Try Red Sunglasses Instead of Red Lipstick

Today was one of those days where I had zero to no time to primp or do hair in order to leave my house early enough to get my sweet 4 year old to his dentist appointment on time. I literally spent 5 minutes on my makeup, which is an unheard of amount of time for me. Yes, I do sacrifice some beauty time for my boys!! HA!!

So after his dental appointment, we made a quick stop over to our local Old Navy to look for some clothes for Jack and his brother, they have the best (cheapest) toddler clothes for boys. And of course, I got distracted by the $5 sunglasses display! Yes, run now to your Old Navy, bc how often can you find 5 buck sunglasses, that are actually pretty trendy?? To my delight, I found a humongous pair of red sunglasses that covered 45% of my face which was perfect since I didn’t have any time to do makeup this morning!! And Jack decided he wanted to wear a pair of red Ray Ban-like sunglasses just like his mommy…he actually looked really cool!!!

Here are some Meanings and Symbols behind the color RED:
1. love
2. radiance & vibrant
3. boosts energy
4. protects
5. fire element
6. good luck
7. joy
8. happiness

My glasses reminded me of a photo I had seen of Anne Hathaway (above) wearing red rimmed glasses. I think this look is super hot right now for summer because they add an instant punch of color to your face without spending hours looking for and trying on various shades of red lipstick that works for your skin type!! I know finding the perfect red lipstick is a thorn in most women’s sides, so here is your answer for not having to deal with red lips, do red glasses.

So of course I chunked down the $5 for these fab large glasses…for the next time I have to run out of the door without spending a lot of time on myself but still want to feel sassy at 9am in the morning. And when I don’t want to riffle through my 25 shades of red lipstick;-)