June 10, 2010

Peaches 'N Cream Makeup

So I am a child of the 80's and was admittedly a Barbie fanatic. I owned all the Barbie's I could get my hands on (or that my parents would buy me) and the accessories that went with Barbie a girl could have, and then some.

But I will never forget my all time favorite Barbie, Peaches 'N Cream Barbie, circa

1985. She had the big 80's frock with a stole you could wear in different ways, a sparkly bodice, and big blonde hair with tan skin and peach cheeks and lips. She was beautiful, I wanted to be her. Well, no not really, I was raised with a grounded understanding that I was stuck with dark brown hair and eyes with a stick figure, but that's what God gave me and I was just happy to have Barbie to play with;-) Also I knew her figure was unrealistic...hello, she's a DOLL, and that her golden hair was synthetic. I'm so sick of hearing the controversy that some parents feel Barbie sets a bad standard for little girls and an unrealistic approach to beauty. Again she's a DOLL. My parents did not raise a delusional little girl who thought she needed to live up to the standard of a manufactured plastic toy..cough cough, Heidi Montag.

So this leads me to the peaches and cream look that was inspired by Peaches and Cream Barbie that I just found a collector edition of at my local Kmart for $45. Yes, I said Kmart. They have a new Barbie collectible line of some of the most popular Barbies from different decades. And no I didn't buy it bc I'm going through a weird 30's phase, I bought it for my daughter (who is due in a few months!) to have and enjoy when she gets of age and can understand mommies obsession with this popular doll.

The 3 main components you need to get a peaches n cream look are:

  • The Peaches come into play with peach CHEEKS and peach LIPS. I just got the most perfect peach blush (no shimmer in this like the Orgasm by Nars) that is matte, just like Barbie's plastic face! Ha!! It's by Sonia Kashuk, her beautifying blush in color "melon" ($9). This is a great flat alternative to Orgasm since I'm about to share with you my shimmery eyes and lips- you don't need 3 shimmery things on a face!!
  • The Cream comes into play on my eyes. The main component is of course, Stila's Kitten eyeshadow pan ($18) worn wet, which gives it more of a glow and deeper creamy champagne look. This is my all time favorite eyeshadow color, which I'm sure if you follow my blog, you're sick of hearing about this color by now!!!

So there ya go, a Barbie inspired look minus the powder blue shade of eyeliner on the actual doll. I just couldn't go there- I did have children to tote around and pick up from summer school so I chose to forgo that aspect of the look. Like I said, I'm not a delusional Barbie wannabe!!


Mischo Beauty said...

Love it! Oh, and you're a winner! Please send me your information. :)

Melanie Z said...

I love peaches & corals! All my favorite colors are peaches....especially my NARS blush & lips and my Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals eyeshadows!

Mary007 said...

Loved today's inspiration!! That was my favorite Barbie...actually the only one my parents could afford. Now I'm tempted to go to Kmart too!!! At least you have an excuse, I don't have any kids.

JennySue said...

Yeah Mischo!! I'm headed to your blog right now to send my info. I Love Winning- thank you soo much!!

And Mary007, in my opinion, if you loooved this Barbie as much as I did, you should go get her again. No need to be having a baby as an excuse to go out and purchase one! Honestly, even if I wasn't having another baby, or if she was actually a boy, I'd still treat myself to this much loved doll;-)

Mary007 said...

This barbie brought back some good memories...I'm almost sure this barbie was not $45 back in the days, right?
Love to read your blog, anything from makeup (of course) to your career and your beautiful growing family!

Vivian said...

Barbie is more of an unrealistic influence than a bad influence.

We've all had many toys that would now be called bad influences, but we had parents to explain things to us.

We knew it was fantasy.