How I Wash and Clean My Makeup Brushes

Before I get to the brush cleaning tutorial, I have to apologize for being out of the loop lately. I’ve been working (with a little bit of playtime thrown in!) in the big ATL at the Atlanta Apparel Show with my old showroom I used to work at years ago before I had my kiddos!! The apparel shows happen about 5 times a year and showcases all sorts of clothing and apparel lines and their new collections for the upcoming seasons. It’s a clothes lovers dream!!

One of my fave lines that is sold in the showroom I work in is called Free People (a womens division of Urban Outfitters) and has the coolest hippie chic contemporary clothing!! This is me trying on one of their older styles from the “We The Free” collection because yes, it fit my pregnant self which I totally dug. I could still feel young and trendy while having a growing belly!

The picture below is of me and some of my girlfriends I worked with at the show at a local yummy Thai restaurant called Mali in the Virginia Highlands after a long day of showing the latest and hottest trendy clothes. This place was fantastic and had everything from Thai to sushi. Needless to say I’ve been super busy and am just now getting back into the swing of things and being around a computer!

BEFORE I left for the big city, I of course had to pack up all my makeup and brushes to be able to put on my face everyday. The most important thing I did was CLEAN AND WASH MY BRUSHES!! Clean brushes are so key to anyone’s makeup going on better and it’s super easy to do it. I constantly find that most women don’t wash their brushes enough and wonder why their expensive makeup just doesn’t cut it anymore?? Duh. It’s because their tools are dirty which makes their pretty makeup dirty!!

Here’s how I do it, and it literally takes maybe 5 minutes to wash and overnight to dry:

1. Get an antibacterial concentrated dishwashing liquid, any cheap brand will do. Yes, I’ve been using this WalMart’s orange Great Value detergent for a couple years. It is literally like $2 and lasts forever. No pricey fancy brush cleaner needed, that’s such a racket/gimmick in my opinion. If this stuff cuts grease off pots and pans, it’ll cut the grease and caked on makeup off my brushes.

2. Use very warm water and a teeny tiny drop of soap to rub into the bristles only until the water runs clear (no more pink blush and blue shadow running down the water!). Since the detergent is so concentrated, remember you are using soap for an eye shadow brush NOT an actual frying pan or wok!

3. Lay your brushes horizontal on a towel to dry and flatten the bristles (as shown in top picture). Never dry your brushes straight up in a cup or vertical bc the water will seep down into the handle of your brush and cause them to crack and come loose over time from the actual bristles.

4. Give them overnight to completely dry on their own. This might seem like a long time, but you’re not doing your makeup while you sleep right??

Cleanliness is next to God-liness right?? So clean those brushes to get the maximum out of all your makeup products.