Hoppy Easter Everyone!

It has been a wonderful Easter Sunday so far and I just had to share a small post of our morning with the boys and a family photo that actually turned out pretty decent right before church! If you have children, you realize what a huge deal it is to get EVERYONE looking straight at a camera! It’s a priceless moment when it happens.

Here is what I love about Easter:

1. Obviously the story of Jesus’ resurrection. A Hollywood movie writer couldn’t have thought up a more amazing story that would touch so many people and mean so much!

2. Even though Easter Sunday is not the official first day of Spring, for some reason I associate the beginning of Spring with this special day. I feel like my flowers are just now starting to bloom and everything looks a little more colorful today!

3. A reason to get all dressed up in bright spring colors and buy new clothes;-) This year though, I just bought my boys new clothes and “resurrected” an old dress for my new prego figure;-)

4. Chocolate bunnies and eggs. “NO Bunny” is safe around my house while I’m pregnant, as you can see from this headless hollow chocolate rabbit.

5. Easter egg hunts. I’m not a hugely competitive person, but how fun is it to run around the yard and try to collect the most eggs to be the big winner?! My oldest son is fascinated with this holiday tradition and we’ve already had two egg hunts, and the day isn’t over yet.

I didn’t buy a new dress this Easter, but I did try out my new eyeliner by Avon, SuperShock gel eyeliner pencil in “bronze” ($6 ). It’s super duper soft which I like bc I don’t have to tug all over my eyelid to get it on, and the color was nice and rich with a hint of shimmer. And the good neutral color went nicely with my Stila “holly golightly” ($18)shadow in the crease (this is a very pretty bronze brown that has just the right amount of shimmer in it).

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter Sunday and was able to spend it with family and friends. Stay tuned to JennySue this week as I have a fabulous makeup bag product I was lucky enough to try out and put to the test when I traveled last weekend!