Sweet Award!

So I just got my first blog award from a sweet fellow blogger that I follow!! Thanks a ton Crystal S.!! I love following your blog and recommend it to all my readers who love makeup as well.

To accept this award, one must:

– Give this award to ten sweet and friendly bloggers. (Although, I must admit, I don’t follow 10 people yet that I feel deserve this “sweet” award, so I only did 5! Hope I didn’t break the rules too much by half-ing it, but it’s okay to break the rules sometime;-))

– Create a post about the award including its picture and mention the person(s) whom awarded it

– Put the award on your blog

– Let your nominated ten (or 5 in my case!) know you have awarded them by leaving a comment

* Dao from my makeup blog

*Abbey from dylanbluephotography

*Jen from loveofbeautyistaste

*Mischo from mischobeauty

*Hannah & Rosanna from littlemissdressup

And speaking of “sweet,” I just found a sweet new lipstick color that is rocking my face. It’s one of those freebies from Lancome, but will totally be worth a purchase, NOT in the cheepy pink case!! It’s a Color Design lipstick in “Designer Bloom” ($22), which is the perfect semi sheen

finish, not completely sheer, terracotta peach-ish lipstick that brightens my face up immediately.

It’s a warm lipcolor that has the slightest bit of pink to keep it from looking muddy on the face. Just check me out- how happy does this “bloom-in” lipstick make me look?!! I actually don’t even have on lipliner with this which makes it look even fresher and not so made up…since the rest of me is pretty made up;-) HA!

Have a Sweet Day everyone!