Cut Your Makeup Time in Half

Most of us who are strained for time in the morning- I’m sure that would be about 99% of you- need a makeup product that does two things at once. And I’m also sure that most of us would like to find that duo product in a product that we ALREADY own, without having to buy another expensive product.

I was feeling creative-and thrifty- yesterday and was sifting through my lipstick drawer (yes, I have a bathroom drawer devoted specifically to lipstick and glosses) to find a color that could work on my cheeks as well as my lips. I was super bored and tired of using the same 3 blushes all the time…can you tell??!

So I came across one of my fave colors that literally goes with almost everything I put on, Estee Lauder’s Pure Color lipstick in “Sugar Honey” ($22). It’s the perfect combo of a brownish rose color with a hint of gold in it.

So I thought to myself, “if this is my go to color whenever I put on a t-shirt or a dress, then why shouldn’t it work for my cheeks as well?” That’s how I knew I had a duo product. This color is not too dark, not too light, not too matte, not too glossy, just creamy enough to mimic a cheek stain. And best of all, I don’t even need a blush brush to apply it! I used it directly from the tube for both lips and cheeks, and just rubbed it in real good with my finger when doing the cheek thing.

Check out my photo of me wearing my new/old lipstick as cheek color too- turned out pretty good huh?? So my advice to you if you want a new quick look, but don’t want to go pay for one, sift through your makeup drawer and play around with this idea.

Let me know what color you find does “double duty”!!