Happy Birthday To My Best-est Friend

As I grow older and experience more birthdays, I sometimes find myself wondering what kind of people buy those cards that bash having “yet another birthday!” You know those cards that complain about the terrible stuff that comes along with aging and adding another candle to the cake that requires a squadron of firemen to come put it out when all you really want to do is forget that you’re having another birthday. Such Debbie Downer cards!

WARNING: Okay, I’m about to get pretty sappy with this blog. My husband’s birthday is today, and I must say with all honesty, that I sure am glad and thankful that another year has passed by and that I get to celebrate “yet another birthday” with my best-est friend and the man I married almost 9 years ago.

It was truly love at first sight (I’m speaking for myself, I think the story is a bit different for him!) when I met my hubby 12 years ago, and the love/butterflies hasn’t ceased since. I’m starting to appreciate birthdays on a whole other level now that I’m in my 30’s and have 2.5 kids (one in the oven). It’s not even about the presents and big parties anymore for me or my hubby- he’s a big fan of us NEVER spending over $1.99 on a greeting card and it’s beginning to rub off on me too. It’s not about the fanfare, it’s about letting the other person know how thankful you are that you got to spend another year with them.

If you don’t celebrate every day like it could be your last, and I’m sure most of us don’t, then you should atleast acknowledge on your birthday, or in this case someone you loves birthday, that you’re pretty darn lucky to be growing another year older, becoming wiser, even getting a few gray hairs and wrinkles on your face, because all of these things tell a story.

And your story is building as you celebrate another year on this earth. I mean think about how your life changes so dramatically from year to year, it’s amazing the things that can happen!! We are about to be a family of FIVE (wow that sounds like a lot out when said out loud) and never dreamed we’d one day be adding a little girl to our mix! That’s her to the right, at our 28 week ultrasound. Pretty high tech and amazing huh?

I definitely know that my husband is getting better with age in many ways and the most obvious way is that he is becoming the best father our children could ask for. Every day is a learning process with children and a lot of the time, they are NOT easy processes. But my husband has somehow become the most tolerant, nurturing, patient, and loving man with our kids through each of their birthdays and his.

Now don’t get me wrong, he was all those things when it was just me and him in our early years together, but time and children have certainly brought a new perspective and vitality to everyday life. I mean we were crazy enough to get the bright idea to put a 2 and 4 year old on a plane to visit New York City in a snowstorm just for fun, the memories, and the photographs to show for it!! But that’s what I love about my hubby, is his quest to get his kids and me to experience all that traveling and life has to offer and not to sit back and get too comfortable with the humdrum everyday life. So Happy Happy Birthday Scott- I look forward to getting really old and wrinkly with you!! *Unless I do happen across that miracle cream to slow down the life process that is wrinkles…then maybe we can just get old together! HA!! You didn’t really think I’d grow old without a fight??*

“You will find as you look back up on your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when have done things in the spirit of love.” Henry Drummond