Girls Love Things That Sparkle :: LuShae Jewelry Review

I think I speak for a majority of females when I say, jewelry is a girls best friend, and sometimes best accessory (second to makeup of course;-))! There is nothing that puts me in a better mood than slipping something sparkly and shiny on my fingers, wrists, ears, or neck!! Or all of the above for that matter. The more bling the better I always say.

LuShae Jewelry was kind enough to let me pick my out my very own piece of jewelry from their fabulous specialty jewelry website, and mailed it right to my doorstep in a cute little box (mama always said “good things come in small packages,” so true). WOW!! Browsing through this website was sooo much fun, but rather difficult for me to pick just ONE piece that I wanted to try out, bc there is so much stunning and wearable stuff.

I ended up choosing a sculptured 3 stone ring of jonquil, peridot, and amethyst made with white gold rhodium (cousin to platinum, but lots cheaper with the same shiny platinum luster!). This ring embodied everything I yearn to be- glamorous, with a little bit of edge, eye catching, and colorful! Now that I personally own a piece of LuShae Jewelry I can give you some honest opinions on this Australian company’s products, excuse me, artwork- isn’t jewelry usually a work of art??!

Here’s what I love about this jewelry company and their website:

  • The pieces offered on this website are sooo unique and have something to offer everyone-from pendants, to rings, and earrings. There are trendy pieces, but also timeless pieces, truly something to fit every taste.
  • All of it completely affordable, but looks super expensive! Isn’t that what we all really want in anything we purchase?? To not pay a lot, but look like we did! I was hesitant about what my ring might actually look like once I got it in person and put it on. Would it look cheap (it retails for $129) or look like a million bucks? It looks like a million bucks;-) I don’t know how they keep their prices so competitive (and honestly really don’t care as long as the savings are being passed along to me!), but I have a hunch it’s because they do Internet sales instead of paying rent for store fronts like the other jewelry chains.
  • The website for LuShae jewelry is very user friendly. What I found the most enjoyable about the site is that each piece of jewelry is photographed crystal clear and has atleast 3 to 4 different views of each piece, so you see exactly what you’re getting. The photo above is from the website and is one of four of the piece I chose.
  • Shipping was super quick. I figured I’d be waiting a week or two, and it literally got here within 5 days of ordering.

I promise you, if you’re looking for unique, stunning, wearable jewelry that is gonna catch people’s eye, visit this website and have fun browsing through it. I really think that my piece looks even better in person than it did online! (Just ignore my really bad manicure, or lack there of, on the photo above-you should be checking out the rocks on my fingers anyway!) I believe jewelry is a very personal purchase and says a lot about a person, just like the clothing and makeup that we adorn ourselves with everyday. The great thing about good jewelry is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to put on or apply, but the outcome once it’s on is priceless in how it makes you feel.

Thanks again Sarah at LuShae for contacting me and introducing me to your jewelry. I couldn’t be happier with the product I received!