L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation…Roll Away Waste

Okay, so if you’re an avid JennySue Makeup reader or a friend of mine, you probably know how much I heart the L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation line. It’s typically what I use on all my clients for most occasions, especially brides, because I love the complete color range of skin tones and the ease and blendability of this product. It’s oil free and always looks super natural.

So of course when I saw that True Match was coming out in a “roller” form with a cool new applicator, I HAD to try it!! I mean Eva Longoria Parker looks fabulously flawless in the ad for it! With such an original wonderful product, how could they go wrong with this nifty little invention??

Here’s what I found were the pros and cons to this new product:

Con– right off the bat, the price compared to the amount of actual foundation product you get is not the best bang for you buck. The original liquid foundation in the glass bottle is 1 fluid oz, at around $9. The new stuff is only 0.3 fluid oz, for $13. That’s a $4 difference for less than half the amount of foundation. And you’re paying for the dinky little roll contraption.

Con- next was the actual application process with the paint roller. At first it was

awkward because I couldn’t figure out how to get the roller around the crooks of my nose and along my hairline without it getting it in my eyebrow hair and hairline bc my forehead was almost smaller than the width of the roller! After a couple days of use, I will say I figured out a way around these issues, but it’s still not the easiest way to apply foundation despite the “roller hype!”Can you see how annoyed I look in the picture to the right?

Pro & Con- the color choices in the new product are not exactly cohesive with the old liquid line but close enough. I vary between wearing colors W2 and N2 right now from the liquid kind, so when I tried to match my color with the roller version, I had to go with N1-2, because some of them are split colors and they don’t offer as many individual color choices. My pic shows my original N2 color on the left and the N1-2 on the right, pretty similar and not too much variation. However, the new roller kind goes on a bit thicker than the liquid and has to be blended more.

Overall Thoughts- I don’t think the roller application is a revolutionary way to put on your foundation. I found it more difficult than a small sponge and took a lot more “rolls” around my face to get the application looking smooth. It goes to show you that change is not always good- I’m sticking to my old school liquid foundation with the tried and true sponge!