Fun With Bridal Party Makeup!

I have been kind of a slacker this past weekend in blogging, but have been EXTREMELY BUSY with work, kids, and life in general!! I’m sure this sounds familiar to most of you out there. Have you ever been soooo busy that you literally can’t believe 5 days has passed by and wonder what you have to show for it??

Well luckily I have a camera that helps jog my memory as to what I’ve accomplished lately! And it includes some wedding makeup photos of some really sweet and beautiful gals!

Hair done by Kaleidoscope Salon in Athens, GA :: Isn’t her white hair piece the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?? We really played up this bride’s porcelain skin tone with some pink pink cheeks! I love the way her whole look turned out.

In the past few weeks I’ve been meaning to post some of my bridal party makeup pictures (these seem to be pretty popular and highly requested!) that I’ve taken myself throughout some of the past weddings I’ve worked on. So here you go if you are a potential bride or just someone who enjoys looking at happy ladies after they’ve gotten gotten their hair and makeup done!
*And while I’m on the hair + makeup bandwagon, let me say this. If you have one professionally done, you should have the other professionally done as well. Because it doesn’t make much sense to spend a bunch of money on just one because then if the other is not up to par, it brings down the whole look of the other. It’d be like purchasing a nice expensive Mercedes then deciding to just use your old tire rims to put on that shiny new vehicle- it brings the whole value/look down! Okay, I’m down off my soap box, I’m done.*
This is a close up of Karen the bride’s eye makeup. I loved that she wanted to me to step outside of the box slightly by including some heavier gold shadows and shimmers to her eyes which was actually a good choice for her blue eye coloring.
Next we get into three bridesmaids from another wedding I recently did. Hair is compliments of Mint Salon in Athens, GA. They really know a thing or two (or three!) about some up-dos! Granted a few of these pics are “hair in transition” so these aren’t finished hair looks, but you can still tell they’re going in the right direction!
I did some close ups of the eye makeup in addition to the full on face makeup. I loved the way this bridemaids eyes turned out with full on black liner rimming the whole eye and then gold shadow along the lower lash line.
I had lots of pretty blondes to work with at this wedding for sure! Aren’t these ladies just gorgeous??! A lot of this beauty comes from the inside because these women were having such a blast getting ready together for this wedding that they were all smiles the whole time and truly enjoying celebrating together.

I always feel so lucky and fortunate to be able to make a J-O-B out of what I do for women with just a makeup brush and some products. Some say, “oh, you’re so LUCKY that you get paid to put makeup on people!” Well yes I believe I am, but I also have heard that “luck is indeed where preparation meets opportunity.” (quote from my fave inspirational book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch) Which I couldn’t agree more, because I’ve been “preparing” for this job since I was a tiny dancer on the theater stage applying my own bright red lipstick and eyelashes!!!