December 29, 2009

Two Looks I'm Gonna Try Now For 2010

Now that we're about to ring in a new year, it's time for me to start trying out new looks and my new Christmas presents! And I've found two celebrity photos to get me inspired. Both of these ladies have my long brown hair and brown eyes, so I'm thinking these looks will be easy enough for me to pull off! Hopefully...

The first look I'm gonna rock more of is, pencil straight hair, a la actress Rachel Bilson (above). How beautiful is she in this picture?! I just love how effortless she always looks even though flat ironing takes awhile and isn't exactly "effortless"! I just got a brand new flat iron from Sephora from my sweet mom-in-law for Christmas, the T3 Smooth Operator Flat Iron Set ($119- a $181 value!), and will definitely be channeling Rachel's hair look here. It comes with a sectioning comb and a lightweight hair cream by celebrity hair guy, Orlando Pita, that adds shine and luster while straightening. He's the stylist who charges $800 for a haircut, so he must know hair, right?? I didn't realize how much better my hair straightens with a more expensive brand. My Conair $19 flat iron was obviously not doing my hair justice! This is one beauty tool you MUST pay good money for if you want results.

The second look I look forward to trying out, is replacing the classic red lip, with a shocking pink lip, like stunning Miss Kim K. If switching up the red lip to a pink one is good enough for Kim and Gwen Stefani (yes she's been spotted with pink lips instead of red!), it's cool enough for me to give a go! And I like the idea of a "look at me" lip because that means I can go easy on the eye makeup, which is usually where I work the hardest. So this might mean less maintenance time for me in the morning if all I have to do is apply some mascara then swipe on some lips and still get a put together look.

And check out that Miss Kardashian is wearing pencil straight hair WITH her pink lips- both of my new looks in one! Here's my go at the pencil straight hair with bright pink lips- although my pink lips aren't quite as shocking as I had wanted, but it's all I had on hand (Lancome's Le Rouge Absolu in "Champagne" ($26) lipstick is what I'm wearing in this picture). And after checking out my comparison pics of my hair and Rachel's, that girl has to be wearing extensions also for that look. I'm here to tell ya, I have a lot of hair, and it doesn't look nearly as full as hers even though it's straight. But hey, whatever works to look fabulous right?!! Maybe extensions should be my next new look!! Ha!

"What new looks are you going to try out for the New Year??"

December 26, 2009

Merry Day After Christmas!

Well the Christmas season is officially over but I must say I sure did enjoy it while it lasted and all good things must come to an end, right?! I've been so busy getting prepared for the big day and the big man (yesterday) that I've neglected my blog, so I do apologize for the lack in blogs but I'm back on track with a little more time on my hands;-)

I am so grateful for my wonderful family and hubby who filled my stocking with such wonderful and exciting beauty products this year. They know me all too well and that cosmetics is the easiest way to my heart!

So I wanted to share with you one of the presents my sweet husband picked out for me (Yes he went to Sephora ALL BY HIMSELF with no guidance from me!) and that I just had to wear the moment I opened it. It's from Kat Von D, and it's one of her eyeshadow palettes in "True Love" ($34) which consisted of 8 colors that you can create bold and mesmerizing looks with just like eclectic Kat herself. My picture up top is me with my new colors applied while in the car on the way to my in-laws house for a Christmas get together. No, I am not driving and taking pics of myself in the car, I'm in the passenger seat;-)

Here are the color names in order of what Kat describes them as, then my lame descriptions from left to right as shown in my palette picture above:

Peanut (champagne), Benji (gold), Rebekah (chocolate brown w/gold flecks), Lucifer (duh, black), Cholita (plum), Shiba (eggplant with gold flecks), Babe (bright purple), Missy (white). I am actually wearing all 5 colors on the right of the palette. I have Missy on the brow bone, Babe from lash to crease, Shiba on the lower lash line, Cholita in the crease, and Lucifer lining my upper lid, if you were wondering. I love the way these shadows felt going on and they had great staying power, although I did use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath first, as always.

Hope Santa was good to all of you and that you are resting up (or returning/swapping gifts!) over the long weekend. I will have many more beauty gifts to share with you in the days to come.

December 22, 2009

I Love New York, But There's No Place Like Home

Hey ya'll. Please Stand By for some more pictures from our last day in NYC. It was a looooong day yesterday leaving the bustling city of New York and sitting for hours in the Newark airport...with two small children under the age of 4. Let's just say we got to the airport at 12:30pm, and didn't actually arrive at our door in Athens until 10:30pm. Yeah- I'm still exhausted this morning.

But our last day in the city was fun despite having to leave at noon so I've got a few more pictures to post plus, finally some makeup tips to add! I will go ahead and say that since we were in such a hurry to get in one last touristy experience at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, I had zero time to apply makeup.

So thanks to L'Oreal's Infallible lipgloss in Rebel Red ($8), I literally put on black mascara, concealer, Tarte's cheek stain blush in "eco-cheek" ($30), and my bright shiny red lipgloss and actually looked put together. Check out this picture above of us at E.J.'s Luncheonette on the upper west side where we had an awesome kid friendly breakfast of the yummiest pancakes and Belgian waffles. Look how exhausted and full my children look,HA, but my lipgloss made me look more awake than I actually was!

So check back very soon to see my last installment of NYC, then it'll be back to business on beauty product posts!

December 20, 2009

Ultimate Christmas Experience in NYC

Well if I thought yesterday was fun and exhausting traveling into New York for the first time with my two kids, I was wrong. TODAY was more fun, yet more exhausting, because we had the whole day to tour NYC and we did it all trecking around in a foot of snow! This first picture up top was taken of me and the boys right around FAO Schwarz and The Plaza with a cute area that had Christmas lights everywhere.

Here is a looksey at some of our adventures of today.

This was at the start of our day when the boys looked all dapper and were waiting for me to come down to the hotel lobby to go get breakfast at the corner bagel place. Which they ate none of by the way.

Me starting the 22 block stroll from hotel and all the way through Central Park in the snow. Wow, this was the ultimate exercise routine that I wasn't prepared for!
This is one of the gorgeous views we laid eyes on during the stroll.
Some nice New Yorkers took this family pic of all of us in Central Park. Such a beautifully Christmasy setting.
Me watching the boys actually enjoy the snow and throwing snowballs at each other. This was all fun and games until the snow started seeping into their pants and socks, which caused the beginning of the end. You must realize, I didn't truly know how much snow we were going to get when I packed them, so they're weren't exactly prepared wardrobe wise.
I just loved this picture of my hubby and Walker. It shows how much the cold weather was getting to my little one. He was on the verge of a complete breakdown in the Central Park Zoo.
Walker basically cried himself to sleep so once we entered the cab, he was a goner. Much needed rest though!
After afternoon naps for the boys and some good ole fast food from Mickey D's, we were back out in tourist mode. This was one of the many fabulous retail windows along 5th Avenue. Jack and I posed in front of the Louis Vuitton luggage window, which read, "No matter where you go. There you are."
Finally made it onto Rockefeller Center to lay eyes on the biggest Christmas tree ever! It was well worth seeing and fighting half of New York who also went to see it.
So after being up 6:45am and being on the go basically all day, we stopped at a local pizzeria for good ole New York pizza, and when we got it back to the hotel, Walker devoured it like he hadn't eaten in 2 days. It was yummy to eat something other than Domino's;-)
Overall it was another fabulous and memorable day in the city that never sleeps. But right now, I am going to buck that saying and hit the hotel sheets!

December 19, 2009

Memorable First Day in NYC

My first family trip, ALL four of us, to the big apple (New York City) has been a memorable day to say the least. We caught the last flight out of Atlanta going to New York this morning because of the snowstorm. FYI, this blog has zero to do with makeup because I had little time to even apply my chapstick during the trip!

My husband and I have been wanting to put our 3 year old - Jack (pic above) on an airplane and so we figured why not take him to the exciting city of NYC during this wonderful time of year for his first time. We slightly forgot that in the midst of taking Jack on a plane, we would have to include his almost 2 year old brother Walker, who is a different story when it comes to traveling...hence the second picture.

This is what I had to resort to in order to make it through the flight with my youngest. A screwdriver (or two, hey it was first class and it was free - so why not!), at 10am was the only way I could keep my composure while constantly entertaining him.

This little guy in the aisles of the airplane was the reason for my early morning cocktail. He sure was cute but extremely busy!

My face says it all. Relieved we made it off the airplane and in NYC safely, however the day has just begun and I am whooped already!

Made it into Times Square via Subway. The kids were fascinated with the subway and it's "characters" more so than the lights at Times Square! A nice man with an outstanding British accent offered to take our family picture for us which turned out lovely!

Here's me and the boys after leaving the utter chaos that was Toys R Us in Times Square. I've never seen so many people in one store in my life. It was nice to get out in the chilly snowy weather and pose for the camera without getting run over! If you're wondering what I'm wearing below, I have on a pair of crocheted over the knee socks on top of my leggings which turned out pretty cute and very warm! And Spanx footless tights underneath it all of course;-)

Jack made a new friend, the manager at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square (yes we went super nerdy tourist by eating dinner there), because he gave JT a personal tour of the drum set once owned by the Beatles. So cool! Thanks Kage (that was his name). Nice loud joint to go eat with two children.

All three of my boys catching snowflakes on their tongues. This was their favorite pasttime during the evening. Oh the little things that mean so much! This picture was worth the brutal plane flight!

On our way back to the hotel and snow was starting to accumulate on the ground. This is nothing compared to what's happening outside my hotel window right now! So I will be excited to see what we wake up to in the morning!

Stay turned for more NYC fun with JennySue Makeup. Hopefully I will be able to do a little more shopping than today, which consisted only of NYC tees for the boys and some Duane Reade staples.

Oh yeah, Makeup.....I did pass by the Sephora in Time Square, but that was it. Oh to be so close to my fave makeup store but to not be able to go in!

The joy of hanging with my three boys beats any beauty buy though!

December 17, 2009

Triple Take :: Sienna Miller and Cheryl Tiegs and Becki Newton

I stumbled across this really pretty picture of actress Sienna Miller (top picture) and IMMEDIATELY thought of two other celebs she reminded me of. Former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs (below) and Ugly Betty actress, Becki Newton (small pic on right).

It's always cool to see how so many of us resemble other people once you get them side by side. I can't tell you how many times I have random people in the mall or grocery store tell me they think I look like someone they know or that I must have a twin! I think Becki and Sienna obviously look like a younger version of Ms. Tiegs.

What do you think of these three looking alike??

I was never a huge fan of any of them, but as far as popularity goes, they all have big fans. Cheryl was featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover 3 times which is pretty impressive, Sienna has been linked with major hollywood hunk Jude Law and shined in the movie Factory Girl, and Becki's biggest fan is...well, my husband. He thinks she is easy on the eyes;-) I suppose I would have to agree with him and say that maybe he has good taste in women, wink wink!!

December 16, 2009

Sequin Gray Fingernails

I just got inspired by a random Neiman Marcus ad that has helped me to find a new paint color for my nails and toenails this holiday- Sequin Gray!

I was getting a little bored with the Jolly old St. Nicholas red I have been wearing. So when I ran across this cutesy festive ad in my Elle magazine for Neiman's with a girl in a grey sequin top with matching nails, I thought, that's it!! Excuse the photo above I took- for some reason it turned out sideways and I didn't have the patience to figure out how to flip it;-)

I trolled out to Target for my weekly shopping trip, and ran across the perfect copycat gray color, by Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in color "gunmetal" ($3) which looks basically like the exact same color the girl is wearing in the ad! The Xtreme wear brand of polish is supposed to last up to 7 days because it's made with a "bioactive glass bond"-sounds tough enough to withstand the brutal work day I put in! I took a pic of this rock star color on my toes for you to see the actual look. I like the idea of sequin gray for nails for the holidays! It's a little bit of rock-n-roll but girly at the same time.

December 14, 2009

Cute Like Cat Deeley of So You Think You Can Dance

I am a huge fan of the program So You Think You Can Dance- I sometimes believe I missed my calling as a professional dancer! I am amazed by this program and the talent that it showcases. And even though I love the actual dancing and acts that are performed, I really like the hostess of the show, Cat Deeley! And you know how annoying some tv hosts can be, but not her.

She is super cute- that's that best word I have to describe her, CUTE. Not only does she have a captivating personality, but she has great hair and great skin and makeup (as her photos show!). Her look is typically pretty perfect neutrals- she plays it safe, which is okay when you are this naturally gorgeous.

If you want to get a flawlessly perfect face like Miss Cat, check out the following products to reach that goal:

1. Eyes. Cat's eye makeup is typically more mascara than eyeshadow (her lashes are ridiculous). But her shadows are still important as she wears the perfect neutrals. Try Sonia Kashuk's Eye Shadow Quad in Four Your Eyes Only ($10.00) which starts from a pale champagne all the way to a velvety fawn brown.

2. Skin & Cheeks. Let's "face" it, her skin and cheeks always have an amazing glow to them. For shimmery cheeks or even collarbones like that, try Clinique's Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator ($22.50) that ranges in colors from palest pink, to a deep bronze that works for all skin colors. You can add this product to your current foundation or wear alone.

3. Lips. She has the prettiest pout on TV especially since it's always on stage while she talks about all the dancers! Her natural lip color always seems to shine through, and Bobbi Brown's lip gloss compact in Pink Beige ($20) is the perfect shade to compliment that.

Get your "cute" on and make it look au naturale....

December 11, 2009

Do Some Good While Shopping For Christmas

Well in staying true to my last blog, which was on MONDAY, it's been another insanely hectic week! I have been running errands, Christmas shopping (plus returns and exchanges already, whew), and prepping for our upcoming family trip to NYC with our two boys! I've never flown with our children before, so I've been furiously buying up all sorts of "entertainment" for them while they are on the flight.

**On a non-makeup note- if you have any tips for flying with a 3 year old and a 1 year old- PLEASE comment and give me a heads up of how to make it a pleasurable flight for all involved!! JennySue thanks you in advance! I'm already nervous about keeping the temper tantrums at bay!**

So for a quick makeup product report, you can do some good for others while shopping for those on your nice list!!

MAC cosmetics is donating every cent of their proceeds from the sale of their Viva Glam lip palette ($23) to the HIV/AIDS charities here in the U.S. and abroad. And as you all should know, Viva Glam V lipstick is one of my all time fave colors, and this palette contains it, as well as the Viva Glam VI lipstick and the Glam V lipgloss. So you get three lip products in their cutesy polka dotted square compact along with it's own lip brush and mirror. That means you're getting 3 of their best selling products in one for a steal of a price. Pam Anderson, one of their spokes people, is a big fan of the Glam V color and is wearing it in this photo-sorry it's not the best picture she's ever taken, but you get the drift;-)

These are all really great neutral pink colors that flatter all skin tones. You cannot go wrong buying this for your mom, best friend, sis, school teacher, yourself, whoever!! So do some good while making someone more beautiful.

December 7, 2009

Boost Your Beauty Routine With Three Products

Everyone bare with me this month as I am totally and completely busy out of MY MIND!! As much as I love the holidays, they are also super duper stressful...partly because I put the stress on myself, and I am completely okay with admitting that. I've got to keep reminding myself that the holidays aren't about perfection, they are about enjoying the moments and the energy that unfolds this whole month of December.

So I wanted to share a few things I've done to improve my beauty routine, which in turn has given me more time to focus on my family rather than my looks this busy month!

1. HAIR: BigSexyHair, Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($12). This product has truly changed my daily (hair) life and given me the chance to skip shampooing every day. I just spray this product on my greasy hair in between shampoos and leave it in for 2 minutes, brush through, and vavoom- I've got matte hair with lift! And I didn't even have to blow dry it out! I tell you, this product saves me 30 minutes a day and is worth every penny.

2. SKIN: Boots No7 Cleansing Wipes ($7). Like I've said, I've had issues with enough time in the day to get my holiday shopping done in addition to all my usual day to day activities and duties! So washing my face at the end of the day has been difficult or put low down on the totum pole until finding these! These wonderful cleansing wipes that are great for all skin types are the ultimate time saver. No need for a separate cleanser and washcloth- you just reach for one wipe, run it under the water then wipe off the days makeup, then toss it! And it's got ingredients like witch hazel and fennel that help to cleanse pores and lightly moisturize skin.

3. MAKEUP: Becca's Caipirinha Glossy Lip Tint ($23). This color is seriously the best sheer lip gloss shade on the market in my opinion. It flatters basically every skin tone and color because it is super sheer while being super glossy with no shimmer or harsh colors. This is my go-to gloss whether I'm sporting a baseball cap, or smokey eyes- it's the perfect compliment to the rest of my makeup, or lack there-of;-)

I've been able to adapt to my beauty routine around this crazy holiday schedule thanks to these three products!

December 4, 2009

What Joy a Tree Can Bring

I don't have any real great makeup tips or finds to talk about today, but I did want to share one of my very favorite moments of the holiday season...the purchasing and hand picking a Christmas tree for our home!

There is something exciting and magical about going with my two children and my hubby to pick the perfect tree that will live in our house for a month and get adorned with beautiful decorations! This year has been extremely exciting because my oldest son who is 3, is really loooving Christmas and all the wonder it provides. So choosing the tree, stringing the lights, and putting up all the special ornaments made my night and my son's night! Being able to show him ornaments that I have collected from when my husband and I were little, to getting married, and ornaments he was given as a baby, is really special to attach meaning to all these tiny decorations!

Here are two pics from our trip last night to buy a tree. The top is of my husband and my oldest son, Jack (look how proud he is to have chosen his tree!). And the next one is of me and Walker (W didn't really care about any specific tree, just the joy of running around and looking at all the options and a tree actually showing up in our house!).

Oh, and one makeup thing I guess I could share, is that lipstick I have on is an oldie but goodie- Revlon's Coffee Bean($6). I wore the heck out of this color in high school and just re-discovered it- the perfect warm brown color with a hint of shimmer. (note, I do have Aquaphor on underneath my lipstick, which lightens the color, and because my lips are super chapped right now due to the cold weather I'm not exactly used to here in the South.)

Give a tree a nice home this season!! Have a magical weekend everyone.

December 2, 2009

We Have A Winner For The Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation Giveaway!

Drumroll please.....and the winner of the Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation Giveaway, iiiisssss, DAO!

Dao, Congratulations on winning the product giveaway! Your answers as to why you deserve a chance to try this product out earned you a full sized No Foundation Foundation.

It's perfect for your need of non-chemical sunscreen and not wanting to look too made up! I'd definitely use it in conjunction with your primer you are using already to get the maximum out of this colorless product. Just contact me via email at:, with your shipping information.

Many thanks to Dr. Perricone for offering to give this wonderful product away to my readers! Enjoy Dao.

December 1, 2009

If This Is What 47 Looks Like- Let Me Fast Forward 16 Years!

I got my December W Magazine in the mail and seriously can't stop staring at the cover on my coffee table.

Demi Moore, at age 47, is their cover girl, and girlfriend looks plum amazing!! Extraordinarily toned body, beautiful wavy hair, and more sophisticated than any young 20 year old to be seen on the Victoria Secret runway show! Just check out this cover shot- it speaks for itself.

And of course I checked out the inside pages to see what her makeup artist, Gucci Westman, used on her seemingly wrinkle free face (hmmm) because it looked gorgeous. The cleverly described foundation used was by Lancome, their Photogenic Lumessence Light Mastering & Line Smoothing Makeup ($40) in Bisque 6W. Guess I'll be going right out to buy that stuff if it will give me skin like hers! And her naturally beautiful lips were Color Fever Shine Sensual Sheer Color Vibrant Lipshine in "Tempt Me" ($25) by Lancome also.

Rock on Demi- looks like marrying a younger man agrees with you:-)