5 Makeup Must Haves To Help You Look Good Under The Sun

It is ridiculously hot outside. And when it’s this hot outside, it’s not a lot of fun to put on a lot of makeup. Therefore, I haven’t been lately.

But do I go without makeup, of course not, don’t be silly!! I just go a bit more simple with the products I apply. And I will go ahead and apologize in advance for the silly faces these pictures provide. I did this in a hurry taking these pictures by myself before running off to take care of my sick child, so they’re not the best, but you will get the idea!

Here are 5 favorite quick products to wear during this summer heat:

1. Waterproof cream metallic eyeshadow colour by Laura Mercier ($22). This formula is surprisingly stay proof and crease proof. And the metallic nature of it just adds a bit more fun to your eye bed since I don’t use eyeliner or anything else on the eye bed. And you only need a little per eye like the amount shown on my finger. I also put some along my lower lash line with a synthetic bristled brush.

2. Waterproof mascara, Loreal Voluminous mascara ($8). I go back and forth with mascara favorites, and lately this has come back on top for me. It’s an oldie but goodie.

3. My own made up tinted moisturizer which I’ve mixed up in an old eye cream container so I can always have it readily available on days like this when I want ease and lightweight coverage- take note, this is brilliant, ha!- a high spf moisturizer mixed with a few drops of my favorite shade of foundation and a drop of liquid bronzer (to give my skin a glow without have to go through the step of using powder bronzer later!). This literally has cut my skin prep work in half on hot days like today. (this sideways picture is an accident but I didn’t have time to turn it obviously!)

4. Tarte cheek stain in Eco Cheek ($30). I like cheek stains in the summer bc they look very realistic and soak into my skin since I have super dry skin.

5. Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss in “simmer” ($18). This is one of the greatest summer colors because it’s the perfect peachy shimmer and smells yummy. This color always ends up in the Lancome goodies with purchase during the summer, so I’ve yet to have to pay for a tube!

So 5 easy products to get my face summer ready in no time flat. Oh, and I have gotten sooo many compliments on my angel wing earrings I got at Charlotte Russe (their accessories are always 2 for $8-a steal) that I thought I’d show them off too. They’ve got some rhinestone sparkle that make them even more fun to wear!! Randomly, they also remind me of Nicole Richie’s angel wing tattoos on her back (above). Yes, I know, random.