Cool Silver Liner For Hot Summer Days!

Well it’s getting reeeaaaalll hot down here in the South and it’s only May! Shooh wee!! So instead of sticking to some warm shadow colors that are typical for these spring/summer days like golds and champagnes, I decided to buck the system and cool off my face with some silver hues!!

My inspiration for this chilly silver look, was thanks to mark cosmetics metalliner in “quick silver” ($6, one of my fave products from mark)) and my new Ford Flex with it’s silver back and silver roof top! Yes, I still love and am obsessed with my new ride I blogged about a couple weeks ago and yes, you really can get inspiration from anything…even cars and makeup!

Anyone and eye shade can pull off the silver look as long as it’s in moderation. The key here was to wear just the liner in silver and pair it with a light lilac and purple shadow on the upper lid only (I used a Lancome goodie combo of Angora and Stellaire, but I don’t think they make these specific shades anymore).

However I do have on Lancome’saplum” blush ($29.50) which is a truly beautiful rosey color that’s been around awhile and went along well with my cool shadows.

I did add a tiny bit of silver shadow in the tear ducts for a shimmery pop!

Tip for using mark’s metalliner:

With these liquid liners, I find that the colors come out truer and more bold if you swipe on one coat, let it dry for about 30 seconds, then swipe a second coat on top of the original one to make it burst with it’s liquid metallic look! It’s such a cool product, and I own one in every color bc it’s such an unexpected look you can’t get from traditional flat eyeliners.

So enjoy chilling out this weekend and play around with some unexpected shades on your face!