surfboards as the actual award (see above pic of Megan Fox with her award/board for "Choice Hottie"-no surprise there). So I probably just don't get what's going on in that teen world anymore to be able to appreciate the show and I should quit acting so grown up!!

But even if I don't understand the music (I can appreciate the Black Eyed Peas though!), actors and actresses, surfboards, dress code, etc., I CAN appreciate the makeup of the celebrities walking the red carpet!!

So I am giving out my own awards for the BEST and WORST MAKEUP of the night!!

~Worst Makeup Award goes to :: Kristen Stewart!!

I have not read nor have I seen the movie, but apparently "Twilight" is all the rage and this actress is too. However...her look has re-gressed for the worst. Previous pics have shown that Kristen used to be slightly cute, but now her pretty red-brown hair has been dyed pitch black and the cut is slightly mullet-ish! Her pale skin is pretty but could use a little less dark eye color and more cheek color to make her look more approachable and not so sallow.

JennySue Tip for Kristen :: I would suggest that if she wants to look funky that instead of going with the obvious black eye makeup, switch it up a little and wear funky mascara in a not-so obvious color choice. Diorshow mascara in Plum ($24) and CoverGirl Cheekers blush in Rose Silk ($4.50) would be a cool AND pretty combination.

~Best Makeup Award goes to :: Kim Kardashian and Sisters (Kourtney, Kendall & Kylie Jenner)!!

First of all, these ladies hit the gene jackpot- they are all gorgeous!! Even the twins (Kendall and Kylie) who granted looked all grown up in their high heels, did a nice job of working in very age appropriate makeup and looked very fresh faced. Kim Kardashian's blond Farrah Fawcett winged hair was a shock, but I think she pulled it off well with her soft bronzey makeup. Obviously since I gave these girls the "Best" award, I simply cannot find anything wrong - they did everything right!

August 9, 2009

Old School Beauty Products Still Rock!

I love it when beauty products withstand the test of time and become classics.

Cosmetic companies are forever changing up their products and discontinuing items. This can get a bit frustrating to us makeup junkies. You know how the story goes, we find something we love, we can't live without it and suddenly it flies off the shelf!! Just like classic beauty products that are sticking around, there are supermodel beauties like Linda Evangelista who are still very relevant in the beauty world, even at the age of 44! Linda currently has a modeling contract with L'Oreal Paris and was the face of the Prada Fall 2008 campaign. Not too shabby for a model old enough to be the mother to some of the more recent famous model faces! She's definitely an inspiration and proves that some women just get better with age.

Luckily, some old school products are still in vogue and out there for our consumption. Here are some "oldies but goodies" that hopefully will never die:

1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($6).

You know an old school list would not be complete without this pink and green tube. I like the waterproof version in blackest black.

2. Love's Baby Soft Body Mist ($10 ).

I used this back in junior high school to smell baby powder soft and sweet!! Your local discount/drugstore probably still carries it and you just forgot how much you loved it. It's now in body mist form for an updated look.

3. Cover Girl Clean Liquid Makeup ($7).

This product has been around awhile and is a good choice for beginner foundation wearers who might not be sure if they want to invest in liquid foundation. It's not too heavy and not too light - the perfect combo.

4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ($8).

Revlon's formula has withstood the test of time and is still an all time favorite. "Love That Red" is a color that screams classic red!

5. Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Long Lasting Bronzer ($46).

It is one of the only pricey old school products to mention, but I can't go without talking about it! This bronzer has won every makeup award out there. The powder is moisturizing, long wearing and ultra fine, all at the same time by this uber luxurious cosmetic company.

So which one of these products do you still rock? If I forgot anything that deserves to be on this list, let me know your thoughts!

August 7, 2009

JennySue Makeup Headshot Photos Plus Products

I just had some new headshots taken for an upcoming ad I am placing in a local bridal publication and thought I'd share the makeup products I used to get my "look." BecauseI am not afraid to admit that it takes an absolute arsenal of products to look so natural...wink wink. I decided to go the more approachable makeup route than funky and edgey since it's supposed to appeal to future brides! From my experiences in working with brides, most want to look like "a more beautiful version of their natural self"(my company mantra!) and not some crazy drag queen.

These photos were taken by my talented photographer/friend Abbey Lindsey of Dylan Blue Photography who I've worked with on many occasions! I'm not particularly comfortable trying to "work it" in front of the camera- I'd rather slap some makeup on other people and let them do the posing, but Abbey has the gift of making a girl feel like Cindy Crawford in front of the camera. Check out her photography blog to see her talent and creativity- you can even see a couple outtakes from my photo shoot!!

By the way, is mentioning Cindy Crawford as a relevant supermodel showing my age?? Maybe I should have said Chanel Iman (shown at right)!

Anyhoo, here's a rundown of the many products JennySue used for her headshot:

1. Eyes

  • Femme Couture Brow Pencil in "Medium Brown"

  • Lancome "freebie" eyeshadow quad in colors, Gardenia/Sunberry/Honeymoon/Misty Mink. These colors seriously could work for any skin tone- so flattering! Yes, I used a free makeup goody for my eyeshadows- I buy a lot of Lancome and get a lot of free stuff!

  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in "Black"

  • Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive false lashes in style "Minx." You didn't really think those were my natural lashes did you?! These are a shorter length than some of their other styles which makes them easier to wear without looking like you're going to a Halloween party. And I didn't have to apply glue to get them on- just pulled them off their stand and popped them on my lash line!

  • Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara

2. Face

  • L'Oreal True Match foundation in N3

  • Too Faced "Snow Bunny" Bronzer

  • Max Factor Mineral Bronzer

  • Nars blush in "Mata Hari"

  • Benefit's Erase Paste in Fair

3. Lips

  • Too Faced Lip of Luxury lipstick in "Totally Nude"

  • Becca Cosmetics lipgloss in "Caipirinha"

  • Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color lip liner in "Pure" (one of my new faves in cheapo lip liners!- formula is very smooth and glides easily)

"Thanks to Abbey and all the cosmetic companies out there that made my headshots possible...Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!"

August 5, 2009

Mischa Barton's Makeup Mishap :: Good Girl's Eyeliner Gone Bad

I don't like to make negative makeup examples out of celebrities, but this most recent transformation of the formerly cute actress Mischa Barton, 23 years old, shocked me sooo much that I had to do it!!!

Mischa has acted in some popular movies such as The Sixth Sense (well maybe not so cute in her role because she was a dead child ghost!), Notting Hill, and major hip tv series The O.C.. However, despite her popularity and celebrity status, she has taken a turn for the worse in her feeble attempt to apply eyeliner!

Check out the "scary heavy all around eyeliner "before picture above and the "pretty blended eyeliner" picture below.

I know Mischa's been through a lot lately with her recent stint in a hospital for a supposed mental breakdown, weight gain and cellulite pics flying around the internet, and the upcoming premier of her CW series "The Beautiful Life," but come on MB - rise above it all and lighten up on the eyeliner! You're a beautiful girl and the heavy liner is almost a confirmation that you have gone crazy!!

If you just have to wear eyeliner all around your eyes, here's some tips on HOW to keep it pretty and not so obvious:

  • Choose a neutral colored shadow palette that falls into the brown, bronze, or deep chocolate category. This immediately helps that you are not choosing a black or grey color that takes real control to apply. Try L'Oreal Paris HIP Concentrated shadow duo in Saucy ($7).

  • Take your neutral color of choice and wet a stiff angled liner brush and draw a faint line from inner tear duct to the edge of your upper lash line. Do the same thing on the lower line.

  • Smudge both upper and lower lines with a softer brush or Qtip to diffuse the look of those lines and make the color melt into your lash lines. You can even add a bit of the same color shadow in the dry form to smudge the lines for a "smokier" yet not so harsh line look.

  • Coat your upper lashes with two layers of mascara, and use just one coat on the bottom ones focusing mainly on the outside corners.

I hope Miss Barton's new tv series (which is ironically about the life of a famous high-fashion model who has to deal with the world of insecurity and cut-throat competition) is a huge success for her - becauseyou know that I'm definitely going to tune in! And my sincere hope is that she takes away a few tips from her on set makeup artists on how to apply her liner to suit her naturally pretty features!

August 3, 2009

Revlon's Runway Collection :: Funky & Glamorous Artificial Nail Designs

I am back on the "artificial nail" wagon with Revlon's Runway Collection ($8)! I will say it again that I have never been a big fan of fake nails, but the fact that I can try them out at home without going out to a salon and paying big bucks for them makes it a bit more enticing. My 3 year old son took this picture of me below showing off the "Starlet" nails. He was super intrigued by these shiny nails!

The difference with this collection of nails as opposed to the "safe" french manicured and mauve colored styles I've tried from Revlon before, this collection is much more trendy and outrageously decorated nails!! Very Rihanna-like, good girl gone bad!! These nails got me lots of attention!!

Here are some of the style options from the Runway Collection that Revlon was kind enough to send me to try out. I've photographed them from left to right and will give a brief description of each style (The flash plus the shiny box made it hard to see really well inside the box once I took the photo so bear with me).

Left to Right:

1. Minx- flesh colored nail with black and white outlined diamond tips.

2. Crocodile- just that- looks like croc scales done in a burgundy/wine colored background. almost crackled like.

3. Mystic- flesh colored nail with deep purple tips and a delicate white polka dot pattern throughout the tips. some of the nails include a dainty clear rhinestone! super flashy!!

4. Starlet- (these are the ones I tried and am photographed in and the upclose shot). flesh colored nail with champagne colored tips that have a faint white and silver sparkle swirl.

5. Stella- flesh colored nail with a very delicate white on white diamond tips. the more subtle of all the tips in the line.

You can read my previous blog that I did on their nail tips and how to apply them. Two very important things I did learn when applying and removing them myself that needs to be repeated :

1. Apply them to your good hand (whatever hand you do stuff/write with) FIRST.

2. ONLY remove them with straight acetone or it will take you forever to get them off otherwise. DO NOT try to pop them off either, ouch!

So if you want to be a funky nail trendsetter without having to take the time to draw on your nail tips yourself (that would take forever!) or go to a salon and pay big bucks for a nail design- this Revlon Runway Collection is the way to go. WARNING- these highly decorated nails are not for the faint of heart!!!