Birthday’s Are Fun

I have been a little under the weather since Wednesday, so the blog has suffered (and me!), but luckily I think I am on the mend now after a busy weekend!!!

One of the bright spots has been my oldest son’s 4th birthday party this past weekend. Jack’s bday party couldn’t have gone any better, because the weather was perfectly spring-almost summer-like and we had tons of kiddos,friends, and family in attendance!! I mean look how happy he is in this picture above, the smile is priceless and makes me feel better just looking at him.
So even though I didn’t quite feel like myself, there’s nothing like a good ole fashioned birthday party to get your mind off of being sick. I forgot I felt bad for atleast a good 4 hours!! This shot above is of me and some of my best girffriends and their daughters (one is my goddaughter!) who came to help Jack celebrate. I just love how my husband did this shot in black and white.

Cake also makes everyone happy, especially pregnant women (such as myself;-)) and children! This was a dinorsaur themed cake compliments of Publix- can you see the dinosaur skeletons and lava?? It might not have been the most beautifully decorated cupcake cake you’ve ever seen, but man did it taste good. Which is really all that matters when you’re eating cake right??
Like I said, we were blessed to have so many friends and family show up for the birthday party, which made the celebrating that much sweeter. It’s hard to wrap my head around being Jack’s mama for four years already and I look forward to many more birthday parties with him.