Is Heidi Klum Human?

Okay, so I just read my newest Allure magazine for the month of April and in it was an article that caught my eye entitled “The New Age” which focused on experts in different fields of beauty explaining the most recent ways to look and feel younger.

And who do you know was the cover girl for this story, but none other than the female phenom/alien herself, Heidi Klum. The poster woman for anti-aging. I almost think she is getting younger looking if that’s possible.

I have a healthy obsession with this woman. I will preface my comments by saying that obviously I do not know her personally (duh) and only can go by what I read and see about her on television and in print, but I do believe that she is one of the most well rounded females I’ve come across. I think I would put her in front of, uh hem, Oprah. Come on, the women has birthed 4 children (amazing in itself) and still has the body of a supermodel (superficial comment yes, but astounding nonetheless), is a TV host for Project Runway, business woman, designs a maternity line of clothing for Pea In The Pod & Motherhood, professional model (literally modeled for everyone and every product from Victoria’s Secret to Ann Taylor), and is a wife. Whew!! All that accomplished by the young age of 36.

I mean, this woman loves being pregnant- 4 times at that- which takes the ultimate toll on a woman’s body. And to see these Allure photos (check out this black and white photo below from the mag) makes me realize that either:

A. she has an amazingly strict diet and workout regime that I would want no part of -OR-

B. she is blessed by God with an amazing metabolism and natural ability to bounce back.

Either way, I hate her, no, not hate, but definitely envy her. Okay, it’s not good to envy people either, soooo, maybe I should take the approach that she should be an inspiration to me after I have my third bambino in the fall to get off the couch and quit feeling sorry for my lumpy self;-) I think I am more and more intrigued by her every time I get pregnant!

If you don’t get Allure magazine, listen to what she said in this issue that makes me think she is not human (if this picture above after having 4 children doesn’t make you go hmmm, well then I guess I’m alone on the alien thought) and that my assumption of B. up top is correct:

1. When asked how she stays in shape, she said, “people would be surprised at how little I exercise” and goes on to say the last time she ran was 6 weeks ago. Ugh. So does breathing make Heidi Klum skinny?

2. When asked does she ever diet and what does she eat, she says, “I’ve never gone on a diet to lose weight but have taken a few things out of my diet” and “sometimes I’ll eat a Big Mac and I love chips. ” I really wanted her to say that she only eats grapefruits and drinks water to maintain that figure. Because I eat Big Macs and my body doesn’t turn out like that.

I’m sure a lot of Heidi’s good fortune in the looks category comes from good old family genetics. And this woman literally seems happy and content with life all the time, every time I see her on TV and in celeb mags. She did say in Allure that she likes pictures of herself when she’s smiling bc she feels “it shows her personality” and that she’s “always trying to have fun.” A professor of psychology named Christopher Peterson said in this Allure edition, that optimists tend to look better as they age, so smiling definitely helps create the positive mentality.

So there ya go- the ultimate secret to looking as good as Heidi Klum. JUST SMILE.