Fuschia Lips :: Something To Smile About!

Today, I have had two things to smile about:

1. The most important one. My four year old made it through his first dental filling and crown without even so much of a whimper! He was super brave beyond belief. I balled like a baby while watching them put a laughing gas mask on MY baby and various other appliances in his tiny mouth to fix his cavities, yet he giggled and laughed at the Disney Pixar Cars movie they were showing right above his head the whole time! If you live in the Athens area, and your child needs to see a pediatric dentist, I HIGHLY recommend Athens Dentistry For Children and see Dr. Michelle Harmon. The staff was beyond friendly, to me and my son, and made me feel right at ease for this whole process. He even got to pick from the “prize table” after he was done and walked out of the office with a balloon, Cars tattoo (fake of course), two prizes, and a sticker. The pic up top shows how happy AND relieved I was it was all over, and his slightly sleepy eyes and gauze in his mouth show a relaxed/laughing gas feeling…HA!

2. Second one. I bought a new bright, verrrry bright, fuschia lipstick. The new Revlon Colorburst Lipstick formula (you know the ads with Jessica Alba in them?) in color “fuschia” ($8) that promised to give drugstore brand lipstick a department store feel.

I had been so nervous about this day of taking my son to get his cavity filled, that I had to do something to pump myself up, so it called for trying out the brightest cheeriest lipstick possible! This cute matte black quilted Revlon tube did seem a bit cooler than other drugstore brands, and the formula was very rich and vibrant as promised.

  • In the April edition of Marie Claire magazine, there was an article entitled “25 new products that will change your life” and this fuschia Revlon lipstick was one of them. Now I don’t know if I’d go as far as it has changed my life…but it definitely put me in a good mood and went on smoothly and looked vibrant!
  • Tip for wearing such a shocking color: Keep the rest of your makeup super simple so that your makeup doesn’t compete with the fuschia! I had on just champagne eyeshadow with dark brown liquid liner and bronzer.
  • Fuschia lips are all the rage in Hollywood too- just check out cutesy Ashley Greene this year in her bright lipstick. Her color looks extremely similar to my new tube! It’s very Rihanna-ish also!

I do plan on purchasing another more muted color in this Revlon formula because I like how smooth it went on (it’s not a long lasting formula by any means, but it doesn’t claim too either) and the whole feel of this lipstick.

I hope you have something as simple to rejoice in and smile about today as I did!!