November 29, 2009

Very Merry Cherry Red Lips

I hope you all had a wonderfully yummy and family filled Thanksgiving!! I know I did and will be fine if I don't eat anything "turkey-related" for another couple weeks.

So now that Thanksgiving is over, it's full force Christmas! And for me, that means many holiday soirees and get-togethers to attend, which equals many reasons to get a little more glammed up than usual!

The easiest way to make an impact with your face (makeup!) is to get a little SCARLET FEVER (aka, red lipstick)!! The obvious celeb that comes to mind that makes a huge impact with her red lips is my fav, Gwen Stefani. But I always mention her and red lips in the same sentence, so I wanted to shake things up. So another scarlet starlet who looks super hot in red lips, is actress Megan Fox (shown at top). There's no doubt, that her red lips are the show stopper part of her look here. I guess the good raven dark hair and perfect body don't hurt her look either;-)

Here are some JennySue picks for the perfect red lipstick to sport at your next party:

Fair. (keep it a slightly blue based red to give pale skin a boost)

1. MAC lipstick in Lady Danger or Russian Red ($14)
2. Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Absolute Rouge ($29). This fabulous color is shown above.

Olive. (look for orange-y or goldish berry reds to complement your bronze undertones)

1. NP Set Lipstick in Madrid ($15)
2. Nars lipstick in Heat Wave ($25)

Dark. (you can carry off deep dark cherry reds that are bright enough to show up on your skin)

1. Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Drop Dead Red ($18)
2. N.Y.C. New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Retro Red ($1)

Remember trial and error is best with red lipstick- so have fun experimenting! And shoot- you don't even really need a party to work red lips, it's actually pretty fun to sport it to the grocery store. You might heat up the frozen food section.

November 25, 2009

Big Bold Lashes Drugstore Style

I am mascara obsessed. Without it, I feel completely naked, and not in a good way. It's one of the two products I HAVE to apply even if I'm running to the grocery store (the other being lipgloss).

So I've got a drawer full and Ziploc bags full of mascaras that I switch out daily depending on my mood of lengthening, fattening, or both. And there are three drugstore options that I feel stand the test of time and that I always run back to for cheap mascara drama without the falsies!

1. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in blackest black ($6). Picture of actual product below. This brush is great because it separates and grabs just the right amount of lashes.

2. L'Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen mascara ($8). The ad with Eva Longoria Parker shown at top of blog along with the actual product. I love this mascara, but come on, she's got some strip lashes on in this ad don't you think??

3. Maybelline Lash Discovery With Mini Brush ($6). This teeny tiny wand (shown above) makes it easy to get all those itty bitty lashes on your lower lash line and keep it from getting all over your face in the meantime!

Rediscovering drugstore mascara is one way to treat yourself this Thanksgiving holiday that will get you fat in a good way...fat lashes that is!

November 23, 2009

Dr. Perricone's "No Foundation Foundation" Giveaway For JennySue Makeup Readers

Okay ladies, this is very exciting because I am teaming up with the world-renowned dermatologist and anti-aging expert, Dr. Perricone, and doing a free giveaway to ONE lucky reader!

I've been a fan of Perricone since I was a makeup girl on the floor at Nordstrom in Atlanta over 9 years ago. This genius skin-guy has numerous patents on skin treatments and is focused on reversing the aging process internally and externally.

The doctor and JennySue Makeup are giving away to one lucky blog reader, the "No Foundation Foundation with SPF 30" - a $50 value!! Here is what you can expect from this product:

  • Provides translucent coverage while correcting skin undertones. When I first applied it, there was a slight yellowish tint to it, but it immediately sinks into whatever your skin tone after rubbing it in.

  • Softens the look of fine lines and gives a naturally healthy appearance without looking cakey like a true foundation. More tinted moisturizer-like but feels lighter.

  • Contains a non-chemical SPF 30. A must to keep away the aging process.

  • The initial smell of the product is almost self-tanner like, but fades away seconds after applying it. Small price to pay for such a good for you product!

Check out my before picture (above). I only have on eye makeup, not even lipstick or gloss-wow that's taking one for the team.

This is my after the application (above) of No Foundation Foundation. Still no blush or lipcolor. I just didn't want any other color to distract from what the product delivered. This is a wonderful product for those wanting a low maintenance look with healthy skin properties.

All you have to do to win this product is to leave me a comment explaining in a few words:

  1. Why do you need a translucent product like this?

  2. What have you used in the past that didn't do what it promised?

The winner with the best answer to both questions will be chosen at the end of 10 days from today, and the winner must be from within the United States (Sorry to all my international readers, still love ya!). So who wants a better skin solution?? Can't wait to read what you all have to say.

November 21, 2009

My Favorite Lip Balm :: Baby Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Y'all know that I LOVE to find products that can double their use factor for more than one area of my life!

So since old man winter is starting to dry out my whole body- hair, face, legs, arms, and especially lips, I have been desperate for some healing and soothing. I've used everything for my dry cracked lips like Burts Bees, old school Chapstick, even Vaseline. Nothing sticks or works for the long term.

So when I was applying some Baby Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($7.00) to my sweet one year olds legs and cheeks the other night like I always do for his dry skin, I figured I'd slap some on myself!

This pic is of me and my Walker-isn't that the sweetest baby face!

(Photo compliments of talented Abbey Lindsey of Dylan Blue Photography. She has such a knack for capturing the best of my family!)

I applied this gentle and rich ointment to my lips and the dry patches on my face before I went to bed for the night. And what do you know- this large tube of ointment worked some real healing magic!! Although slightly greasy at first, I got over the feel of it because my lips felt so moisturized and soothed and when I awoke and my skin didn't feel dry as the Sahara Desert!

I love that I can buy this ONE cheap product that will work wonders for me AND my baby, and because it's such a large tube, you will only need a wee bit. So it will last us both a long long time! More for my money- gotta love that.

November 18, 2009

I Agree With Sexiest Man Alive

So People magazine just revealed their pick for Sexiest Man Alive, and Johnny Depp continues to get better with age! Yes, the 46 year old Mr. Depp is gracing their cover again, and I am pleased with his "eye candy-ness!" I mean from the early days of 21 Jump Street to his role as a dirty (but sexy) pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean, you can't get much hotter than Johnny. He's a family man (2 kids with French actress Vanessa Paradis, lucky gal!) and a super talented actor with a mysterious aura about him that can't be faked no matter how good of an actor he is.

Congrats Johnny- you and your bad (in a good way;-)) self deserve this title!! If you ever need a makeup artist from Georgia to touch you up with a little concealer for your next movie, give me a call.

Oh, and a couple other reasons to pick up the issue, would be 1. Bradley Cooper,actor and 2. David Beckham (small pic above),hottie soccer star and Posh Spice's husband. Not necessarily in that order, but definitely good runner up choices!

November 16, 2009

Wearable Electric Blue Eyeliner

I tear out makeup looks from fashion magazines ALL the time when I find a photograph of a look I like and want to emulate it. This is the way I get new inspiration and also how I remember what that look was! And yes, I have spiral bound notebooks full of torn out pages.

So I found a "vintage" pic I tore out of an old InStyle magazine of an actress (I think it's Marley Shelton, but not positive) with electric blue eye makeup (the magazine photo is below, those are my eyes on top!). Of course this look was a bit out there and editorial for my everyday life, but nothing I couldn't tweak to fit my world of preschool drop-offs and pick-ups and Chick-fil-A lunches with my boys.

I used mark Metalliner Eye Glam Hook UP in color blue chrome ($5.50), and it is the coolest liquid liner and lives up to its descriptive color name! I have my personal tube of it shown above on my inspiration page out of the magazine. I paired this bright blue liner with a more subtle mix of light gold eyeshadow in my crease, so as not to overpower the already powerful liquid liner and used two coats of mascara on top, and one coat on bottom!

This is a super funky option for those of you that want some edge to your look without going nuts with lots of products. It's very wearable to use a colored liner just on the upper lid for an added pop of color to brighten your day!

November 11, 2009

JennySue Makeup "Student" is blogged!

One of my old sorority sisters (ZTA!) from the University of Georgia recently came into town all the way from her current home of New York City and dropped by my place for a bridal consult/teaching session. I hadn't seen her in over 9 years so it was super fun to catch up and hang out with such a cool and down to earth lady! And play with makeup the whole time!!

Since Kerri is getting married at a tropical location, she won't have access to a makeup artist there. So she called on JennySue to give her advice on colors right for her skin tone, then to teach her how to apply those colors, techniques of application, as well as how to apply false eyelashes before the big day. We wanted to keep her look simple and not too fussy since she is such a naturally beautiful girl, but wanted the lashes to add a bit more glamour!

Well after doing her consult I sent her on her way back up to NYC (with a new fabulous job working with the Ralph Lauren account!) hoping that our teaching session went well and that she learned a lot and felt comfortable applying the false lashes. And what do you know- she was able to apply all she had learned for her engagement photos! This was a great opportunity for her to try out her own makeup skills before the big day. Check out the photos of Kerri and her cutie husband-to be, on her photographer's blog, Michelle Hayes, and see what a great job she did and just the overall cool vibe of the engagement shoot taken in the Highline area of NYC.

"Kerri- the false eyelashes don't look false, just fabulous and realistic, which was the plan (we used Ardell's medium length individual lashes shown above in black, $4). And you get an A+ for effort and application! Can't wait to see the actual wedding pics next Spring."

So if you or a bride-to-be you know is getting married and needs a makeup artist, or just wants to be taught what colors and application techniques that are right for her, contact me at for scheduling and bookings.

November 8, 2009

Harsh Winter Months Don't Have To Mean Dry Skin!

This weekend was a whole lotta fun and was comprised of a lot of family time-my favorite way to spend a weekend! My husband AND I (shown above) took both of our boys to the Georgia football game and luckily the dawgs pulled through and won! AND both of the boys did great (no temper tantrums!) and had an absolute blast. Notice photo above that shows how good J & W did at sitting sorta still in our seats.

So, lately with the changing of the seasons (we're finally starting to get some slightly cool weather here in the south!) my skin is already showing signs of drying out and I don't like it one bit! So I've been searching for some products to reverse the drying effects of the elements.

Here are some ways you can keep your skin supple during the upcoming winter months:

1. Your Body.

  • This is where I'm truly noticing the dryness happen! So take it from the skin gurus of Sonya Dakar, and avoid ultra hot showers and apply Burt's Bees Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil ($8) to your damp skin (right out of the shower) before applying your body lotion. If it's gentle and smells good enough for babies- it should be good enough for you right??

  • I've just recently bought this body wash, Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash with nutrium moisture ($5), and I love it. From the fresh smell to the fact that my skin does truly feel a bit more moisturized after I jump out of the shower. Studies of this body wash have shown that it apparently improves skins moisture within a few weeks of use- we will see (I've had it for 5 days)!!

2. Your Face.

  • For your delicate eyebeds, try out Philosophy's Eye Hope ($48). This eye cream contains a newly talked about ingredient called alpha glucosyl hesperidin-whew!- and "hopes" to treat dark circles, crows feet, AND puffiness, while being ultra creamy and hydrating ALL at the same time.

Don't let old man winter get you down...fight back with some products ladies!!

November 5, 2009

JennySue Makeup's Beauty & Fashion Portfolio

November 3, 2009

JennySue Makeup's Product Order of Importance

A big question I get all the time from clients and girlfriends alike is, "what order do I put all those products on my face in??" And I will admit, I found the perfect answer in my Laura Mercier "the new beauty secrets" book ($30) that I refer to frequently. Laura is a makeup genius and I love to take advice from this book on how to get the best from women's faces. One of her big time star clients is Sarah Jessica Parker (shown above) who always looks flawless and also wrote a foreword in the book for her longtime friend and makeup artist. Julia Roberts and Madonna also are big LM fans!

So back to the big question of when to put your face products on. And yes, order of importance matters in terms of how your face products perform. Let me preface this blog by saying that I don't think you HAVE to wear all these products I list because goodness knows we don't always have the time and patience. However this list is a good guide if you do want your products to last all day and get complete coverage.

Here's your easy breezy breakdown of what to apply when:

1. Moisturizer.

2. Primer. This product provides a smooth canvas for your foundation that is worn over your moisturizer and seals it in. It basically seals up imperfections on your face.

3. Foundation.

4. Concealer.

5. Loose translucent powder. This is the step that really makes a difference and most women don't take the time to do but should! Applying the translucent (colorless) powder actually preps the face for your colored products that follow (cheek color and bronzers). It keeps those colored pigments from grabbing onto any oily spots left on your face thus making you look blotchy. And none of us like the way "blotchy" looks!

6. Bronzer.

7. Blush. Most usually mess this up by putting bronzer on last, but definitely put your blush on top so it's not covered up by bronzer. You want those cheeks to pop!

Practice up ladies and get the best from your skin products. You wouldn't ice the cake before you put it in the oven to bake, right??!!

November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween this weekend! I sure did seeing it through the eyes of my two boys who enjoyed the dressing up and ate more candy in one day than should legally be allowed! But hey, it's one day a year so I let them enjoy the cavity filled day of candy gluttony.

Thought I'd share a couple pics from the annual Halloween bash at my house! It was our 4th annual festivity that involves lots of good friends (my neighborhood girls above!), lots of candy, lots of kids, and lots of local trick or treaters! The weather in Athens was very "spooky" like with drizzly rain and clouds, but it didn't affect the amount of fun we had. I wore a hat all day since the weather was so nasty because I wasn't even going to bother with a hair-do!

My proud moment was being able to put makeup on my oldest child Jack. He was "Wow Wow Wubzy" which was a yellow character from a Nickelodeon show and no, I have no idea EXACTLY what Wubzy is. Since I don't have girls, my husband kept asking me how much I loved the fact that I now had a reason to put makeup on my children!

I didn't "dress up" for Halloween but my hubby kept kidding me that I was dressed as the famous Alabama coach Bear Bryant (photo above) because of my hat! But I prefer to channel actress Cameron Diaz (see below) as my inspiration!

This is Jack being as patient as a 3 year old can while you paint his whole face. It was like painting a moving target with him!

Jack getting excited about his new look once we checked it out in the mirror! He let me try to paint on the eyes after this, but the application had to be cut short because he got reeealll antsy, so only half his eyelids got painted (see pic below!).

Here are the two brothers together. I'm not too happy with the lack of staying power with Jack's face makeup- it ran immediately. But my husband actually brought up the fact that I didn't set it with translucent powder. Duh. My youngest was Thomas the Train- no makeup required or wanted, nor would I have tried it on him in a million years!

This was towards the end of the night when my little one had stayed up way past his bedtime and Wubzy lost his costume and made me wash that "yucky makeup" off his face! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Looking forward to November!