3 Simple Ways To A Sexier Face

Now that I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant, it takes A LOT to make me feel sexier than the beached whale I currently feel like. I know people say women have that “pregnancy glow” but that’s not been the case this go around with my third pregnancy. I’m having to work REAALLLY hard to feel decently attractive in this heat!

Good news is though, I’ve found there are three simple makeup steps that can instantly make me feel a bit more beautiful and sexy than usual. Think Penelope Cruz, I think she’s about as sexy as ladies get and always has the right balance of makeup on.

So here are my 3 easy steps to a sexier face:

1. Line your inner rims with dark charcoal (fair skinned ladies) or black eyeliner (medium to dark skinned ladies). This instantly gives you that sultry eye look without having to do much else. Make sure the liner is soft and waterproof so that this look sticks in the inner rim since eyes tend to water a lot. I like Sally Beauty’s Palladio Herbal Waterproof retractable eyeliners ($5).

2. Create a naturally flushed cheek. Creams and gel blushes look more natural than powder blushes as long as your skin is not too oily (oil proned skin tends to end up looking more greasy than sexy with these formulas! Mark cosmetics Just Pinched instant blush tint ($7) provides that smooth sheer wash of natural color without the powdery makeup-y look.
3. Nude shiny lip works every time. My all time favorite gloss that pulls off sexy effortlessly is MAC cosmetics Viva Glam V Lipglass ($14). This is a neutral pearlized pinky shade. It’s literally perfect for every skin tone and doesn’t even need lipiner! If you don’t own this color, you should.
I’m not saying I always end up feeling like pretty Penelope after these three steps, but I think I could give her a run for her money;-)