I’m A Lucky Gal


I love all holidays because they usually give you a reason to decorate and dress yourself up in some sort of garb appropriate for that holiday! And St. Patrick’s Day is no different. St. Patty’s Day around my house is full of shamrocks, green sparkles, pots of gold (fake of course), and green clothing so we don’t get pinched;-) I used to be slightly bratty back in grade school and high school because on St. Patrick’s Day I would purposefully NOT wear green so people would try to pinch me, and then I would get onto them by saying I had “green” in my last name (my maiden name was Greenhaw) so I was always wearing green and Irish!!

I also like to think we have a “little bit o luck” floating around our house. I feel I am lucky to have a doting and talented husband, two beautiful & spunky children, a nice comfy house, wonderful parents and in-laws, and of course a wonderful creative outlet/job ( I hate to ever call what I do, a JOB, because it’s more fun than work!). We are also VERY LUCKY to be adding another little angel to our family this coming fall!! The more the merrier, right??!

Just thought I would share a couple things from my lucky day. My boys had a great day at school (obvious from the smiles above huh?) and made leprechaun hats, shamrocks, and pot of gold posters with rainbows. The only thing green I couldn’t get them into today were green vegetables!

And of course, I had to be a bit cheesy and go green on my eye makeup!! The best way to pull off super green eyeshadow is to tone it down by pairing it with a little bit of brown or taupe shadow. I used Rimmel’s Spark It Up eye liner in color “peridot” ($4) along the upper lash line. I then followed that from lash line to crease with Bobbi Brown Bright’s Palette ($70) color “shamrock” (how appropriate) then just blended MAC’s “soba” ($14.50) in the crease only.

“Luck O The Irish’ to you all and drink some green beer for me since I can’t in my prego state!!