Smell Younger

The most recent April edition of Allure magazine with Carrie Underwood on the front sure is jam packed with tons of great stay younger information! I think I’ve already read this issue twice trying to soak everything in!!

One of the biggest anti-aging “secrets” they revealed that reeeaaalllly caught my eye was some research was done that said, get ready for this…

Women who wear the scent grapefruit appear almost 10 years younger to those around them!!

WHAT?? And all this time we’ve been buying creams and makeup and Botox to look 10 years younger? And all we really needed to do was squirt on some grapefruit scented fragrance?! Luckily there are lots of options out there, two of which I personally own:

1. Dove’s Go Fresh Body Mist in Grapefruit & Lemongrass ($5)-I own this.

2. Lavanila’s Vanilla & Grapefruit fragrance ($58)-I own this.

3. Clinique’s Happy ($30). I don’t own this now, but I used to. This one doesn’t surprise me, because every time I smell Happy, I think of myself as a teenager!! Maybe because this

came out when I was 19 (13 years ago-woah), so just before I left my teens;-) The pic up top is from an old Clinique Happy ad campaign of Miranda Kerr- doesn’t she look cute and young?!

Sooooo, I’m going to test this theory and wear tons of my Lavanila fragrance and ask a random waiter at the next restaurant I visit, how old they think I am to see if this grapefruit thing really works. The only issue will be if I can get that person to get close enough to actually smell my neck before they make their guess- HA!! If looking younger is truly going to be this easy, I’m putting away the expensive retinol creams…or maybe keep them and tack on subtracting another 5 years off my age!