October 29, 2009

JennySue Makeup's Best Celebrity Halloween Costume Picks for 2009

There is nothing more fun than dressing up as someone or something on Halloween. It gives everyone a chance to show their creative side in clothing, makeup, and hair - 3 things I love!! I wish everyday could be Halloween!! So this year, I think one of the easiest categories to emulate is the tabloid celebrity. There's been plenty in the wacky world of celebrity gossip this past year for all of us to choose a famous celebrity costume from.

Here are JennySue's top picks for celebrity costumes this year. Now the problem will be how do you choose which one is the most outrageous and easy for your onlookers to guess who you are?!! And of course it always goes back to the makeup application, right??

Pick #1. The obvious. Michael Jackson.

How to get the easiest look for people to recognize right off the bat? Get yourself a shiny glove, black leather or red leather jacket, white socks with black shoes, and of course, pale skin with dark rimmed eyeliner and super drawn in black eyebrows. RIP King of Pop. Copying is the finest form of flattery right?

Pick #2. Kate Gosselin.

Yeah, she's not all that crazy obvious in the makeup department or wardrobe - but if you can find a short spiky wig in the back of the head, you've got your signature Kate look! Oh, and maybe strap a couple or 8 - fake cabbage patch kids

to your legs as you walk around trick or treating! Bonus points for having a hubby/boyfriend/partner dress as Jon Gosselin. All they need are some shades, a couple diamond studs, and Ed Hardy apparel from head to toe. Yuck.

Pick #3. Amy Winehouse.

Sure it's been a while since she's come out with any new music or any new tantrums or public meltdowns, but her look is still so distinctive that everyone will know who you are. I just saw a wonderful Winehouse wig at my local Party City for like $18.

So once you've got that on, stick on a few (or 20) fake tattoos, wing your eyeliner out like crazy, and wear a wife beater tank with jeans and some ballet slippers. Don't forget your empty Jack Daniels bottle to add to the authenticity!

Pick #4. Kim Kardashian.

Once again, a major long wig is a must but to truly complete this look, a nice plump rear attachment (small pillow?) is necessary to get Kim's curves! She is also known for her major false lashes and nude glossy lips. So be sure to pile on the strip lashes and try Revlon's Fantasy Lash line ($5). If you can snag a Reggie Bush look-a-like, that would help too;-)

Those are my top 4 picks but I'm sure there are a dozen other celebs out there just waiting to be imitated. Who are you going to be?? Oh, and the obvious Twilight character is soooo last year, so let's get more creative than a vampire on Halloween okay?!

October 27, 2009

Perfect Makeup Palette From Pixi By Petra Strand Available At Target

I was just recently browsing the makeup aisles at my local Target as I love to do when I have the time (and no little boys bouncing around my shopping cart!) and happened upon a lovely new makeup palette. Oh joy, how I LOVE to play in the testers at Target!!

Makeup palette's are God's gift to busy women who need their cosmetic products all in area. And with the holidays fastly approaching, you know these are going to start popping up all over the place! The Wakeup Kit ($34) for Pixi by Swedish makeup artist Petra Strand is a wonderful collection of some of her best sellers. Petra has worked with singers like Kylie Minogue (pictured below) and hot new Adele, as well as model Helena Christenson.

This cutesy kit includes 2 concealers/primers, 2 cheek powder duos, 8 lip colors, and 18 eye shadows! All of these pretty neutral colors are extremely complimentary for most skin tones (no weird fuschia or teal shadows) and come in a cutesy soft lime green palette with mirror included.

So at the $34 price tag, you can afford to wish yourself a Merry Christmas in October;-)

October 25, 2009

Celebrity Style Spotlight :: New Mom (again!) Nicole Richie

I find actress/jewelry designer/mom of two, Nicole Richie, fascinating mainly because of her fantastic bohemian chic style but also because of her signature dark eyes and nude lips she wears so well! So I was super intrigued to see on my People.com daily email updates that she had had her second child (a boy, Sparrow- guess that goes/rhymes with Harlow, her first little girl!) but that the website had also included a style transformation of Richie through the years (see below).

In my opinion, the pint sized female is one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood

with a cool jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, to boot. The aesthetic of the line screams of her personal sense of style at shockingly affordable prices. The tiger eye ring to the right is from her line and is only $48 bucks!

Check out Nicole Richie's evolution of hair and makeup looks through the years on People.com's website. Click on my link above and then click on the play arrow on the video to watch her dramatic changes she has made to her look. It shows her amazing transformations through the years in a quick little video so it will literally take 30 seconds to watch.

If you want Nicole's signature makeup look, you really only need two products:

1. Dark liquid liner. Don't be afraid to draw on the winged cat-eye look with a black liquid liner pen like MAC's Penultimate Liner in Rapidblack ($16.50) for a precise carbon black line. And make it a thick line by drawing right along the lash line first. Then go back over the line right on top of the original line to create the illusion of a thicker lash line.

2. Gold lip gloss. This is an easy color for ALL of us to carry off because a lip gloss with gold in it immediately perks up any pasty pale skin or is very complimentary to dark complexions all year round. Try Clinique's Long Last Glosswear in "Goldspun" ($14) which is a

champagney-gold in a formula that has recently won Allure Magazine's Editor's Choice Award, and an award from me! I love this stuff, it really does have good staying powder for a gloss.

So congratulations to Mrs. Richie-Madden on the new bundle of joy. I'm sure you will find new inspiration through your little guy and please pass on your knack for exquisite makeup application to Harlow when she gets old enough to enjoy makeup!

October 23, 2009

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: L'Oreal Paris HiP Cream Eyeliner

I hardly ever go out without eyeliner. It's one product (of many!) that immediately makes my lash line and my eye shape look a little bit larger and more exaggerated. I am also a big fan of the look of liquid liner, so when I had a couple girlfriends recently ask me what I thought about L'Oreal's HiP Cream Eyeliner ($11), of course I had to go out and get myself one to see what the fuss was about!

The "cat eye" look is worn on my eyes at least 3 days a week. So I tried a subtle cat eye with my new product. And wow did this stuff deliver!

Here is what I loved about this product:

  • The pigments are very rich once they hit your eyelid. I had the brown (shown in my photo) and it was really pretty and not boring brown.

  • The staying power is shockingly good for a cream liner. I put it on around 2pm and it stuck until around until 9:30pm.

  • You only need a little to last a long time. I made the mistake of dipping it too far into the pot the first time and it was WAY too much to control. So a little goes a long way!

  • The consistency is super soft and smooth, which makes it easy to go on and the look of the line is very exact.

My ONLY concern was the slanted applicator it came with that you are to apply the product with. It's sorta sharp and hard feeling which I suppose is necessary in order to get a thin straight line, but it was kind of uncomfortable at first. I ended up just using short light strokes to draw my line so that it didn't feel so sharp.

This product does take some practice, so don't give up on it after one use - just like liquid liner. It delivers a pretty line and is still easier to control than liquid liner if you want that look. And it's a great alternative to the pricier pot liners like Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner ($21) that gets so many awards!

Have a beautiful makeup-filled weekend!!

October 21, 2009

JennySue To The Rescue For Busy Moms!

Earlier this week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak about makeup tricks for busy moms. These ladies are part of a super fun group of women who belong to the MOPS Group in Atlanta at the Lodge of Peachtree Presbyterian. (MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers in case you were wondering!)

This group of women and I have a distinct common interest. We are all moms of small busy children. And busy children = busy mommies. Free time is hard to come by so why not take some time out to get together with other moms to while also refreshing your mom batteries!

These mommies were not the Real Housewives of Atlanta - FAR from it!! This was a classy group of ladies who get together monthly and had asked me to speak at their Day of Pampering. I was also joined by the extremely fashionable owner of fab'rik stores, Dana Spinola, and hairstylists from Siggers Salon in Atlanta.

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of me speaking in front of the group and working with some of the lovely ladies. I focused on makeup tricks moms can use in their everyday hectic lives, however the tips will work for any female!! And of course I had to include such fab celeb moms in my speech like Heidi Klum (mom of 4), Halle Berry (mom of 1), and Victoria Beckham (mom of 3) to speak about how to mimic certain features like them!

**I will go ahead and preface these photos by saying that most of them aren't that great of quality because I didn't have my flash setting on correctly. Figures - I'm a makeup artist, not a professional photographer! But you'll get the picture;-) **

They had my newest business advertisement for JennySue Makeup flashed up on the big screen behind me! (Kudos and many thanks to Abbey with Dylan Blue Photography for my headshot, and Lindsey Hudlow, my talented cousin and professional graphic artist in the making!)
JennySue Makeup really getting into her speech! I just love talking makeup and enjoyed the question and answer forum I had with the ladies after my talk.
Me at work trying to give some quick makeup tips women could recreate for themselves!
Me getting into my notes so I wouldn't forget all my favorite tricks to give these women!

Me working with one of the women that won a raffle for a mini-makeup session. We were focusing on appropriate lip colors for her!

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to do this event and if you are mom of young children like me and live in the Atlanta area, you should look into checking this group of ladies out!

October 19, 2009

Nars Blush Has Some Cheap Competition!

My favorite blush color of all time for myself and my clients BY FAR is Nar's "Orgasm" ($25). It's the perfect peachy pink color with a hint of shimmer but isn't too garish for me to put on young and old.

Well Nars- you have some "cheaper" competition! Uh oh for Nars, woo hoo for me!! The photo above shows my beloved Nars on the far right (the one that's almost gone!) and my new replacement, Peek-A-Blush by Flirt.

I just happened upon the makeup line Flirt at my local Kohls while shopping with my kids. I tend to hit up Kohls for childrens clothes and would have never dreamed I would just glance over at their makeup category and see my beloved "orgasm" color staring me in the face!

I knew when I saw this tester for #21 Pink Tutu blush by Flirt ($12) that this was the exact same Nars color. I bought it immediately and took it home to try it out. At 11 bucks cheaper, what did I have to lose? NOTHING!! The color and shimmer are pretty much exactly the same. Check out my side by side stripes of color on my arm below. The color closest to my watch is Nars, the one before it is the Flirt product.

Pretty darn close huh?? I still love Nars blushes, don't get me wrong, and I think they have some amazing color choices out there. But I must say that I do love inexpensive options for my cosmetics!!

Do you have any pricey makeup products that you got lucky and found a cheaper copycat version of?? If so- please share with me! I love a pretty (cheap) bargain!

October 15, 2009

JennySue Makeup in "Weddings Unveiled"

Future brides- take notice of this blog!! I was just made aware that a wedding I worked on some of the bridal party with back in May was just featured on a bridal blog site called "Weddings Unveiled."

Click on this link, Weddings Unveiled , to see the gorgeous bride, Andrea, that I worked with a few months ago. You'll be able to see a few of the photographs from this stunning yet cozy outdoor wedding in Statham, GA and then click on her photographers website to see more makeup images. I got the opportunity to work with this pretty lady after doing her sisters wedding over a year ago and then got to work with Andrea this year!

"Weddings Unveiled" is a magazine resource for southern weddings that uses such vivid imagery that would get anyone excited about everything related to weddings! I've been married 8 years and still wanted to flip throughout this blog to see what brides are doing these days in fashion, flowers, cakes, and locations. Being that I live in Athens, GA (a very southern yet hip city!) and am obsessed with all things weddings, this blog will now be close to my heart;-)

Thanks Andrea for giving JennySue Makeup props in this publication!! You and your whole wedding party were a joy to work with.

Clinique's Number One Moisturizer Does Good For Breast Cancer

The need for breast cancer research has been a big theme this fall and it should continue to be all year long! Lots of makeup companies are getting in the ring by offering limited or special edition products to help promote and fund research for this awful disease that affects so many women.

Clinique is no different and is offering their #1 moisturizing product, the old school yellow lotion-the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion with a pretty little add on. It is now available for a limited time for $35 and comes with a pink bracelet and two charms: a Clinique "C" and Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon. $10 per Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion sold during the month of October will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

If this is one of your favorite skin care products (for those of you with normal to extremely dry skin) that you can't live without, you might as well go ahead and get one of these to stock up on and do some good for someone else while you're doing good for yourself.

October 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Set Time Compliments of Sephora

For all you beauty vixens and girly girls, the holiday season is right around the corner and I've already found my favorite gift that I haven't received yet! So mom or hubby, if you're reading, take note!! It's not makeup or makeup brushes this time- it's the next best thing- Perfume!!

Sephora -my beauty and cosmetics mecca- is offering up 4 separate fragrance sets (2 for women, 2 for men) that contain:

  • Ten deluxe samples of popular scents worth $80 but priced for $50. That's like $5 a perfume if you wanted me to do the math!

  • But the real clincher in this deal is that once you've tried your 10 different scents and find the one that you deem most worthy of smelling like, you can redeem an included gift voucher for that specific scent in a FULL SIZED BOTTLE FOR FREE at your local Sephora store!!

This actually isn't a ground breaking idea for Sephora this year- they offered the same gift set last year but I just didn't get it under my tree! I'm already salivating for the set that includes such scents as Marc Jacobs Daisy, Vera Wang Princess, Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B., and Stella McCartney's Stella, just to name a few. The fact that you can get a full sized bottle for free after just trying out the set is an amazing deal and I can't get over it!!

Can Christmas please come quickly??!!

I guess I shouldn't wish the next couple of months away so maybe I'll just dress up like a one of Gwen's Harajuku Lovers for Halloween and be patient...

October 10, 2009

Barbie :: The Ultimate Glamour Girl (Doll!)

I was a child of the early 80's and a girly girl who was obsessed with Barbie. I remember one Christmas in particular where I woke up to a sea of pink and EVERYTHING Santa left me under the tree had something to do with little Miss Perfect herself...Barbie, and I couldn't have been happier. I know her measurements are "unrealistic" and some argue that she puts "unrealistic" expectations onto little girls as to how they should look in real life, but let's get real people- she's a doll. And a dang good glamorous and fabulous doll at that!

Looking back into past before I realized I was going to be a budding makeup artist at the age of 7, I definitely appreciated the art of Barbie's makeup. It was always exquisite and even as a child I was so intrigued by her perfectly lined eyes!! Still am today;-)

Well Barbie is back and more popular than ever in 2009. And she turns 50 this year- now that's a "cougar" if I've ever seen one!

She's now even got her own fantasy suite at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas that you can enjoy for a cool $4,000 a night!! Check out the photo (shown above) of the inside of the "Barbie Dream House" that is made up of pop art and various shades of pink by hip designer Jonathan Adler. Barbie has even transformed herself into a Harley Davidson chick (see photo at top of blog) that could totally roll up into her fantasy suite off the "strip."

There are tons of beauty products today that are very "Barbie" like that could help you live the look of Barbie if you can't afford to live in her fantasy suite:

1. YSL's The Automatic Eyeliner ($32) is the perfect way to try and get that cat-eye look like Barbie. The brush on this pen is so thin and tiny, it should be a breeze to get that

lined look without the mess. (JennySue Tip: Start at the center of your lash line and draw out to the edge of your eye then wing up slightly. Then go back to the tear duct area and connect the line to the center.)

2. Bobbi Brown's Rich Color Gloss in Pink Buff ($22) is just the product Barbie would use herself if she could open the tube! This is a super shiny and slick product that feels like a lip balm. Not to mention this is the perfect sexy baby beige color. What more could you ask for??

So go ahead- play a little dress-up and pretend you're Barbie for a day and go snag yourself a Ken with your new makeup!!

October 8, 2009

Makeup Clean Out!

I recently was asked to help my best friend's mother out with a massive makeup drawer clean-out at her home. Let me go ahead and preface this blog by saying, this woman had drawers full of makeup that would have made Estee Lauder herself jealous!! You're my kinda woman Susan! I couldn't believe the amount of products she had in her possession! And the picture shown above displays that she had everything in Ziploc baggies- CATEGORIZED by face, cheeks, lips, you get the picture. Wow was I impressed.

I got to the bottom of why she had soooo many products and brushes/applicators that she:

A. didn't know what to do with or

B. didn't know how long she'd had them or

C. if they were any good anymore/expired

This is a common theme/problem for most women that love makeup and just keep buying and buying and buying. She had tons of stuff that she'd bought while in the heat of passion at the local makeup counter, where the sales people told her she needed this this and this, and she fell for the "oversell." So those oversell products inevitably make it to the bottom of your makeup drawer because you don't remember how to use them, they're unnecessary for your daily makeup routine, and then you forget how long ago you bought them, but feel bad throwing away good money!

That's where I tried to save the day, clear the chaos, and went through piece by piece dissecting what colors were good, brushes should be kept and how to use them, (and washed. they perform much better when they're clean!) how to use her current products, and what should be tossed. We even sniff smelled a few things we weren't sure how long ago had been bought-the ultimate way to tell if something has gone bad! (This pic below is probably after a smell test and I'm questioning if Mrs. Susan remembers exactly how long ago she actually bought this product!)

I actually didn't have enough time to finish the job because I didn't realize how much stuff she was actually going to have to go through, so we'll be doing round 2 very soon! But I think this is a necessary "cleansing process" every makeup lover should do at least once a year (about when all your products are going bad anyway). Our face is only as good as our makeup drawers, right??

Here's the start of the trash can as we purged old products (see pic below). It hurts to throw away anything Chanel or Dior, but if it doesn't work or is past it's 1 or 2 year expiration date, it's not doing you any good in your drawers or on your face, so get rid of it!

*One other idea besides just throwing away that old makeup is to make a "giveaway pile." She had some makeup that was still good- just not good for her skin tone or coloring. So she made a pile for friends of hers and was going to offer these products to them and make someone else's day with basically new makeup!! Just make sure you clean the tops off of lipsticks and concealers with a swipe of rubbing alcohol and blushes with a swipe of a cotton ball to refresh a new layer.*

October 6, 2009

Smooth Skin Cocktail :: Serums Plus Moisturizers Equal Improved Skin

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to one of my favorite actresses who just turned 40 on September 25th- Catherine Zeta Jones. I think she is literally one of the most beautiful actresses/moms in Hollywood. Her radiant skin is one of the features I long for as I age...which leads me to the following blog!

I get lots of freebies from companies like Estee Lauder and Lancome when I buy their products during "gifts with purchase" time. And some of my favorite freebies tend to be the creams and serums offered by Lancome. The reason I love getting these is because these types of skin products are typically more expensive than the color products (when you buy the full size) like shadows and lipsticks, so I like to be able to test out the latest in wrinkle-free technology in small spurts!

Well last night I tried a combination of two sample Lancome products after I performed my nightly washing regime. Result- When I woke up this morning, I literally had softer smoother skin!!! No joke. One use of using this "skincare cocktail" and I was blown away how my skin felt. I keep reading in my latest magazines and skincare publications that as we get into our 30's and 40's, the use of serums in conjunction with our moisturizers is a must to help in stimulating cell production which combats dullness- and no one wants dull skin, yuck! (Serums also sink in quicker into the skin than creams so they can quickly do their thing.)

I used Lancome's Primordiale Cell Defense Skin Perfecting Serum first (*big note, this serum is since discontinued but they have another great option, I talk about below!*) then applied the new line of Renergie Firming and Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($80) on top of that then headed to bed. When I woke up, my skin seriously felt smoother than it's felt in a long time. Why have I waited so long to use serums along with my nightly moisturizer??

Other product options::

1. Lancome now offers a High Resolution Collaser Intense Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum ($65) that has wonderful claims of giving 80% more supple and even toned skin along with improved firmness after 4 weeks of use- not too shabby.

2. If you want a lower priced serum, try ROC's Multi-Correxion Skin Renewing Serum ($25) shown below.

Now granted this combination of serum plus moisturizer was for only one night, but if it can give me results like it did after a single use, then I'm super excited to see what happens after continually using them for a few weeks! Stay tuned....

October 4, 2009

Makeup Event at The Shops At Tucker House

I recently had the great opportunity to do a makeup event at the cutest little shop in Georgia, The Shops At Tucker House! I spoke on the most recent trends for Fall makeup and beauty tools every woman needs as well as provided a demonstration on makeup application.

If you live in or around the Stone Mountain/Tucker area in Georgia, you need to go visit this unique boutique. Here is a pic of me with the two owners, Mary Lee and Brenda (from left to right - I'm right in the middle!), who could not have been more sweet and gracious. The Shops at Tucker House sits in a yellow house that you can't miss and has everything a woman could seriously ever want:

  • gift-y items galore
  • cool and unique baby clothes and toys
  • home decor
  • artwork
  • handbags and wonderfully feminine jewelry lines

I mean, what more could you ask for in a one stop shop?? I just wanted to share with you some of the photos from that evening. It was a fun filled event with women who wanted to learn more about the art of making makeup work for them while shopping at the same time!

This pic (right) of me and my "muse" for the night, Karen. She was the perfect model for me to display the newest trend in dark bordeaux lips! This is a very striking look that you can pull off. Just keep the eyes very simple.

The next picture is of my sweet nephew, Tyler and me (below), who was the single male in the crowd! He added a handsome touch to the night and was my biggest fan! I also had some more family support from my beautiful mother in law, Jeanie, and equally beautiful sis-in-law, Amy (Tyler's mommy!).

It was a fantastic evening and if you do live in or around this area, you should plan on dropping in to see these ladies on November 4th 2009 for a huge jewelry event featuring Diana Warner New York jewelry. This designer has had celebs like Blake Lively (shown in pic below with a Diana Warner necklace on) and Rachel Ray sporting her jewelry line so you know it's stunning stuff.

I will leave the shops store info below so email or call if you want to be at this event next month. I'm sure gonna be there!

The Shops At Tucker House
4270 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Tucker, GA 30084
phone: 404.502.6111, email: shoptuckerhouse@gmail.com